Calculate the number of wallpaper rolls required

Calculate the number of wallpaper rolls required

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First, measure the full height of the wall from ceiling to floor.

2- Then measure the width of the walls you want to use for the particular wall paper. Then aggregate these wall widths together.

Multiply the height of the wall by the total width. This is the amount of total number of wallpaper rolls you need.

Divide the total area by 16.5 meters. The number of rolls required is calculated. (The area of ​​each roll of Korean wallpaper is 16.5 square meters.)


Normally it cuts about 5 for Korean wallpaper covering 16.5 square meters, and for ordinary house heights, from 2.7 to 2.8 meters per roll, and given that the wall rolls are 1.06 meters wide, Each roll covers approximately 5.3 meters of wall width.


Note that if your wallpaper is sketchy, the amount of wallpaper you get will increase because it will take some time to adapt.

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