Businessinsider "missing link"

Businessinsider "missing link"

Denis Ivanow

This is how the page looks in the browser with javascript.

You see in the bottom slides(in red rectangle) which were absent in your previous template version

My template shows them all.

That "link" which You mentioned isn't a link.

In real that is a button for transforming slides presentation:

There is no any sense to keep that button because this slideshow contains a lot of text which cannot be presented in caption, also it contains titles for slides.

So the page contains main part and slides which presented one after another.

My template shows all this content.

Modification an article for a slideshow isn't essential  for the understanding of the article. 

So how it is saying in the checklist:

"Simply remove such non-essential widgets from the article and go ahead with generating the IV page"

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