Broken In By Uncle

Broken In By Uncle


Broken In By Uncle

by Lubrican

I was lying in bed one morning, kind of between that place where youre asleep and that place where youre awake. I was sort of dream-thinking about my upcoming trip to my Aunt and Uncles house. Every summer we kids went out there, to the farm, and stayed for two months. There were four of us kids, and they had four too, so it was like having a one room schoolhouse full of kids all living together and stuff. Mostly it was a lot of fun, but we fought like all kids do too.

Anyway, I was lying there, dream-thinking, and I suddenly remembered a time when my Aunt and Uncle were giving about five or six of us a bath. I dont remember who else was in the tub, but I do remember that it was Uncle Bob who was washing me. I think I was maybe ten or maybe eleven. But what I DO remember was his soapy hand slipping between my legs, and his finger sliding inside my body down there. I remember saying Uncle Bob, that feels FUNNY! and then laughing. And I remember him saying Thats your little pussy, Daphne, and some day Ill fuck that little pussy for you. Then my Aunt reached out and slapped him on the arm and said I was way too young yet and to leave me alone. He just looked at me and smiled and gave me a big wink.

I woke the rest of the way up then, astonished that this memory was hanging around in my mind. Surely this was some bizarre dream. I was sixteen now, and Id been going back to the farm every summer for five or six years since that memory and hed never laid a hand on me. Hmmmmm. Thats not true, actually. We all fought to sit on his lap, or between him and Aunt Beth when we were all watching scary movies on their video player. The older kids didnt, of course. I had a brother four years older than me and a sister two years older than me. I closed my eyes and my mind went back to summers past, and I got a clear recollection of the older teens all lying together under a big blanket, watching the movies, and about how Aunt Beth had to tell them to shush as they wrestled under the blanket. And in those memories were the ones of Uncle Bobs hands sliding around on my back, or my thighs, or my butt. But he never tried anything sexual with me. At least not like in the bathtub.

My pussy was wet. Just thinking about this stuff made my pussy wet. I mean as the years went by I learned all about sex and cocks and pussies and stuff. I never did much, because my mother told me to wait, and that Id know when it was time to give up my virginity. She said Id love the man so much that I wouldnt care about the pain, or about getting pregnant. She never put any of us girls on birth control. She said that if we were old enough to decide to spread our legs, we were old enough to live with the consequences. So every time a boy tried to get me to drop my panties Id just ask myself if I loved this boy enough to have his baby. The answer was always Nope and that was that.

Oh, Id given some hand jobs and all that, but nothing else much. I sort of put my mothers rule about intercourse to the test with other sexual things too. Like putting their boners in my mouth. They all wanted me to do it, but I couldnt figure out what was in it for me. So I rated them as if were going to be intercourse, only not quite as strictly. Most boys were found wanting.

Anyway, I was astonished because my pussy was wet, and Id been thinking about my Uncle touching me and saying that one day he was going to fuck me! I mean, thats pretty strange, isnt it? I couldnt think of a single one of my friends who had ever said Oh, I just cant wait to feel my Uncles big old prick in my pussy. My friends just didnt say things like that. They talked about that as it pertained to boys, but not Uncles. So I promptly pushed that to the back of my mind, telling myself I had food poisoning or something that had made me think up those crazy things.

Until I got to the farm. Then it all came rushing back as I saw my handsome Uncles laughing face. I mean it all FLOODED back. I looked at my Aunt and she had this strange look on her face. She came over and gave me a hug. You look like youve seen a ghost she said in my ear.

I stood back. Its ... nothing. I had this crazy dream. Ill tell you about it later. Then I was greeting my cousins. There werent as many nowadays as there had been in the past. My older brother didnt come out here any more, since he had a real job in the city. My sister Cindy - the one two years older than me - was due to show up, but she wasnt there yet. For her whole last semester of High School she worked an internship at this place where they had a whole bunch of them and a dorm for them and everything. So I hadnt seen her for several months. The youngest of us now was little Tommy, at 14. Come to think of it, little Tommy wasnt so little any more. He stood almost as tall as me and could now pick me up and carry me anywhere he wanted to whether I wanted him to or not. He was their youngest child. There were only four cousins present, two of theirs and two of ours.

