Calathea - The Fussy Plants

Calathea - The Fussy Plants


Calathea are great houseplants. They're beautiful, they come in amazing colours and patterns, and they move around more than other plants. But this doesn't stop them from being damn fussy.

Calathea are a plant that need to be watered regularly but can't be left sitting in water. They like bright light but not direct or they'll get burnt and they need misting or to live in areas with increased humidity. They don't like to be repotted too often or moved around a lot. They will grow if you fertilise them but if you don't dilute the solution enough it can burn their leaves.

In essence they are a very fussy plant but that doesn't mean you can't keep one and that it won't thrive under your care.

If you follow the very precise guidelines for caring for a Calathea then you will actually find that they're a beautiful plant that puts out a lot of growth. And the best thing about this is that when they do succeed you know it will have been because of your hard work.

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