Brittany and Room Sixteen

Brittany and Room Sixteen

Brittany Freeport -- 19, blond, fit and surely -- sits in her late model SUV on Bay Street talking on her cellphone. "I don't care, I want the red one." Realizing she isn't getting the answer she wants Brittany responds arrogantly, "Good for Jessi McAllister, I'm NOT Jessi! Look, I'm really busy I'll talk to you about this later. Bye!" Brittany ends the call and smirks smartly. "What an idiot!"

Brittany then turns her attention out the driver's side window at the weathered three-story wood-framed structure across the street. The structure Brittany is looking at is the defunct Whisper Bay Inn, the 19th-century hotel turned boarding house that's been closed since "Old Man" Pemberton died several years ago.

Brittany's friend, Amy, has told Brittany fanciful tales of punishment that is divvied out to unsuspecting girls on the third floor by the hotel's current owner. The stories Amy has told Brittany are so wild that they have to be the stuff of urban legend which is why Brittany is determined to prove her friend wrong.

After a few seconds, Brittany mumbles to herself, "A punishment floor? I mean really! The place is creepy, but not that creepy." Brittany then grabs her keys and smirks confidently, "Amy's full of it. I'll show her what happens in room sixteen: nothing!"

After exiting her vehicle, Brittany confidently walks up to the front door of the Whisper Bay Inn in her black yoga pants and pink hoody. She then rings the doorbell and waits in the brisk autumn air for someone to answer as she mumbles, "This guy's gonna think I'm a complete nut." Brittany rolls her eyes, "Because of Amy of course."

Finally, the buzzing of the door being unlocked is heard and Brittany opens the door and steps inside the building.

Inside is a small lobby, to the left are stairs leading up and down, on the right is a hallway that leads back into the first floor and in the center is a small front desk. Standing at the desk is Devin Dixon -- 34, fit, charismatic and good looking -- who greets Brittany, "Hello!"

Brittany smiles as she walks up to the desk, "Hi."

"How can I help you?"

Brittany fidgets, "This is going to sound, um, strange."

"What is?"

"I was told that you have a room where, um, I don't know how to put this..."

Devin smiles, "There are a lot of rooms here."

"Yeah, but this room is different."

"Different, how so?"

"This room has a machine in it."

"A lot of the rooms here have machines in them. The basement laundry room has a washing machine and clothes dryer in it. The kitchen in the bar has a food-processer"

Brittany grins, "This machine doesn't clean laundry or process food."

Devin looks at Brittany inquisitively, "Then what does it do?"

"Yeah, um this machine is supposedly in room sixteen."

Devin's eyebrows raise, "Room sixteen?"

"This is going to sound totally absurd, but does room sixteen have a spanking machine in it?"

Devin chuckles, "That does sound like a tall tale."

Relieved, Brittany smiles, "That's what I said too. You see my friend Amy put me up to this. She's a TOTAL liar. In fact, the girl's certifiable, you see-"

"Actually, this is a tale we should get to the bottom of A.S.A.P." Devin grins devilishly.

Brittany's relief instantly turns into anxiousness, "What do you mean?"

Devin motions for Brittany to follow him, "Let's talk about this in private."

Brittany hesitates at first but follows Devin down the corridor to a door on the left labeled "Manager."

The two walk inside the small office and Devin points to the leather chair facing the cherry-stained desk, "Have a seat." Devin then takes a seat at the desk.

Devin introduces himself as Brittany takes a seat in the chair, "I'm sorry, I didn't get your name, I'm Devin."

"I'm Brittany."

"So Brittany, why does the possible existence of a spanking machine interest you?"

"I don't know, uh, I guess it just sounded like a crazy story and I need to prove Amy wrong. She tells some crazy stories, but needs to be put in her place on this one."

"You must really want to prove her wrong to come down here."


"May I ask you a personal question?"

Brittany shrugs her shoulders, "Sure."

"When you were a little girl and misbehaved how were you punished?"

"Well, I was a pretty good kid. I rarely got in trouble, but I can remember getting put in time out once, By mistake of course."

"So you were never spanked?"

Brittany shakes her head, "No."


Brittany smiles awkwardly.

"Have you ever witnessed a child get a spanking?"


"What happened?"

"I was at a restaurant waiting for a table when I saw a little boy talk back to his father."

"What did the father do?"

