COVID Cuckold Pt. 01

COVID Cuckold Pt. 01

This is the first part of a long story. It's also my first attempt at erotica. Please comment. 

Nothing was the same any more once the world turned upside down. A glimmer of news from a far off country turned into a trickle and then a torrent, it was coming. Should we be afraid? Surely we lived in a sophisticated country, it couldn't happen here. We'd be fine, we'd have a plan, a backup, all mapped out. Then the pandemic banged on our door and marched right in, without a buy or leave. People were afraid, the politicians dithered but it was in April that everything changed. It was called lockdown. Work stopped, and the nation sat at home. Families were thrown into close contact for twenty four hours a day and relationships were strained. Families were separated by miles and by rules and relationships were strained. The endless days were only broken up by meals or the state sanctioned stroll, the hour of exercise people were encouraged to take each day. The traffic stopped and no one knew what to do. 

C and H were just an ordinary couple with grown up children. They had danced the dance of life together for decades, sometimes closer together, sometimes further apart. They knew each other's ways, perhaps they knew each other's ways a little too well. They were the normal couple next door apart from the not so normal parts of their lives. They had normal jobs, normal finances, normal hours, normal dreams, normal desires, normal secrets. Some of their normal flowed down the same path and some flowed in different streams. C was neat and fastidious, H scruffy and scatter brained. C was slim and fit, H seedy and fat. C was shy, H was brash but they shared a fierce intelligence and a set of secrets. Other secrets they hid from each other but mainly from them selves. C liked to be massaged and pampered but desired little else sensually or sexually, H had a thing about dressing in women's clothes and shared his unrequited submissive fantasies. The mismatch in desires had been problematic over the years but generally they bumbled along, supporting each other through life.

When lockdown came, they were apart. C had locked at her sister's place so had the delights of the Devon countryside to explore. H was left at home, occasionally going into work. C spent hours walking the lanes with her sister or cycling further alone, H spent the days flouncing round the house in a frock. H would enjoy nighties at night and demi bras by day. His only limitation was leaving the house while dressed, C was tolerant but she drew the line at him taking his exercise in a frock.

The two of them spent time together on WhatsApp, sharing their news, what little news there was. C talked about her explorations including a favourite ride, across the hills to the next valley, along the river then back over some different lanes. A mile outside one of the villages she cycled through was a cottage that backed onto the stream. She mentioned it to H several times as a landmark on her trips as the quirky cottage with rambling out buildings because of its unusual decoration and arty bits in the garden. On one of her trips a woman stepped out from the garden and said hello. C stopped for a chat and that's how Jenny entered their lives. It became a regular high spot in C's day, a trip through the countryside and a chat with Jenny the lady artist. 

In one of their calls C told H all about her "I've met someone and I think you'd like her but..."

The long and pregnant pause was unusual

"But what?"

"But she's gay and I think I'm falling in love with her. I know its not like me but, I don't know, I feel I'm enjoying a fantasy moment. I've been cycling past her house every day and stopping for a chat and I look forward to talking with her. I feel like a naughty schoolgirl with a crush. Nothing will come of it, I don't fancy women and I'm not the sort of woman who has affairs. You know how shy I am. I just feel I've indulged your cross dressing for years and now I'm just going to indulge myself in this fantasy. I keep on feeling like I want her to wrap herself around me. Like I say, it's a fantasy and it won't go anywhere."

H replied "What if I said you should leave the door open to ... well, indulging your fantasy. You never know, you might enjoy it. I'm sure our relationship could cope with you having a fling. As you say, you've put up with all sorts of nonsense from me." 

He saw her pause and swallow hard, them smile back at him.

"Thank you for saying that. I really appreciate it. I still probably won't but if I do... I'll think of some treats for you"

She was smiling and H wondered from sparkle in her eyes whether she would and if she did, what treats might be in store.

The days passed and life went on, in their daily WhatsApp calls C and H spoke of this and that but not of the other. Perhaps it was just a flash in the pan, an idea that came and went until C rang H one afternoon. She was lying on the bed, stretched out, wrapped in towels, still wet from the bath. She was glowing, her eyes alive.

"I've been invited for tea, I'm just getting ready."

"Invited where?"

"Jenny, the woman I told you about."

H could see she was making an effort. Nothing obviously different in her outfit, just a shift dress and jeans, but a lot of work had gone into the make up. And she was glowing her eyes were intense, he knew she was about to leap into her fantasy even if she wasn't able to say so or even admit it to herself.

"Right, what do you think?"

"Very nice, and before you ask, yes, I want you to enjoy yourself. Don't say anything now but I want a full report when you get back."

"Don't be silly, nothing is going to happen, just tea. I thought I'd let you know so you can enjoy one of your submissive fantasies."

"I thought this was about your fantasy."


And the phone went dead. For a couple of hours H's mind was racing, imagination running wild, wondering whether, well, just wondering whether. Then the ping came, a text: 'I've decided, I'm going to do something. Lots of love.' This was it, he didn't know whether to laugh, cry or masturbate. Time passed at a gallop and a snails pace as he waited and waited but he knew he couldn't be the first to phone. He stared at his phone every few minutes, willing it to ring but my will wasn't enough to bring news. Nothing to do but wait.