I asked where Sue Ellen and Bob Junior, their two oldest were. It turned out they hadnt gotten back from college yet. Sue Ellen had waited for her brother to graduate so they could go off to college together to learn agriculture so they could come back and take over the farm when the folks retired. That was going to be a while, since Uncle Bob was only 39 and Aunt Beth was 36. This was their first year of college, and they had their own place and jobs and such. But they planned on visiting the farm later, and would probably stay a month.

For some reason I got to thinking about how old everyone was. Based on Sue Ellens age, I did the math and suddenly realized that Aunt Beth must have had her at either fifteen or sixteen. Wow!

Then I did the math for my own parents and realized that they had had my brother when my mother was sixteen and my dad was eighteen. Double Wow!

We got all our stuff out of the van and began dragging it in to the communal bedrooms. They had two bedrooms in the old house that were for their own kids. But when we all came, we got split up by ages, with the older kids in one room and the younger kids in the other. No one had ever questioned this arrangement, but my dream suddenly came back to me again. Wouldnt most folks split up a group like ours by sex, rather than age?

But thats not the way it was with this family. Older kids in one room, and younger in the other. This year might be different though, what with all of us being between the ages of 14 and 18. Plus there were now two boys and two girls - a brother and sister from each family. It turned out that Janie and Tommy shared a room anyway. The room the college students had lived in was full of junk, and besides, theyd need that room when they got home. There were two sets of bunk beds, in each room and, since the four of us had been sleeping together every summer for years and years, it just seemed natural that my brother and I put our stuff in Janie and Tommys room.

The four of us went out and our cousins took us on the big tour, which wed had ten or fifteen times before but had a good time on anyway. I saw my sisters car drive up and saw her jump out and run and throw herself at Uncle Bob, but I didnt go over to talk to her, cause I was in the middle of sitting on top of a horse. Then it was time to be back for supper. Aunt Beth herded us around the table and told us to eat before it got cold.

Wheres Daddy asked Janie, who was a year younger than me.

He and Cindy are gabbing about old times or something. Theyll be along. I told them dinner was ready. Now ... eat.

And, ten minutes later, Uncle Bob and Cindy did show up to eat. Cindy was all flushed and pretty looking. I wished I had her looks. I had great big breasts that were always in the way, while hers were nice swells that made her look slim. Her hair was blond and shiny, while mine was brown, running to red. She just looked beautiful. He was smiling like the cat that caught the canary too, and I thought they must have just enjoyed some great joke or something for her to be so perky.

After dinner Aunt Beth announced that we would play board games. Uncle Bob stood up and said Cindy, theres something I want to show you in the barn. She looked up and smiled, and Aunt Beth laughed! I didnt see anything funny about it.

Aunt Beth said Again? You know youre not as young as you used to be Bob. He just made a muscle with his arm and he and Cindy left.

Whats in the barn that she hasnt seen before? asked Tommy.

Never you mind said his mother. Why dont you get out Scrabble Tom, and well play a round.

I guess Cindy and Uncle Bob were gone almost an hour this time before they showed back up and joined in Scrabble. Cindy sat next to me and she smelled ... different somehow. She smelled like barn, yeah, but there was something else. I sniffed a couple of times, trying to place that smell and suddenly Aunt Beth grabbed me to go into the kitchen with her to get some cake for everyone.

We were getting the cake ready, putting it on plates and all, and putting ice cream beside each piece and Aunt Beth said. Tell me about your dream dear.

So I did. We were very open with our Aunt and Uncle, probably more than we would have been with our own parents.