Brittany feels a wave of embarrassment flow through her as she tells the story, "Well, his father grabbed him, picked him up and took a seat at a bench and spanked him right there in front of everybody."

"So he put him over a knee?"

Brittany nods, "Yes."

"How did the boy like that?"

"He didn't."

"I bet. Did he try to resist?"

The more questions Devin asks the more uneasy and embarrassed Brittany becomes, "Yes, he squirmed and tried to cover his butt."

"Did that work?"

Brittany shakes her head, "No, the father moved his hands and held them in place."

"Did the boy cry?"

Brittany nods her head, "Yes."

"Anything else?"

"He kicked and apologized over and over."

"Did the kicking help?"


"How about the apologizing, did that work?"


"The father kept spanking?"


"Interesting. How did it feel to watch him get spanked?"

Brittany shifts anxiously in her seat, "It was an experience."

"You couldn't help but watch, could you?"

Brittany's heart beats a little faster, "It was hard not to. I mean it was quite the spectacle with him kicking and crying in his shorts, dress shirt and bow tie. I mean, it was really loud."

"Did it make you wonder what it would be like to be him?"

Brittany is taken aback, "To be him?"

"To be the one who was over a knee getting a spanking."

Brittany bites her lip and lies. "No, why do you ask?"

Devin grins, "Did you know there are four elements to a good spanking? Or a bad spanking, if you're the one getting it that is."

Brittany's eyes get big, "No."

"One, the spankee should not want to get the spanking and should do anything and everything possible to avoid getting the spanking."

Getting nervous, Brittany swallows hard, "Okay."

"Two, the spanking should be highly embarrassing if not downright humiliating for the spankee."

Brittany's heart beats a little faster, "Interesting."

"Three, the spankee loses all control to the spanker. That is, the spanker determines the length and the severity of the spanking."

Brittany swallows again, "I see."

"Care to hazard a guess at what the fourth element of a good spanking is?"

Brittany shakes her head.

Devin smiles, "A good spanking has to hurt. Ideally, it should hurt to the point where the spankee should want the spanking to stop as soon as it starts."

Brittany cannot believe she is having this conversation and answers meekly, "Okay."

"Would you say all four of these elements were present that day at the restaurant?"


Devin stands up, "I've got something for you."

Brittany is surprised, "For me?"

"Yes, I'll be right back." Devin exits the room.

After Devin leaves Brittany smirks to herself, "Okay this is kind of fucked up." A couple of seconds later she reasons to herself, "It's obvious that Amy knows this guy and they are obviously screwing with me."

After a couple of minutes, Devin walks back into the room carrying two hangers of clothes and a pair of shoes. He then takes a seat back at the desk. Brittany looks at the clothes inquisitively.

"Brittany, do you know what we do here at the whisper Bay Inn?"

Brittany looks back at Devin, "I'm afraid to find out."

"Fantasizes are lived out, past experiences relived and curiosities satisfied."


"You liked watching that little boy get a spanking, didn't you?"

Brittany breathes faster as she thinks back to that day at the restaurant.

"You liked seeing the instant regret, then the fear in his eyes in his eyes, didn't you?"

Brittany shrugs her shoulders, "I don't know."

"Then you liked seeing him squirm as he was thrown over a lap. Then frantically cover his butt only to have his hands moved and held, didn't you?"

Brittany bites her lip and begins moving her legs back and forth.

"Then to hear that hand come down hard on him and see the reaction in his face as his spanking began was so intense, that you stood there watching him kick and cry."

Brittany pants, "Yeah, so what?"

"You liked the idea of him getting a spanking. You wanted him to be punished for back-talking his father. You wanted the spanking to hurt and be embarrassing, didn't you?"

Brittany nods slowly, "I don't know, maybe."

"But more importantly, you liked the idea of being put in YOUR place and learning your lesson the hard way."

Brittany's palms begin to sweat.

"You like the idea of getting into trouble and not being able to talk your way out of it like you've always been able to do."

Brittany's eyes get big as Devin continues.

"You want to be held accountable. And you don't want a time out either, do you?"

Brittany shakes her head, "What? What are you getting at?"

Devin grins devilishly, "That's where the hangers come in."

Brittany's bravado is no longer as vibrant as it was earlier, "Hangers? What do you mean?"

"I have a proposal for you."

"A proposal?"

