Building Websites

Building Websites

The internet connects people and ideas in a way few would have dreamed possible a hundred years ago

It's a world wide web of connections to people, ideas, and places that were once separated by vast distances of time and space. But the internet isn't a spectator sport - our travels across the web leave ripples on the digital ocean and comments and self-published sites spring up and rely increasingly on crowd-sourced content.

Many people realize they've got something important to say and share and they might want more control over the things they publish. They may think their message is particularly important and want to invest in a platform that they can use to get it out to the world.

Some people may have an idea for a web application or function - a site they wished existed but doesn't already.

Or they may just want to learn or expand their career prospects in to this digital world.

Whatever the reason, building your own websites is easier and more affordable than ever before. Whether you're publishing a basic blog or discussion forum, simple HTML files, or a complex and completely customized content management system, you'll find that the limitations are only the ones found in your imagination.

There's no time like the present to learn and get started. It's easier than you might fear, and the things you can learn will benefit you in your personal and professional life.

Why not just build a few websites today?

Wikipedia provides a great guide to what websites are - and what types of websites exist. A static site can be a great way to get started, although dynamic web pages are increasingly common in 2020!

The greatest thing though, is that there's no wrong answer to what kind of website you want to build. The important part is that it expresses what you want the world to know!

Some options are even available for free websites through sources like Blogspot, WP, and Tumblr. An elaborate Instagram account is even a website in its own right! Shared hosting gives you more control over what and how you publish for just a few bucks a month, and a VPS can be had for just a few dollars more to provide speed or access for complex command line operations or nonstandard scripts and apps.

Remember: the web doesn't work best as a spectator sport, so go ahead and get started contributing. The more you try the more you learn, and the more you learn the more you'll be able to create.

The more people pitch in, the better this digital world can be.