Can A Player Profit Using Casino Bonuses

Can A Player Profit Using Casino Bonuses

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With much of casino advertising and promotion going to bonuses, it begs the question are they actually profitable for players? These types of rewards are typically either aimed at new users or existing ones in an effort to encourage play. This normally includes free plays on specific games or in-game cash that can be gambled. 

How Casino Bonuses Work

The first major part of a bonus that all players should check is wagering requirements. These tell you how much is needed to win using the promotion before you can withdraw any winnings. So, for example, a bonus might say ‘Get $100 free on sign up’ with 35x wagering requirements. This would mean that you would have to win 35 times the amount before being able to access it outside of your casino account.  

Another common limitation of bonuses is time-based. When using reoccurring rewards, casinos often only make it redeemable within a certain period. For example, a casino can say ‘Get $100 free when you deposit $50 or more on a Monday’ but only between 15:00 - 18:00.

In order to initially claim bonuses, a casino will need to verify your identity. This is most often done by either using a form that is filled out by the user or through a phone. This is always necessary as any operator has to ensure that you are of legal age.

Bonuses that first require a deposit before you can use them are also used throughout the industry. This will mean that a specific figure cash amount will also have to be matched or surpassed. This can look like this ‘100% match of up to $200’, this would mean that any amount below $200 put into your casino account will be doubled. 

Casino rewards can be limited to specific titles too. A free game bonus, for example, almost always applies only to one or two games. This is often done in an effort to promote a new title or remind more users of an older one. 

For more bonus information always be sure to check the specific T&Cs for that promotion. And for all the latest gambling news read Casino HEX as this blog provides the constantly updating information about the most profitable free money offers out there. 

Can Bonuses Be Profitable?

Put simply yes, casino promotions provide a way for users to play games on new sites all while losing little or no money. More professional gamblers have split opinions on rewards like this. Some feel gambling is only pure without them, while others maintain that bonuses can save a lot of money over time. This is true if you know what you are doing, casinos typically make it difficult to fully use promotions for this reason.  


In conclusion, if you are someone who has always been sceptical about casino bonuses now is a very good time to give them a try. With the great variety of promotions at operators these days it is very easy to find something perfect for you.