It wasnt that they werent strict. They had rules and everyone had to follow them or pay the consequences. But they never got mad about it. They never yelled, or said we were worthless or more trouble than we were worth and other things that adults say to hurt the feelings of young ones. So I felt like I could tell her anything and it would be OK. I told her about the memory of the bath, and about what else I remembered, and about how Id wondered why we were broken up by age instead of sex. She didnt say anything, just listened. Then the cake was ready and we carried it out on big trays and ate cake and ice cream and played games until it was bedtime.

Us kids all got ready for bed and I saw Cindy sitting in a chair reading. I asked her where she was going to sleep, and if she wanted us to rig her a bed in with us. She smiled and said shed think of something and for me not to worry. Then she said Ill probably just sleep in the other bedroom. Ill be fine.

I dont know what it was that woke me up. But it was one of those times when you wake up and you know you are REALLY awake, and you arent going back to sleep for a while, no matter what you do? Yeah, it was one of those times. So I thought Id get up and wake up Cindy and catch up on what had been going on with her and her internship. I went to the other bedroom, but she wasnt in any of the bunk beds in there. I figured she had gone to sleep in the chair in the living room, so I went there, but she wasnt there either. I checked every room in the place. Nothing. Well, I hadnt looked in my Aunt and Uncles bedroom, but why would she be in there?

I suddenly remembered those words. One of these days Im going to fuck that little pussy of yours. I approached that door and I heard ... something ... voices? ... no ... I opened the door and peeked in.

Well, now I knew where my sister was.

It was fascinating. I saw three people I have known all my life, but I saw them in a way I had never seen them before, nor even dreamed of them before. Aunt Beth was on her back in the middle of the bed. She was naked. Her legs were spread and her knees were up beside her breasts as she held on to them, holding them tight. My sister was on the bed too, and she was naked too. She was on all fours, and her face was right down there in my Aunts muffy and she was just slurping away like a starving pig.

That was the noise Id heard, plus my aunt moaning.

Uncle Bob wasnt left out though. He was just as naked as the other two and he was behind my sister with his hands on her hips, and he was just fucking the daylights out of her. They had a dim light on and I could see his big old cock sliding in and out of her from behind, over and over again. He was looking up at the ceiling for some reason and he had this frozen grin on his face. Suddenly he sort of croaked Im gonna shoot. He slammed back into Cindy and stayed there as his butt cheeks sort of flexed. Then, even though he was in her all the way, he shoved harder maybe three or four times and grunted each time. I suddenly knew that his penis was shooting stuff into my sisters pussy.

Aunt Beth barked a little laugh and said Im surprised you got anything left after this evening. Youre gonna knock her up for sure Bob.

Then he sort of grunted and leaned over and grabbed my sisters flat breasts and said Oh yeahhhhhhhhh as his hips bucked several times. Id been to health class and I knew what was happening in there. His penis was squirting out strings of white stuff that was full of sperm that could be making my sister pregnant as I watched it happen.

All I could think about was that he wanted to do that to me too! It made my pussy tingle, which just added to the stress of thinking about it. I mean its one thing to think your Uncle wants to shove his boner in your pussy, and entirely another to see plain physical evidence that he WILL do it! And my AUNT! Whod have figured she liked girls?!

Anyway, I snuck back to our room and went back to bed. I kept seeing in my minds eye Cindy throwing herself at our Uncle when she first got there, and the rosy glow on her face when she and Uncle Bob got to supper, and THEN how he wanted to show her something in the barn. And then later after we all went to sleep. That meant my big sister had gotten her pussy fucked THREE times in the last EIGHT HOURS!!! And, based on what I saw, she got her pussy filled up with Uncle Bobs spunk three times too!

Now, what I had to do was decide whether or not I wanted him to do that to me.

I was almost asleep when I remembered Id told my Aunt everything about what Uncle Bob said in that bathroom so long ago. I figured she probably told him, and now he was thinking about my pussy while I was thinking about his prick. I finally got to sleep, but it wasnt easy.

