Cardano Free stake pools

Cardano Free stake pools

The team of the pool

This is Cardano Free stake pools home page.

Now we maintain two stake pools in Cardano Shelley incentive testnet.

Our first pool has ticker FREE1. It was registered at the very beginning of the testnet. It has zero tax rate and a fixed tax of only 33 ADA. Therefore, in every epoch when this pool has rewards, the entire amount of these rewards except for the 33 ADA will be distributed among you, our stake holders.

The second stake pool has ticker FREE2. It has no fixed taxes and 4% tax rate. It meens that we as pool operator will take 4% of all rewards and 96% will be ditributed among stake holders.

Well, we thought that fixed tax of 33 ADA will fully compensate our costs of maintaining our nodes. But reality was little bit harder, so we registered second pool with relative tax rate. If you wish to support our project then, please, delegate to this pool.

You can freely choose any of our pools. All pools are supported in exactly the same way from a technical point of view. Moreover they are maintained by the same node.

You can follow the news of our pool in this telegram channel.

ID of the pool with ticker FREE1: a91cd0dab9cff13a7f5c791d6f898bc692ef1adfcbf12a31c4fffa2fbaaabee

Links: AdaStat, PoolTool

ID of the pool with ticker FREE2: ad92491a093ef8abe5b19548114d196879d3746d619c9cbf52fd2852c36df3d3

Links: AdaStat, PoolTool