Calculatem Pro Poker Software Review

Calculatem Pro Poker Software Review

Randy Walls

Calculatem Pro is another poker software that does the calculations for you. You attach the software to the poker room that you entered and select the place where you are currently sitting. From then on the software will keep track of your cards and give information like pot odds, hand rank, chance to win, outs and a suggestion what you should do (check, raise, fold etc). The software has two modes, the first one is a compact mode which is a long bar that fits nicely under the poker room, the second one is a larger one that has to be placed on either side of the poker room.

The mini toolbar of Calculatem Pro is great, it displays every information needed to play professional poker without the need to calculate the odds and outs for yourself. You could easily let the program guide you through poker tournaments without much work by yourself. It is of course necessary to interpretative the given values, you might want to play some hands sometimes where Calculatem pro suggests a fold or fold hands were it suggests a raise. It helps tremendously in tournaments.

You should configure Calculatem Pro at first start before you enter a poker room - watch this video for some useful tips and tricks. This is not necessary but you will gain an advantage if you change the default values. Let us take a look at the settings. You can only edit the settings in full mode, click on full mode and then options to enter this mode.

You have a bar at the bottom which defines the post-flop advice. If you are a tight player you might want to move the bar to the left of the Avg value, if you play loose you might want it right of the avg value. Click Next.

Here we have some additional bars that define the advice that we get from Calculatem Pro. The following values can be defined here for certain positions on the table. If you are: the small blind, the big blind, just left of the big blind, dealer button, and other position. Values in that bars range from 0 (worst hand) to 100 (best hand) and is the same value that applies for hand rank.

You might want to set the options according to your play. More loose for example if you are in the small blinds or on the dealer button, tighter if you are just left of the big blind.

Let us take a look at the values that are shown:

  • Hand Rank: 100% is the best hand rank which is AA at the beginning. Hand Rank is recalculated when the flop, turn and river are on the board.
  • Odds to win: Shows 1 in XX, the lower the XX the better.
  • Total Outs: The number of cards that can improve your hand, the higher the amount the better.

Calculatem Pro helped me win lots of money in turbo / shootout tournaments playing with tight values.