The next morning we all got each other up to go down to breakfast. That was interesting. It turns out that boys, when they get above, say 13 or so, have hardons when they wake up in the morning. I found this out when I whipped the covers off of Tommy, who was sleeping in the raw as they used to say.

And there, standing up just as proud and pink as you could imagine was his morning stiffy. Janie, his sister, was right next to me and I poked her and pointed as he opened sleepy eyes. We both shrieked as he scrabbled to cover his problem. That caught the attention of MY brother, Mark, who jumped up to see what was going on and had this huge tent in the front of HIS briefs.

Then Janie spoiled it all when she said He always has one in the morning. I used to think he was a pervert or something, but its not because of us. They just have them. She turned to Mark and said Right Markie? at which time she knelt and jerked his shorts down to his knees. His bone bobbed in her face and I gasped, because he had a nice one. My own brother and I never knew how long and stiff his pecker could get. It got funny because he started back from her and got tangled up, falling on his butt. Janie and I shrieked again.

We all went down together into the kitchen and some of us started helping set the table. Uncle Bob was there and he gave me a big hug. I felt his hands on my butt and my pussy started in again. He smelled my hair and whispered in my neck that it smelled good and then he LICKED my neck! I about died!

I pushed him back and said Aunt Beth told you didnt she! He just grinned at me and said Told me what? but his hand came up and cupped my breast. I knew I was in trouble then, let me tell you.

After breakfast it was decided that wed all go swimming in the pond. Except for Cindy, who had to go into town for something. The rest of us all trooped down to the pond with a picnic lunch in a basket. Wed always skinny dipped in the pond, and I could tell that us growing up some wouldnt change things as my Aunt and Uncle started throwing their clothes in a pile. The rest of us got naked.

I was sneaking looks at my Uncle, between his legs, where this ... thing ... was swinging. It looked like some prehistoric monster worm, all wrinkled and brown. It lay on a pair of balls that looked like they belonged on a bull. I looked at the boys and they looked like babies compared to him. So how in the world did Cindy ever fit anything like that in her pussy without just splitting right up the middle?

Uncle Bob turned and looked at me as I dropped my panties. Janie was right beside me and I swear he was staring at us both. That fat sausage? It started moving ... all by itself! It got thicker ... and longer ... and it came away from those big old balls of his. Janie and I both stared at him like a fly does as the spider walks the web toward it. By the time I remembered to breathe, it had doubled in size and was standing out from his body just as straight and proud as my little brothers had that morning!

I got all fluttery in my stomach and put my hand over my pussy, like THAT would protect me from anything. He saw me do that and LAUGHED! Then he walked over to us, that thing swinging and bobbing in front of him like a witching rod.

It wont bite. Dont look so terrified.

Then Aunt Beth was there. Youre scaring them half to death Bob. Have some sensitivity! Then she reached out, put her hand around that big old prick and she pulled on it, leading him down to the water like it was a leash. He was dancing and hollering like crazy.

We turned around to get in the water and there were Tommy and Mark. Theyd watched the whole thing and Ill be darned if THEIR pricks werent all hard and sticking out too! I looked at Janie and she looked at me and we both grinned. Then we walked over to the boys, like we wanted to talk to them and, while I grabbed onto Tommys penis, Janie snatched up my brothers and we led them to the water just like Aunt Beth did. I never heard so much yelling and crying. Ill never forget hearing Tommy yelling Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit as I pulled him along.

Of course, once we got in the water, it was grab ass and splash your neighbor all over the place, including my Aunt and Uncle. Pretty soon we were all tired out and panting for breath. Aunt Beth pulled Tommy out of the water because he had asthma or something and was coughing. Janie said she was getting a cramp and Mark helped her up to the blanket where he commenced to rubbing her calf.

While I was watching them, Uncle Bob snuck up behind me.

