Documentation of the recent months inside the camp which hold ISIS members.

In the past months since the lock down ISIS women have been causing as much chaos as they did over the last year. Donations still come into the camp with supporters setting up money pots through different sites most notable being PayPal through over recent months PayPal did take some action in suspending which made admins of these channels ask supporters to make money transfers through western union and other money transfer sites

In some cases channels on apps like Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, TAMTAM and Hoop would ask to privately message them if you wish to send funds in some cases after a few days they reach back out to saying they'd manged to set up new pots some of them saying the country, UK and Germany being most mentioned. Although seen as funding terrorism they hasn't been to much to counter regular supporting sites that just pop right back after being suspended or simply they stay up for months. They has also been few arrests in these countries one notable was in Liverpool by the name of Amaani Noor and Victoria Webster who donated to The Merciful hands.

In a recent Operation Inherent Resolve, Report to the United States Congress it was noted that donations that come into camp of hol was being used to either fund terrorism (explosive and arms have been found in the camp recently) and smuggling networks through most the money is however used for goods ISIS women in the camp love to show off what bought.

While civilians in camps either through being displaced during anti ISIS operation or the Turkish invasions struggle on little money and little help from worldwide community as AANES has an embargo, has regularly its water cut of by Turkish at Allouk water station and a tanking lira.

Although money transfer stalls set up in camps was for local IDPs worldwide supporters of the women manged to take advantages of this and send money into the camps for members.

Donation pages have been set up worldwide through the biggest pages come from Germany, Russia, UK, Indonesia, Turkey and France as well Gulf States

Donation pages like Free our Sisters, Justice for Sisters, Help For Sisters aka free Akhwatt, Ehlihayr, Lager hol, Kopilka Ahira, HoLL and others which regularly upload pictures and messages from the camp.

ISIS women also in the camp personally show of the their goods on accounts they have across platforms

In recent week women in the camp have seen the recent presence of US forces around the camp as ISIS preparing to free them and precaution was being made by digging trenches. In reality this is false and they is ongoing work on the camp.

ISIS propaganda is still rife in the camp with even members getting the latest audio media releases from ISIS spox Abu Hamza al-Qurashi

Smuggling networks which donation pages help to free foreigners in the camp in recent months has been more prolific with lock-down and COVID-19 as well the camp being understaffed families and smugglers have routes that aren't regularly patrolled though SDF do best to stop such networks and have thwarted many attempts with own spying and infiltration of conversations over the year. Smugglers still do manage to succeed a number of foreigners over the last month have made it out of the camp from nations of Holland, France, Finland and ever Switzerland who is believed form intelligence to have made it Idlib traveling through Turkish controlled areas then through Turkey, three female ISIS members from Finland escaped Hol Camp and fled back to Finland via Turkey, and just a few weeks ago a Dutch national which was confirmed escaped the camp.

Um bams also is held in hol camp

Networks also work on social media platforms offering to smuggle members out to Turkey though SDF do carry out raids on known smugglers in the area.

"A Moroccan woman interviewed by Al Hurra recounted how she burned her tent in order to divert attention away from the local administrators and attempted to flee her camp with her family. Upon reaching the Syrian-Turkish border in the north, she was stopped".

On the outside you also have smugglers who offer women in the camp to smuggle them out then either then informing the Asayis or taking taking the money then handing them over to Asayis or just taking them money and not showing up. These men are then sometimes exposed over social media. ISIS sleeper cells have to carried out killings on fake smugglers who work for the SDF.

Women are also told not to trust any other smugglers or groups unless its smugglers known by trusted members.

some images of fake smugglers

Trouble in the camp has not changed with regular tent burning still pretty much daily through some tent fires can be that of gas stoves its known that the Hisbah carry out such attacks for many from not following dress code, following the law set by the State, accused of being a spy or the you question the State by talking bad or wishing to leave (which has seen some former members having to be moved to other camps)

Tent burning in the Iraqi section filmed by Russian

Iraqi Section

Women in the camp still carry out assassinations and attempts on other IDPs accounts held by women in the camp will post photo's of others in different sections either to warn others to keep dissent from them or to target one of them from Iraq was targeted in March after being stabbed in the neck he was later he survived the attack and his picture was released by a Russian inside the camp. Iraqi's seem to be targeted the most with killings taken place in their tents or in the market place bodies have also been dumped in water wells and found behind others tents, in some cases families have been killed by stabbing or hammer attacks.

Women have also found themselves being exposed as being spies for the Asayis

Tension in the camp between different nationalists especially Tunisians, Russians and Iraqi's. Women in the camp from different nationalists see mainly the Iraqi's at fault for what happened with the collapse of the state and having more of a role in higher command jobs in the terrorist organization.

Translation: Peace be upon you, my brother, a few days ago, while I was walking in the camp with my son to bring in some necessary needs, I saw a woman standing next to my tent, which raised my surprise because she seemed alien to the sector in which I live, and meters away from the tent, there were a number of camp residents talking to each other and this woman was in front of them looking at them She behaves with strange behavior, turning left and right, approaching her to ask her: Is there something when she saw me confused and fell from her phone, my little son picked up and if the phone is on the photography mode, and when she inquired from her, she was busy turning off the phone and was speaking in poor Arabic, and I think this woman was Russian, but what is she doing filming the people of the camp, and for whom this photography and what they want through these videos. When I told this event to my neighbor, she said that a few days ago I found a paper and had some writing in a language that looked Russian or Chechen, and had three names in Arabic and all the names were (Umm Al-Tunisia). I do not know if the two events are related, but we fear God for ourselves and our children about what sisters might do and we do not have camels or camels with them. My brother, I wish to spread the message without showing my knowledge, and peace be upon you

Radicalization on children is still a major concern women in the camp refuse to send their children to school as they call it Kufr education and not Islamic instead they indoctrinate their children with lessons taught in other members tents. They also post images of their sons mimicking their fathers

Child in the camp asks his mother when are the soldiers coming

"You want to see us happy, welcoming and romantic? But understand that between the loss of dear people, obstacles, anger, sadness and traitor ship, these feelings have deserted what is left of our hearts. Since we only have this left in our hearts”