Bryan and Maddy

Bryan and Maddy


Chapter 1

Bryan couldent beleive the sight infront of him. A naked teenaged girl standing right infront of him. She was the perfect girl for him. Tight ass, perfect curves, small breasts and beautifle eyes. Well? i look good...? Maddy asked as she stepped towards him. Your.... amazing..! he said backing up somewhat, falling over on his back as she came closer, now climbing onto him. Good... she said smiling softly before she kissed him deeply, breasts resting on his chest and arms on both sides of Bryan. Her left hand slowly slid up his leg to his shirt pulling away for a moment and slipping it off. uhh- He started to protest, but as soon as he started, Maddy went to his pants and took them off now sliding a hand over his cock, making it stand up slowly, but surely. Dont worry. Ill take care of you she said, staring into his eyes before kissing him once again. Her hand slid up and down his cock, allowing a long moan to erupt from Bryan, who now gripped the mattress tightly. Mmm, damnit... im gonna... ahh! im gonna... cum... he moaned as Maddy went faster before looking up to him watching as he now bucked his hips up into her hand before moaning louder then before, letting his juices spurt out of his large cock onto Maddys face. He breathed fast looking to her seeing her smiling slightly as she climbed onto his body lowering herself down onto his cock, moaning loudly as she threw her head back and rode him. Bryan gripped her thighs and bucked his hips into her body before fliping her small body onto the bed and sliding his cock in and out of her pussy. ahh...! dont stop, baby... i now...mmmm damnit this feels so.... good! Maddy moaned gripping his shoulders tightly as she kissed him, hands sliding around his waist pulling him closer as he now rode her. Ahh damn, Maddy! your tight as hell.... this feels sooo good! Bryan yelled out gripping the bedsheets tightly as he went faster and harder. Ahhh..! Im cumming! Cumming! Maddy called out moaning a few more times untill she thought she was ready to burst. She screamed loudly as her cum covered his cock and her legs. After a few minutes, bryan called out loudly and stopped riding her pulling her lower body up as he shot a large ammount of cum into her, the two moaning rather loudly. Bryan fell over, now tired. He lay on his side breathing heavily as he stared at the wall. Maddy rolled over on her side sliding her arms around him giving him a slight hug then closing her eyes, releaved that she could sleep by her lover and fiancee. That was amazing... ive never felt anything like it she spoke softly, but not so soft that he wouldent hear her. Bryan smiled. Im glad you enjoyed it his hand softly stroked her cheek as he lifted her face up to him, kissing her softly before the two drifted off to sleep.


The next day Maddy woke up silently. She wondered if what had happened last night was a dream, but when she looked down at herself and Bryan, she smiled and giggled now knowing it wasent just a dream. She yawned loudly and got up walking to the bathroom to take a shower sighing happily as she cleaned herself off. Once she got out and dried herself off, she saw that Bryan had already woken up. Morning, hun she said smiling and kissing him deeply. hey, babe. You sleep well? he asked smiling. She blushed and giggled as she nodded a yes. Ive got clean clothes for you. I was hoping we could go somewhere today, but im not sure where... she said scratching her head then shaking the water from her hair and walking to the bedroom taking some clothes and sliding them on along with her bra and panties. She grabbed her bag and walked downstairs to the door. Alright! Im leaving! she said looking to Bryan as he kissed her for quite sometime before letting her go. Ill be back around 2:00, kay? she said looking to him smiling. kay Bryan replied stretching out and walking back inside, closing the door behind him smiling happily as he remembered the night before. Damn, now ive got a hard on...

