Business Escape Pt. 10

Business Escape Pt. 10

Fantasies Do Come True

As the light crept into the cold hotel room, my eyes fluttered to slightly open and groggily wake up. I quickly smelt the now familiar lavender scent, which seemingly always trails my new lover, Morgan. I rolled over to my left to see Morgan asleep with his body turned towards me and his shirtless pecs bunched together. I smiled as if I had just woken up from a dream to see something I've never seen before in my life - a naked man sleeping next to me.

As I turned back over to step off the bed, my body quickly reminded me of our sexual antics as I was acutely sore in my ass region. While peeing, I purposely flexed those anal muscles and to my surprise, they weren't as sore as I would have expected, considering the amount of laboring my asshole had to perform for the first time. I reached around and touched myself back there, also without as much pain as I was fearing. I was also shocked to feel my asshole felt back to normal, which was a legit fear I had after I had felt it gaping wide open.

As I tip toed back into bed, Morgan was staring at me with this soft, sexy smile. I curled up facing him and just stared back with an equally organic happiness.

"Good morning, sexy," I quietly whispered.

"Am I still dreaming?" Morgan quietly replied.

I reached under the sheet and lightly grabbed his soft cock draped on top of his smooth inner thigh with, "Appears not."

Morgan quietly added, "Well, this reality is all a dream, Foxy - you're my dream man lying in front of me. I have no idea how this all happened, but I feel lucky and fucking love it. How's your body feel?"

I responded with, "Funny you ask - I was just feeling around and am kind of shocked I'm not more sore - I thought for sure you had destroyed my whole one-way freeway system back there!"

Morgan laughed with, "Chalk one up for the human body! Does this mean I can have him again soon?"

I squinted and smiled with, "Hey - if you can bring out that beast in me again - he's all yours."

I turned to the phone on the nightstand and ordered us room service. Once I hung up, I immediately jumped on top of Morgan to playfully mount him. As I pinned his arms back, I bent down and firmly kissed him with my lips back in control. His tongue subtly entered my mouth as our passion was quickly reignited.

Morgan pulled his hands out from under my hands and grabbed onto my ass to grind me into his inflating cock. We began to grind with intensity as I shifted my mouth to his ears then neck.

As Morgan moaned, I slid down to kiss his chest, belly and pubic area. I reached for his now hard cock and placed it into my mouth. My other hand asked my mouth for a bundle of spit and then proceed to douse his ass. As I sucked on his wonderfully large cock, I began to softly finger Morgan's ass with my wet fingers.

Morgan handed me the bottle of massage oil to further comfort the area before the obvious next step. As I oiled up his ass and cock, while stick bobbing with my mouth, Morgan then lifted and opened his legs to invite me inside.

As I situated back up to Morgan's face, I whispered, "I want inside you."

Morgan quietly whispers back, "I need you inside me."

I reached down and quickly found my way inside his wet, oily entrance. Within seconds I was plunged all the way inside Morgan's amazingly tight and warm body.

We passionately kissed and moaned as I remained bottomed out inside. As I began to grind with small movements, Morgan's head tilted back and exhaled.

Our bodies fit perfectly together, which truly amazed me considering our bodies weren't necessarily designed for each other.

Morgan pushed me back subtly to encourage me to began our erotic dance. I planted myself and began to fuck with an intense rhythmic force. I reached over and grabbed Morgan's hand and placed it on top of his raging, bouncing cock. As Morgan began to slowly stroke his oily cock, I caressed his small hairless ball sack, all while continuing to steadily fuck with deep thrusts.

It didn't take long before the intensity and strength increased with his strokes and my thrusts, to where I decided to pull out as we both came together all over his now sweaty body. Both of our deposits created quite the pool of semen inside and around his perfect little belly button and surrounding muscular area.

I collapsed on top, not caring at all about the pool of messy sex, to kiss Morgan with, "I'm amazed how fast we've fallen in love - I too am in dreamland."

Morgan rolled his eyes back with, "Fuck, you have no idea, Foxy - I'm floating."

As we laid there for minutes in our mess, we finally broke and jumped into the shower. Totally forgetting about the room service, while showering I heard the door knocking and had to run to the door while still wet with a towel barely covering me. As the attendant set up our table with food, he turned to notice Morgan also coming out of the shower. I smiled ear-to-ear knowing this was the first time in my life I was openly admitting to my new sexual reality and I loved it completely.

Morgan and I ate, laughed, listened to music and just overall bathed in each other's company. We planned out a day of relaxation and nap time before our third wheel joined our floating adventure.