The first thing I knew it was when his hands slid under my arms and cupped my breasts. He pulled me back against him, and I felt his bone slide between my legs. I took in a breath to yell at him, and about then he squeezed both my nipples with his thumbs and fingers. He didnt squeeze hard. He sort of mooshed them? You know? And then he sort of rolled them back and forth between each thumb and finger.

Now if youre a girl, you know what that feels like. If you arent a girl, then I have to tell you what youre doing to a girl when you do that.

First I saw stars in broad daylight. I sucked in a lungful of air and it just froze in my lungs. I think every muscle in my body locked up tight, cause I got all stiff. What happened was that these feelings started in my nipples, and they were HOT feelings, like streaks of fire, and those streaks shot through my skin to my belly, where they set off this fire inside me, sort of a ball of fire that grew and grew until it spilled into my pussy. Then, just as fast as I had locked up, everything relaxed. I sagged in his arms and my head fell back on his shoulder and all that breath came out in one long Ohhhhhhhhhh. He must have known what was happening, because he turned me in the water like I didnt weigh a thing and he kissed me.

Well, most folks seeing it would have called it a kiss. Me? I felt like I was being eaten alive. You remember that spider I was talking about? You know how a spider paralyzes its prey and then wraps it up and then sucks its juices out?

Well, thats what I felt like. His kiss was sucking my juices out. Somehow my tongue got into his mouth and he sucked on it. Then he kissed down on my neck and I got all shivery and the next thing I knew he was sucking on my nipples, holding me up in the water. And if his fingers had felt wonderful on them, his mouth was pure delight. I heard myself going Ohhh .. Oh... OH!

And then ... just like that ... he stopped. Come on out he said. Lets go lie down on the blanket and get some sun. I was in shock, and he just led me out and over to the blanket like I was one of those zombies in the movies.

I remember looking at Aunt Beth. She had been holding Mark while his breathing improved, and they had fallen asleep in the sun. I glanced over at my brother, who had been rubbing Janies leg, and for some reason he was lying beside her kissing her like they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Uncle Bob laid me down right beside them and then he lay down beside me. He was up on one elbow, leaning over me a little. I was on my back and my big old hateful breasts were sticking up in the air right in front of his face. He went back to sucking on my nipples and I didnt hate my breasts quite so much any more. He sure knew how to make them feel wonderful. He put his hand flat on my stomach and I jerked. He didnt move it one inch, just left it there, like it was a magnet and my skin was iron.

Uncle Bob left off abusing my poor nipples and got his face up right by mine. He kissed me a bunch of times, all gentle like. These kisses werent the juice sucking kiss hed laid on me in the water. Do you like this sugar? he asked between kisses.

What would you say? If you were lying there, and this man - who told you ten years ago that he was going to fuck your little pussy - this man who had just sucked your titties and sucked out your juices and made you feel about ten thousand times better than youd ever felt in your whole life - if this man said Do you like this to you, what would YOU say?

Well, since youre reading this, and I cant hear you, Ill just tell you. I said Uh huh. Brilliant, huh? Here I am, about to become a woman by all the signs, having the time of my life while being more scared than ever before, and all I can come up with is Uh huh.

He was no better. He said Good. Then that hand started moving. It de-magnetized or something, and started moving toward my pussy.

Let me tell you girls. If youre with the right guy, there is this button you have. You cant see it, but its somewhere in the general area of your pubic hair. And when this man touches that button, it actuates springs or something, that go to the bones in your legs. It makes your legs open. Uncle Bobs fingers got to my girlie hair and my legs just went sproing and opened up like a Muppets mouth when hes yelling YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.

Uncle Bobs fingers slid onto my sex, the sex no boy had ever touched, the sex that I knew was all gooey and slippery and wet. His middle finger slid right over my clitty and my hips jerked like Id been stung by a wasp on the butt. Then that finger curled and slid right into my pussy like it was a homing pigeon going to the coop. That curved finger slid deep into me - I think he was looking to see if I still had my cherry, which was an early casualty of the I got a whole carrot in mine, what did you get in yours? sleepover wars - and then it slicked right back out. Now he had three fingers covering my pussy lips and pressing on them.