Maddy smiled brightly as she walked down the steps of the house and ran off to the city bus grabbing her money and taking a transfer, sitting down close to the doorway of the bus. It wasent a long walk to her school, having it being only a few blocks away, but she needed to rest for a small while before she got to the building. She had felt rather weak when she had fallen asleep and woken up this morning. He must have had enough fun with her to call it rape, but she dident care what people said if they had found out by now by her odd walking. 42nd and clinton The driver spoke loudly as he came to a stop and opened the door dropping her off at a small corner with a large rectangular brick building with a rather long flight of stairs to the doorway. Over the two doors was a sign that said Saint Stephens Charter School This wasnt the real name of her school, it just seemed to be a jumpy thing if schools dident have christian names on there schools- including charter schools. as she started to walk up the flight of stairs, the buses started to arrive, students talking and screaming to eachother about random goings-on in the day. Maddy wasent a friend type of person, as nobody in the school seemed to like her except for her teachers Melissa febrirro and Susie openheim. Susie was her Reading, History and Writing teacher. she was a nice woman for a person in there 50s. Mel was her Math teacher, of whom she particully liked. she was a young woman, being 27 and all, but she had her ways of discipline. Once Maddy reached the doors she ran inside and ran up the stairs to her left which lead to her classroom, smiling at the people who were already there. Hey, madster! Susie called out hugging her tightly. Hey, Susie she said smiling softly. so, what homework you got for me? she asked. Mady cringed at the word, knowing she hadent done any of it. Susie sighed. your gonna have to stay up here for lunch, again, sweetie Susie pointed to the blackboard showing the names of the people eating upstairs. There were lots, which she hadent had expected. Lets see..... Me, Willis, Dillon, Kevin.... ALEX?! she screamed, making everyone look at her. she covered her mouth and looked down. Whats the matter with alex? shes the best student here! Susie exclaimed. And shell be helping you with the lost homework you havent been doing. Alex? Could you come over here for a minute? she called to a Blonde girl dressed in a skinny tank top with skin tight pants and green converss. Maddy gulped as she looked up from her book that she was reading staring right at her, making her pussy weat beneath her baggy cargo pants. She had had a huge crush on her since she had transferred here from Follwell Middle School. I need you to help Madster here with her work, at lunch. You think you could do that? Susie asked. yeah, sure, Sus she said smiling. Maddy coughed slightly trying to cover up her blushing thinking to herself, Keep calm, girl... keep calm...

After her Spanish class she trudged up the stairs with her backpack around her shoulders hanging loosely from her body. Today had seemed to start out so good, then Susie had to Write Alexs name up on the board. How could this have happened? Cmon, Maddy! Hurry up! Alex said leaning over the railing of the stairway over Maddys head then running off to the now empty classroom. This is gonna suck balls, i know it... she mumbled to herself as she walked to the doorway of her classroom, opening it to see Alex leaning over a chair to get a large book from a bookcase, letting her pants fall below her hips, revealing her dark blue panties. Maddy moaned slightly at the sight of her underwear, now wishing she had Bryan here to rip her out of the classroom and throw her into the house. uhh, A-alex? shouldent we, uh, start studying...? she asked, watching the girl turn around smiling sweetly and nodding, climbing down from the chair and sitting down on a couch. Sit down and show me what work you have her voice sounded bored as she took out a peice of paper from the book she had taken and writing a few things down, which Maddy could not see. I think i have a few history chapters missing, but thats all i know.... she said somewhat quietly and took out a few large piles of paper all stapled together showing the chapter number and title on the top. Man oh man are you gonna have to catch up! Alex said laughing some as she looked at the chapters. Uh, huh? she looked at the chapters sighing seeing that they were from last week. Crap, how the hell did i forget those? i thought i did them! she exclaimed sighing sadly. Apparently not.... Alex looked to the couch slightly moving her eyes around the room. uh, M-maddy? she said looking away as she spoke. Maddy glanced to Alex, seeing her blushing. She already knew what she was going to say, but she wanted to hear it from her. I uh... ive been hearing rumors around the school.... t-that you, like me... is... that true? she asked looking to her, showing her green emerald eyes as she looked her directly in the eye. N-no! why would anyone say that? she started laughing nervously then got up and scratched her head. Its ok, you know... i wouldent mind she got up walking slowly behind her and sliding her arms around her waist, going for her pants. What are you...? she gasped as she slid her hand down her panties stroking her clit softly with a finger and teasing her opening with the other. relax.... she said sliding her finger partially into her opening, making her moan loudly. Maddy reached for Alexs hand, but she pulled it out of the way and forced her against a wall as she leaned in to kiss her. Wait, Alex! I have a boyfriend! I dont think hed want me.... doing this... she said before Alex gripped her shoulders firmly pinning her to the wall as she forced her right leg inbetween Maddys crotch forcing upward making her moan once again, now louder. Cmon, relax.... she said softly kissing her again as she slid Maddys shirt off revealing her bra. Alex..! please dont! she said looking into her eyes. Alex sighed and gave her her shirt letting her slide it back on. Meet me with your boyfriend tonight by my doorway. I have something special planned for us three.

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