We first decided to get a massage with a little pool time to follow. As we went down to the spa, we both decided to warm up in the sauna and steam room. I smiled knowing what happened to me yesterday, and slightly hoped to run into the two gentlemen again, but this time with my lover. As we entered the steam room we both removed our towels and sat next to each other. I tilted back onto my elbows as my body enjoyed the hot, moist air. I looked to my left to see Morgan in the exact position, but with his legs slightly opened which had has beautiful cock leaning against one of this thighs.

We caught eyes as I said, "You know, I'm not sure I'll ever get used to how big your cock is, Morgan."

He smiled, looked down at mine with, "Foxy, you do realize how big you are too, don't you?"

I laughed out loud with, "Come on, sure mine is a nice size - I'm not complaining - but yours is like nothing I've ever seen in my life."

Morgan shifted up off his elbows, grabbed onto his cock with, "Don't get him hard in here Foxy - we'll end up getting kicked out of this place!"

I also shifted up, reached over and grabbed onto his hand, which was gripping his now half-hard cock with, "How about one little kiss for the big man on campus?"

He laughed, tilted his head back, as if being shy and now taunting me.

I scooted off the bench, widened his legs, bent down and open-mouth kissed his large sweaty cock. Morgan's hand shifted down his cock, which invited me to insert more of his now hard cock into my mouth. As my mouth plummeted down his shaft it was stopped with his hand still gripping his cock near the base. We worked in tandem as I began to bob up and down, as Morgan was stroking himself up and down.

I reached under his balls and entered his slick anus, which prompted Morgan to push himself upward. My other hand gripped his leg, as my other hand added more fingers and depth into his ass.

The steam room was now tightly packed with hot steam, as I continued to suck and finger-fuck Morgan with urgency.

I opened my mouth, lifted up my head and asked, "Morgan, is it possible for you to come in here?"

Morgan moaned out, "God yes - keep doing what you're doing!"

Minutes more of Morgan stroking, my three fingers now fucking his steamy wet ass, with my mouth suctioning his cock's head and shaft all led to my first explosive orgasm inside my mouth. Morgan thrusted his legs and hips, gripped my head and unleashed a hot stream of salty come.

My eyes opened wide, but quickly adjusting my tongue and throat to absorb all the come inside my mouth. I kept suctioning and twirling my tongue around his cock's mouth to continue his orgasmic enjoyment.

After a few more sucks and spurts into my mouth, I boldly decided to gulp it all down, which turned out to be quite a turn-on.

I was rock hard and so wildly turned on having just accomplished this outcome for my first time. I really found myself enjoying his new mode of pleasuring, in addition to just performing these new sexual acts.

After draining Morgan, he pulled my hair up to give him a salty, steamy kiss.

"You keep getting me to try all these new sexual adventures!" I whispered into his mouth.

Morgan shifted back onto his elbows as I remained wedged in between his legs, confidently smiled with, "We are so damn hot, Foxy - my god!"

I kissed him deeply again and stood up into the steam. As I stood in front of Morgan wiping steam from my eyes, he looked at me up and down, similar to the gentlemen from the day before and said, "Look at my silver fox - your body looks like a professional athlete! Look at those shoulders! And, look at your perfect cock! You kill me Foxy!"

I gave him my best sexy smile back and asked us to go get a massage.

After an amazing deep massage, we decided to hit the pool and eat lunch. We splurged with a cabana while sipping on cocktails and munching on food. After a few hours of drinks and dipping into the pool, we decided to head back to the room for a nap.

As we were walking back to the room along the pool, someone yelled out, "hey", to have me notice it was the gentlemen from the steam room. Morgan and I walked up and said hello.

I laughed and said, "Well, a slightly different view of me today vs. yesterday, huh? Not quite as sweaty and naked."

They nervously laughed, clearly now confused in my sexuality, but one responded with, "Well both are equally friendly on the eyes."

Morgan butted in with, "Right!??"

I threw up my hands with, "Alright, enough being nice to the old guy here - it's not my birthday boys!"

The other gentlemen said, "We'll be around here having drinks - let's all toast it up tonight."

I nodded my head in agreement and said, "Sounds great, gentlemen - our third wheel will be with us, but we'd love to toast it up with you."

The head tilt probably gave away their confusion on "third wheel", but their niceness masked their confusion with, "Sounds amazing - hope to see you three tonight."