I want you to visualize some school marm shaking her finger at some poor kid, dressing him down. That finger whips back and forth right quick.

Got that in mind?

OK, now take three fingers, lay them flat on a poor virgin girls pussy lips and whip them sideways, back and forth, like that school marms finger. Do that over and over again, pressing down, so those fingers ... all THREE of them ... go flicking across her poor clitty ... back and forth ... again and again. Then suck her tender nipples while you do that.

He almost killed me.

I really honestly thought I was going to die. I got all full of something that wanted out REAL bad, but it couldnt find a way. It just got bigger and bigger and bigger inside me. I heard myself groan Ohhh please Uncle Bob ... please and then he said Thats what I wanted to hear you say Daphne.

He rolled up and between my legs. I lifted my head and saw his hand around his cock. It looked like it was about the size of a baseball bat. Id seen it sliding back and forth in my sister, and I knew she loved it.

And right then?

I wanted it in me.

I admit it. I wanted that thing in me in the worst way. My pussy even came up off the ground, trying to get to it. I saw him guide it to my pussy mouth and I felt it touch me.

You know how they say the mind has a way of forgetting pain. I really dont remember all that much about him getting it in me. I know it went in, because I remember watching it. I know it hurt, but I cant REMEMBER the hurt. What I remember was the part after the hurt went away and he started doing what hed said he would do.

He fucked me.

There was just no other word for it. We didnt make love. We didnt have sex. Intercourse is not a word to describe what we did. He FUCKED me. And I FUCKED him back. Somehow I knew how to do it, even though it was my very first time. But my hips knew what to do and they slammed up at him as he powered that prick into my pussy over and over again.

Remember that pressure inside me? Well, his prick punching into me was sort of like a big nail punching into a tire doing about a hundred miles an hour. There was this huge BANG inside me and everything flew apart. My arms shot out, and my legs flopped. My head flailed and I GURGLED!

And right in the middle of all that ... Uncle Bob just flat packed me FULL of hot, wet, sticky, potent sperm.

I knew it was going to happen when I felt his cock swell up and he stuck it in me deep and stopped. Then it jerked in me over and over as this feeling of heat swelled up inside me. And I almost laughed out loud as I fulfilled my mothers prediction. When I felt him spurting his seed in my belly my hopes soared and I actually HOPED he was making a baby in my womb!

Well, that alone would have been enough to make my day. But, as Uncle Bob and I lay there, holding each other, trying to breathe, my head rolled over and I got treated to the sight of my brother, just fucking my cousin Janie half to death.

It seems they had been necking and petting when Uncle Bob commenced to making me a woman, and it made them so hot that they just had to try it too. It was almost funny, because Mark didnt last much longer than Uncle Bob did in me. As I watched his eyes got all bugged out, and he started gasping for air, and his fucking motions got all out of rhythm. He jammed it into her like Uncle Bob had done to me and started grunting and whining and he spermed that girl so much that her pussy couldnt hold it all. It made such a mess that when he finally rolled off of her his whole crotch was messy white, just like hers was! They jumped up and ran back down to the water to clean off. I just lay there, my uncle hugging me.

Aunt Beth and Tommy slept through the whole thing!

I lay back to take a nap, and a while later I got woke up by yelling. Aunt Beth was tearing into her husband, yelling that it was one thing to knock up an 18 year old girl, and entirely another for the men in this family to be planting their seed in unprotected 15 year old pussy. He yelled back that she was one to talk, and that he couldnt help himself because I LOOKED like I was twenty two.

It seems she woke up and saw me lying there with my pussy mouth all full of pearly seed. Uncle Bob was swimming at the time and Janie and Mark were fucking again .. in the water this time.

