Что такое опиоиды

Что такое опиоиды

Что такое опиоиды

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But while those words were a start, nothing will be accomplished without a commitment by the president and Congress to provide major funding to solve this very big societal scourge. So far, there is no funding commitment on the table. In the meantime, Big Pharma has lined up the lobbyists. And the opioid deaths keep coming. More people die of opioids each year than in auto accidents. The nation saw more than 33, overdose deaths in , the most ever recorded. And experts say the epidemic will likely get worse. I know about the deadly consequences of addiction from personal experience. Troy was 10 years old and Alana was 7. They were out for a Sunday afternoon walk with their mother, Carmen, when the addict — a nanny in our town who had acquired hundreds of pills recklessly prescribed by local physicians — drove her car off the road and ran them over. But, with the California Medical Association opposed, it took more than a decade to fully implement the system and pass legislation requiring physicians use it before prescribing addictive narcotics. At the federal level, the long arm of the prescription drug industry has blocked efforts to establish similar programs nationwide. The day after, numerous members of Congress held a big press event to take credit. But then a lawmaker-turned-lobbyist helped undo the whole thing. Billy Tauzin, a former congressman from Louisiana who had chaired the House subcommittee overseeing prescription drugs, had just gone to work for the pharmaceutical industry. After the federal bill was signed, Tauzin did some backroom wrangling and had appropriation of the money killed, forever. In January, McKesson Corp. In October, federal authorities indicted Dr. John Kapoor, the billionaire chairman of drug manufacture Insys Therapeutics Inc. The medication, Subsys, contains a narcotic that is 80 times more powerful than morphine. Until all vested parties — lawmakers, manufactures, distributors, doctors, pharmacists, law enforcement — commit to working together on a well-funded strategic plan, I fear the epidemic will only grow and the death toll will continue to mount. I encourage the president and Congress to treat the opioid crisis as they have national emergencies like hurricanes and wildfires. Without funding for everything from expanded narcotics monitoring to treatment, this national pandemic will not end. These syndicated cartoonists illustrate that trouble is brewing for President Donald Trump. Our state is controlled by tax-and-spend politicians. Jerry Brown is the cheerleader of the pack. Supreme Court ruling apparently makes it easier to pass local taxes for specified purposes, such as construction of a library, improved fire service, raising teacher salaries, paying down pension debt or fixing sewers. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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I am in opioid recovery. People like me shouldn't be so alone

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