Then it blared out, the ringtone, the doom laden joy filled noise. H's hands were shaking so much he dropped the phone and the call ended. Trembling he picked up the phone; one missed call and it was from her. He struggled to compose himself so went for a pee, tidied up his makeup then sat down to return the call. C took ages to answer and then he saw her, relaxed on her bed, alone and beaming. He couldn't speak, he just looked at her and smiled back. She looked wonderful and wonderfully happy.

"Aren't you going to ask how I got on?"

H's voice croaked, he couldn't reply, just cough out "How did you get on?"

C just laughed, grinning all the while "I bet your mind has been working overtime, wondering what was going on"

All H could do was nod.

"Well, she has a really nice house with lots of nooks and crannies, an art studio and a horse paddock. Her art is interesting but a little bit twee but we spent some time looking around, there's a lot of her own work hanging in the house. The horses were great, I'm going to go riding at some point and she's got a lovely secluded garden. It's a real sun trap."

H nodded weakly, he was not that interested in this level of detail but he knew she'd clam up if he pressed her. She knew it and slowed down, she was going to milk this for all it was worth.

"She brought tea out into the garden and we sat together on a nice bench with cushions. There was honey suckle climbing around, it was a romantic little bower. Jenny has really interesting tastes, the look was very Arabic in style along with the kaftan she was wearing. And it was a really lovely spot to chat and there were bees humming around and lots of lovely scents form the garden."

C was grinning, knowing what H really wanted to hear about.

"Shall I tell you what happened next? Hang on, I'm just going to pop to the toilet"

With that C vanished from the screen and all H could hear were footsteps and his heart pounding. She returned an age later with a cup of tea in her hand.

"Glad to see you waited. I thought you might get bored and hang up."

That grin was back on her face.

"Well, we chatted and drank tea. Anything else you want to know?"

H knew he just had to smile and wait.

"Jenny told me she really loved my hair and wondered what it felt like. I moved closer so she could reach my head and let her feel the texture. She moved a little closer and started to run her fingers through my hair. You know how I love head rubs and she was so gentle and soft. I could feel her body close to me and her fingers in my hair and I just started melting. It was then I knew I wanted something to happen, I just wasn't sure how to start. I looked up at her and she must have seen it in my face. She leaned toward me, our faces came close and she kissed me, just a little peck but she kissed my lips. I laughed, I must have sounded really nervous and I returned her kiss on the lips. So we sat there, gently giving each other tiny kisses, bees buzzing near us and I felt wonderful. All the time she was still running her fingers through my hair and I could feel my breathing getting more excited. I told her that I'd never done anything like this before so she took my hand and guided it onto her shoulder and I stroked her while she stroked my hair. We kissed, deeply and profoundly and it felt so right. I wanted to give my body to her but I wasn't sure how so I went to the toilet and slipped my jeans off ready to go back to the garden in just this shift dress. It was then that I sent you the text saying something was going to happen"

H was transfixed. C continued "When I got back outside I just stood in front of her with my hands on her shoulders, my eyes closed and let her touch me. Her hands were on my skin, touching my legs, reaching under my dress to my back, running her nails over my bottom. She was so gentle and it felt like I was there for hours, standing, being worshipped, her smiling up at me, me smiling down at her." 

C looked as though she was savouring the memory of those moments then she smiled, said "OK" and carried on with her story. 

"Where were we. Jenny asked me if I was happy. I told her I was. She stood up in front of me and we embraced and kissed and kissed. I could feel my chest against hers and she reached down to hold my bottom and draw me closer. We just pressed together, kissing. Her hands were all over me and I started to explore her. I thought I was going to burst and I knew I was so aroused. And then I panicked a little bit."

"How do you mean, panic?"

"It was all a bit out of control and I pulled away. She asked if I was ok and I said I was, but I wanted to slow down. She went and made more tea and we sat quietly together. I was sitting there, trembling. Then, I told her that I should go but I'd like to come back. She asked me if I'd like to come back as a companion or as something more. I could hardly speak but i told her... more."

"And we parted with a peck on the cheek."

C asked if H understood, if he was OK with what was happening. "I've never thought of myself fancying other women. It just wasn't something I'd really considered a possibility. But I did enjoy myself and I still feel almost infatuated with Jenny. Isn't that crazy at my age. I really don't know what I should do. It's like being seventeen all over again. Everything felt so new and exciting but terrifying at the same time. I keep on thinking I should be sensible but then I get thoughts, my heart starts racing and... and other parts get excited too."

H replied "Well, you look happy enough but I'm glad I'm not going to lose you to her. I'll have to accept you've had an adventure and it's probably good that you did something reckless, after all, you can be sensible when you're dead. I know I won't lose you and I can see how happy you look after your encounter." 

They smiled at each other. 

"So, marks out of ten, how was your first lesbian love making?"

"Shall I just say, I'd have liked to take it further. I'm just not sure I'm brave enough!"

Before H could answer, the call went dead. She'd hung up.