The 4×5 tableau of cards is called the Carpet. Cards from the carpet are eligible to be moved to the foundation piles. Begin the game by moving any eligible cards from the Carpet. For example, if the game begins with the 2 of Spades on the Carpet, move it to the Spades foundation. Any gaps formed in the Carpet are filled with cards from the draw pile.

Once there are no longer any plays to be 먹튀검증 from the Carpet, begin drawing cards from the draw pile one at a time. If the card can be played to a foundation pile, do so. If it cannot, it goes face up to the waste pile. The top card on the waste pile is eligible to be played to the foundations.

Play like this continues until the game is won or the draw pile runs out. If the draw pile runs out and there are not anymore legal moves, the game is blocked. 


Complete the foundation piles by building them up in ascending order from Ace to King.