"Actually it's more of a wager."


"You want to find out if there is a spanking machine here and I promise you that you will one way or the other. However, there is a catch."

"A catch?"

Devin smiles, "If there is a spanking machine upstairs, I get to give you a spanking on it."

Brittany smirks uneasily, "Yeah, right!"

Devin looks Brittany dead in the eyes. "And I'm not talking some soft porn misadventures in acting either. I'm talking about you dangling in the air, kicking, crying and begging for me to stop spanking. Just like the little boy at the restaurant."


tterflies flutter in Brittany's stomach as she tries to downplay Devin's proposal. "You can't be serious."

"I promise that the spanking will not permanently scar or disfigure you. But I also promise that you will not be let off the hook either. The spanking you get will be very real in every aspect." Devin points to the hanger.

Brittany takes a looks at the hangers nervously, "What are those?"

"Those are for you." Devin shows Brittany the first hanger on it is a red jumper with blue buttons/pockets and a white turtleneck blouse. Then the second hanger is a pair of white cotton hipster panties, pair of blue tights and two blue hair ribbons. Lastly, he shows Brittany a pair of shiny black shoes with buckles on them.

Brittany looks back nervously at Devin, "What do you mean those are for me?"

"Next door is a changing room. Try them on, see how they fit. More importantly, see how they make you feel. If you want to risk getting a spanking wear them back in here. If the spanking machine is just a tall tale we'll have a laugh, you can go on your merry way and put your friend in her place.

But, if the spanking machine does exist, you'll finally find out what it was like to be that little boy when he went over a knee."

Brittany's legs move back and forth nervously as she looks back at the clothes, "I couldn't possibly do that."

Devin grins coyly, "Of course not." That's what makes risking getting a spanking so intense."

Brittany looks back at Devin nervously.

"Let me warn you. If you wear the clothes in here you will have crossed the proverbial line in the sand. There will be no do-overs, mulligans, etcetera. Like the little boy who back-talked his father, you will have crossed a line that cannot be uncrossed. You will be held accountable and will suffer the consequences of your actions."

Brittany responds defensively, "Those...those clothes are ridiculous."

"Just think of it as riding a rollercoaster."

Brittany looks at Devin uneasily.

"They are just part of the ride. They will make it very realistic for you." Devin grins, "You have to ask yourself, how bad do you want to prove Amy wrong? You were, after all, the one who said say that the prospect of a spanking machine existing was absurd."

"Yeah but..."

"It's different now that you're risking getting a spanking. You liked watching the little boy getting a spanking in his shorts and dress shirt. Now that it could be you going over a knee getting a spanking in your jumper and tights, you're singing a different tune."

Brittany flashes Devin an exacerbated look, "It's... I mean this is preposterous.."

"You can tell Amy you chickened out or you can find out for yourself. The choice is yours." Devin motions to the hangers.

Brittany waffles for a moment then grabs the hangers and shoes. As she gets up she smirks, "This whole thing is totally whacked if you ask me." Brittany then walks out of the office.

After walking into the room next door Brittany closes the door and gasps, "This is TOTALLY fucked up!"

Brittany shakes her head then walks over to the table that's filled with beauty products. She puts the shoes on the table and hangs the hangers on one of the hooks on the wall.

She then pulls off her hoody and tank top folds them and places them on the table. After stepping out of her shoes, she pulls her cellphone out of her pants and places it on the table. She then pulls her yoga pants and her black satin thong down and off. She folds both and places them on the table.

Next Brittany grabs the white cotton panties and attempts to step in them. She is so unnerved that her legs begin to shake and she nearly falls over on her first attempt. She has more success on her second attempt and gets both legs through their respective holes. Her legs shake as she pulls the panties up and over her hips and butt. She looks in the full-length mirror to see the panties fit snugly against her butt and crotch.

After taking a deep breath Brittany grabs the tights and smirks, "I haven't worn tights in years." With her legs shaking she carefully steps into them. She then pulls them up and over the panties.

Next up is the blouse. She puts the garment on which is a little baggy.

Brittany then grabs the jumper, pulls it down her body until it breaks about two inches above the knee. After it's on she pulls her hair out of it the blouse and jumper and zips up the back.

Finally, Brittany puts the shoes on. Once she buckles them nice and tight she takes a long hard look at herself in the mirror. She smiles uneasily, "Oh my!"

