Cafe Baazar

Cafe Baazar


Bazaar program is one of the active Android markets in Iran. Due to the boycott of Iranian users in using Google Play, there has always been a problem for many dear Iranian users to download and update Android apps and games. Bazaar is one of the Android markets that has entered the field to solve this problem, and in addition to providing updates to Android games and applications, it is also possible to pay for programs and paid games by Bazaar program with Shtab member cards. Although at the beginning of the market program was one of the most popular Android market in Iran, but in recent years due to problems with the installation of the market program, some claimed that the program was problematic and viruses and espionage charges slightly reduced the initial popularity of this program. Has been. We also do not endorse or deny these claims, and we place the responsibility of installing and downloading the Bazaar Cafe and the possible consequences on the users themselves, and Linroid is not responsible for this.

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Features of Cafe Bazaar Android application:

- Awareness of the latest game updates and apps.

- Easy payment of games and programs that have in-app payments.

- Easy purchase of apps and paid games.

- Presenting most Persian programs in this market.

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