Cash flows in sports betting

Cash flows in sports betting

Mark James

The funds that players spend on sports betting amount to millions, and by tracking how these financial resources are allocated, it is quite realistic to create an effective strategy. But in order to get the information, you need to clearly understand what the cash flows in soccer, basketball betting, etc. are, where to look for relevant information, and how to use it correctly.


What are the cash flows in betting?

At each of the markets offered by a bookmaker's office like 1xbet, there is a movement of funds of players who bet on certain outcomes of the options offered by the operator. According to the cash flows, one can judge which types of bets are in the greatest demand in terms of the amounts invested, as well as predict changes in the odds. The fact is that with the increase of asset inflow on this or that result BK automatically reduces the odds, which immediately reduces the potential winnings in the case of a successful prediction.


The growth of the betting amount on the match may be due to various factors:

a large number of fans of one of the teams or athletes; the forecasts of analysts; the fame of the championship or tournament - TOP matches always attract more players, respectively, and the money flows increase; random circumstances, such as the spread of insider information about who will win or lose.

To control changes in odds and cash flow you can use online exchanges like Betfair, which shows odds and the total value of bets. But there is a more convenient option - to use a highly specialized services for bettors, which display progros - we will talk about them a little later.

The money flows directly affect the formation of the bookmaker's line of gaps, and knowing them, there is an opportunity to avoid an unprofitable deal or to make a bet with the best odds.


The concept of bookmaker line congestion

This term refers to a situation in which, for one of the matches in soccer, hockey, basketball or other sports, the customers of the betting company bet much more money on a certain outcome than on the opposite one. In order not to stay in deficit, if a popular bet plays, the bookmaker's office reduces the odds on it. Calculation of the reduction is performed by analysts taking into account that the operator remains in the black at any possible outcome.


There are several varieties of unloading:

Unorganized - occurs when the vast majority of bettors who want to bet on an event are confident that one of the teams will win or lose.

Organized - happens when confidential information is disseminated, for example, if it becomes known that the teams have agreed to play a draw or give each other a chance to score a certain number of points.

Another option is if the decision to bet on P1, X or P2 is due to the prediction of a tough caper. Geoproload - differs in that it has no logical reason, arising from the attachment of fans in national championships. For example, when thousands of fans of a club bet on its victory, despite the obvious status of the outsider.

The difference between strange and losing matches

There are matches, the results of which cannot be calculated, respectively, you cannot use information about them to work out a strategy. Their distinctive features are:


making a large amount of money 1-2 hours before the starting whistle;
the choice of outcomes in low-rated tournaments and championships.

Occasionally unpredictable events occur in Live, but more so in the pre-match line. If we talk about the major competitions in European countries, there dealing with large sums - is quite normal, because some players choose only the top matches and are willing to make large investments.


Sources of information on progaming

There are lots of links on the Internet to portals for betting fans, but in this case you need special resources that collect, systematize and analyze statistical data on dozens of bookmakers' offices. Among the paid sites the leaders are DarkBet and Keyodds, but much more often users choose as sources of information free services, namely:



They differ in the types of sports for which you can track cash flows, site design, availability of filters, additional options (comparing odds, decreasing figures, etc.), as well as the time range for displaying the dynamics of changes.


Peculiarities of using pro-loads

Despite the effectiveness of cash flow betting, it is not possible to focus solely on them, but they can be a great additional tool in the implementation of other betting strategies.