Vlad Faust

Cashback. It's a win-win: a user saves his money, a e-commerce merchant gains new customers, you earn commissions. Ideal business.

But wait, it's not so easy. Top merchants usually ignore lonely developers despite of how perspective a project is. I just don't want to spend time on all these arrangements with single partners, I want to code!

I've spent 3 month part-time developing No marketing was performed due to it being not interesting to me at all. I thought it gonna virally grow, but I was wrong. It does need some marketing work (or it may be incorporated by a big already established business). But again, I'm a programmer, not an entrepreneur.

So, I want to sell this entire project.

Under the hood

Cashback Bot is programmed in Ruby, 14981 LOC, microservices, GraphQL API with Sequel + Roda, Telegram Bot and Web are separate repositories - makes it easy to maintain.


  • Fully-featured cashback service;
  • Referring system with infinite depth;
  • Shorts incoming links into and;
  • Multi-language.

What's included:

  • Legit Telegram account binded to a safe Google Voice account with @cashbackbot & @cashbacknews channel on it;
  •'s domains,,;
  • My help with integration (even via video chat).

What's not included:

  • Admin web interface. I'm not good with JS, all operations are processed via Ruby console or PGAdmin;
  • Automated payouts. I even haven't chosen a payout provider yet!

For inquiries please send emails to or contact me via Telegram - @vladfaust.

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