She turns to get a good look at her backside. As she views her jumper Brittany wonders what it would be like to get a spanking in it. Growing up Brittany always thought that she was lucky her parents didn't spank. More times than not she was able to talk her way out of a time out or get her privileges back by using her charm. But after seeing the boy in the restaurant several years ago it did make her wonder what it would have been like if they did spank. After all, you can't talk your way out of a spanking after it's been given.

Brittany's mind begins to wander. She wonders if the machine really does exist. Would it hurt? Would it make her cry? How embarrassing would it be? Would it be loud like the little boy's spanking?

Brittany takes a second longer look at herself in the mirror. Just walking out in these clothes would be embarrassing. Even more so if she were worried about getting spanking in them. She feels the jumper and quickly comes to the conclusion that it would offer very little protection if she did get one.

Suddenly, Brittany is nervous as she is seriously wondering if the urban legend could be true. This thought both scares and excites her.

Conflicted Brittany takes a seat at the table and begins combing her hair. As she combs she debates if she should go out in the clothes. The more she combs, the more she wants to find out what really does happen upstairs at the Whisper Bay Inn. But the risks make her hesitant. But then again proving Amy wrong would be sweet.

After a couple of minutes, Brittany begins putting her hair up in ponytails. As she contemplates the risks she finds it odd that she is almost thrilled by them. The thought of having an older man punish her does have a certain allure to it. What's more, the rollercoaster analogy has made her almost thrilled at the prospect of taking a risk.

Brittany then ties both ribbons in her hair and looks at herself again in the full-length mirror. She smirks, "Yeah I look WAY different!" She then twirls and giggles. She then looks at the door and her mood changes to a much more serious tone.

Brittany stares at the door for almost half a minute. Then she smirks, "This is crazy! This is crazy!" Finally, she walks out of the dressing room and into the hallway.

As she walks the very short distance back to Devin's office her tights grip her legs and her shoes click on the hard floor. This gives her the same sensation she had freshman year of high school when she got sent to the principal's office. That time, as usual, Brittany was able to talk her way out of a jam. As she walks, Brittany begins to worry if she will be able to this time.

Brittany nervously walks into Devin's office and sees him standing by a tall stool that faces the TV that's mounted on the sidewall.

Devin greets Brittany, "How does everything fit?"


"How does it make you feel?"

"A little younger and kind of nervous."

Devin's tone changes to a much more ominous one, "Well young lady, you have a good reason to be nervous. You are in big, big trouble. You need to march your butt over here right this instant and have a seat while you can still sit."

A chill runs through Brittany and her heart races as she walks over to the stool and takes a seat on it. The seat is hard and cold on her butt and her feet dangle freely as she sits.

"Now going back to the boy at the restaurant, when he was being put over a knee he was scared wasn't he."


"Would you say it was quite possible that he was scared because he remembered past spankings and knew how they hurt and how embarrassing they were?"

"Yes, that's quite possible."

"Would you say it's quite possible that because of those memories he didn't want to get a spanking?"


"Which leaves us in a conundrum."

Brittany looks at Devin uneasily, "What do you mean?"

"Since you've never been spanked here, you don't have any memories to drive your fear."

Brittany shifts uneasily on the stool, "Okay."

Devin smiles smartly, "But we do have the next best thing."

"The next best thing?" Brittany asks uneasily.

"Yes!" Devin picks up the remote that's on the desk, "We have video!"

Brittany looks at the remote apprehensively. "What do you mean?"

Devin hands the remote to Brittany, "Press play and you'll find out."

"Okay." Brittany turns to the TV and anxiously holds up the remote and presses play. She then anxiously waits for the video to play. After a couple of seconds, the video starts and Brittany shrieks loudly, "Oh my God!"

On the screen is a small yellow room. In the center of the room is the reason for Brittany's shriek: the spanking machine. The right part of the machine has a set of kneelers, a bench made of two tubes and a lever. The left part of the machine has a control box, hand crank, restraining arm and long plastic paddle.

Mortified Brittany turns to Devin, "This can't be real! It can't!"

Devin replies calmly, "Watch the video."

To add insult to injury, on the TV is Brittany's friend Amy being walked into the room by Devin. Upon seeing Amy Brittany gasps, "You bitch! You tricked me!" Brittany then watches the video in stunned silence.

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