Anyway, this sort of ruined the mood, so to speak, and she made us all go back to the house. She set us kids to chores, while she continued the argument with her husband.

Now why my aunt thought it was a good idea to leave four kids, three of whom had just been introduced to wild unabashed sex, alone and unsupervised, Ill never know. Tommy, of course, knew what had happened, and was just pissed beyond reason that he hadnt gotten in on the action. He was whining and moaning about how unfair it was that WE got to have sex, but HE had to still be a virgin.

My pussy was a little itchy, so I told him to shut up. He, of course, mouthed off to me, so Janie and I took him to the barn and took his pants off, revealing what looked like that pretty pink stiffy hed had this morning.

He was yelling and started to kick until Janie grabbed onto his balls and squeezed them kind of firmly. He got REAL polite all of a sudden.

I mentioned that my pussy was a little itchy, and that seeing as how Tommy had a nice stiff dick ... Janie said OK, but just a minute. I want to try something. Then she leaned over and put her brothers penis in her mouth. Tommys mouth was open, but there was no sound coming out of it now. She gave it a good suck or two and lifted off of it. Hmmm she said. Then she turned around and said Mark, theres something I want to show you.

Tommy was lying there, looking at me, kind of scared like. I said Dont you move, and started taking off my clothes. Then I sat on him and took his dick right up into my pussy. No pain. Just nice stiff peter. He squirted before I even got him all the way in me, but it was no problem, because he stayed stiff as a board. I leaned forward, which put pressure on my clitty, and then sort of rubbed my crotch against his. I must have cum three times before he asked if maybe he could be on top for a little while. That was fine with me.

Tommy turned out to be a most considerate lover. He asked me what I liked and he went forEVER. I was getting sore, so I said You can cum in me now Tommy. He sighed and, like he had a faucet in him or something, he said Thank you Daffy. Then he lay down on my breasts and I felt him squirt in me again.

I think Uncle Bob won the argument. The reason I think that is that the sleeping arrangements didnt change that night. And, of course, that meant that Mark and Janie ended up in one bed, and Tommy and I slept together in another one. Im telling you Tommy could fuck for HOURS! His motto was Quality first.

Mark, on the other hand, was a quantity man. He spurted in Janie, then waited fifteen minutes and spurted in her again. That went on until past midnight. I bet that girl gained two pounds in just that one night. Aunt Beth came in the next morning to get us all up. She sighed and opened a window, grumbling that the room smelled like a sperm bank.

Aunt Beth was the odd woman out, so to speak. It really wasnt fair, because Cindy spent all her time trying to get Uncle Bob to make a baby in her. I could understand that, having let him try that in me once, and being FULLY ready to let him try it again ... maybe even daily. Janie and I were getting way more sperm than was good for us. So Aunt Beth had good reason to grumble.

Until Bob Jr and Sue Ellen got home from college. Sue Ellen was pregnant ... about eight months from the look of her. And, since she was rooming with her brother at school, it was pretty plain who the daddy was. She wasnt exactly upset about it, but I guess it was getting pretty hard for her to have sex comfortably, and she was horny. Bob Jr was pretty horny too. He greeted his mother VERY fondly and dragged her into her bedroom with a I want to show you our grades.

They must have been pretty good grades, cause we could hear Aunt Beth yipping and laughing and raising a ruckus in there while she looked at them. And she had the biggest smile on her face when they came out. Then she took Sue Ellen in there and it got noisy again, what with Sue Ellen screaming out Ohh THANK YOU MAMMA a bunch of times.

All in all it was a pretty good summer. Sue Ellen had her baby while she was there, and that was nice. Janie and I got to practice changing diapers and holding her. Sue Ellen even let us suckle baby Jason a little, so wed know what that felt like. It was way different than when the men did it, but it was still really nice.

It turned out Janie and I needed the practice too.

I might as well have left my tampons at home. I never needed one the whole summer.

Neither did Janie.

The End

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