As I turned to walk towards the lobby, Morgan cutely grabbed onto the back of my shorts, as-if in tow. I broke out into a big smile as we walked through the lobby like two men in love.

Morgan and I arrived back into the clean, cold hotel room. I had messages from Camella stating her arrival details, which excited Morgan and I. I immediately connected her and Barbs to coordinate logistics.

Part of me enjoyed my private time so much with Morgan that I wished we had another day or two of this new feeling and function. I didn't say anything to Morgan, just not wanting to show sides to either of my lovers, but I feel like it was almost obvious because we were literally shadowing each other every step to squeeze every last drop of our floating experience.

Knowing we only had a couple hours left, we quickly showered and fell onto the bed. Morgan reached over to the nightstand to turn on some wonderful jazz music. We cuddled naked and just talked about how we arrived at this floating dream. As we continued to talk and fascinate over our steep journey, Morgan started to ask me more personal questions on our attraction.

For the first time, he asked if I had ever had feelings for other men. I surprised him by telling him I had never even been picked up by another man, or even had a slight attraction to other men. I used the recent example by the pool, in that those two men did nothing for me.

He teared up as I explained to him what a genuine phenomenon it was for me to be so attracted to him, inside and out. I explained it truly shocked even myself that I found this love, both physically and intellectually, for him.

And it was the truth, there was no gender lines in this attraction. Once our attraction tipped, which I believe happened when he massaged me and I felt his body begin to rub itself all over me.

As tears began to drip down his face, I firmly grabbed his face and placed my lips inside his now slightly opened mouth. Morgan's eyes squinted close while we kissed passionately for minutes. His passive body just lied there as rolled on top of his naked body. I wadded up some saliva and inserted fingers into his hairless, clean hole. Quickly two fingers made their way back inside as I bit his bottom lip, letting him know my intentions.

I lifted up his body to wrap his legs around my waist. I forcefully thrusted my hips into his body, which allowed my cock to stab his wet taint. I held Morgan with one arm as my other hand grabbed onto my cock to navigate it into his wet hole.

My cock found its way in as I pushed forcefully all the way inside of Morgan. His eyes opened wide, body collapsed onto the bed as his legs flung onto my shoulders. I fucked him deeper and stronger than I had ever laid into him, which yielded a look in response from Morgan of passion and love. His eyes squinted again with a drooping posture telling me he was in pain, but wanted more.

For whatever reason, our breakthrough conversation of me explaining that in essence I only had eyes for him, really ignited a new gear of aggression. I fucked harder and harder, almost to even test our sexual guardrails.

Morgan's now sweaty, pink face resembled a look of pain, but again refused to ask for any slow down or reduction in force. My hands gripped his face, lowered myself to bite down on his lip and continued to fuck his body with strength and force.

My stamina was in olympic-like shape where I could have lasted for hours. Morgan finally broke his silence and loudly moaned, "Foxy, I want you to come in my mouth", which really turned me on.

While breathing hard, I panted, "You fucking kill me, Morgan."

Another few deep, forceful thrusts inside Morgan's gaping hole, my body gave notice to serve Morgan. As I pulled out, I felt my cock began to explode. I jolted up to Morgan's face and mouth, but began to drench Morgan's gorgeous, sweaty pink face. He extended his mouth to quickly latch onto my spurting cock, but the damage had been done. He had two large blobs of my come on his cheek and chin before he took the rest inside of his mouth.

I couldn't help but to start laughing in my panting state, as Morgan sucked the remainder of the come out of my cock. As I continued to laugh, he looked up and lightly bit into my cock to let me know his thoughts of me plastering his face.

I pulled my body away, which unleashed my cock from his mouth and we both loudly laughed. I fearlessly went in for the kiss and he began to rub his face all over mine with my come now being generously shared onto my face.

The love, attraction and humor we had was truly one-of-a-kind. Never in a million years would have so bravely ventured anywhere near my own sperm in the past.

We continued to laugh our way into the shower, cleaned each other off and ended up right back in bed. We stared at other in silence, listening to jazz and knowing this was the quiet before the Camella storm.

I silently mouthed, "I love you, Morgan."

"I love you, Foxy," he mimicked back.

I could not believe I was head-over-heels for this man who parachuted into my life due to a kinked neck. My cock remained continuously attentive knowing the power of our newly discovered sexual adventure.

As my eyes, heavily began to close, Morgan turned away from me and scooted himself into my body. I kissed the back of his neck, reached around and held his large cock.

He reached behind and held my ass.

Damn you, Morgan!