Car Specifications

Car Specifications

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What are the specifications of a car?

Car specifications provide a snapshot of important car parts for Japanese car brands.

Car specs database of cars: fuel consumption, dynamics and power, weight (mass), ground clearance (clearance), turning radius and other parameters.

The data page contains eight tables: "Engine Specifications", "Car Transmission", "Brake System", "Tire Size", "Dimensional Indicators", "Vehicle Weight", "Dynamic Indicators", "Fuel Consumption".

The “Engine Specifications” table contains information on engine size, engine power in horsepower and kilowatts, number of cylinders, torque, type of fuel system, type of fuel, as well as the presence or absence of a power steering.

The table “Transmission of a car” provides information on the type of drive of the car and possible options for transmissions.

The table "Brake system" informs about the features of the brake system of the car model you are interested in.

In the table “Tire size” you can always find information on the size of tires and tires of most car models.

If you are interested in the dimensions of the interior and exterior, then the table "Dimensional indicators" is created just for you. It contains information about the length, width and height of the car. In millimeters, information is provided on the width of the front and rear tracks. Information is also provided on ground clearance (vehicle clearance) and boot volume.

The following table provides information on the mass and maximum permissible mass of the vehicle. Thus, for most cars, there is information about the carrying capacity.

Of course, when choosing a car, one of the key parameters is dynamic performance, the table of the same name provides information on the maximum speed and acceleration time to 100 km h.

In the context of a constant increase in the cost of fuel, one of the relevant factors when choosing a car is fuel consumption per 100 km in urban and suburban cycles. In the table "Fuel Consumption" you can get accurate information about the amount of fuel consumed per 100 km.

We hope that the information presented in the section will be useful to you!

If you choose the next car, then, perhaps, you will be interested in the amount of expenses for maintenance of the future car. In this case, we recommend that you visit the "Typical Faults" section, where you can find information about typical malfunctions and the cost of troubleshooting.