BrikBit Airdrop Contest

BrikBit Airdrop Contest

#myBrikBuilding - Twitter, Instagram and Youtube lovers, here's an airdrop for you!

Hello Brikkers, here we are again with a new opportunity to gain some BRIK tokens. Activities are pretty simple and they make you get approximately $9 in total.

Ready to find out how?

Here you go! Total reward is 250,000 BRIK tokens for an airdrop that starts on October 2 till October 12 and here is how we will distribute these tokens:

  • 15 BRIK tokens if you post a picture on Twitter
  • 15 BRIK tokens if you post a picture on Instagram
  • 10 BRIK tokens if you follow our Youtube channel
  • 30 BRIK as bonus if you do all three activities
Brikbit Airdrop contest

Copy the sample picture above and repost it in your Twitter account page.

@BrikBit #Airdrop #Contest: post a #photo of a #building with the #BrikBit Logo! Earn up to 70 #Brik #token with #Instagram and #Twitter #share! Best #mybrikbuilding photo wins 5000 Briks!! #BlockchainRealEstate disrupting #RealEstate #brikbybrik Join:

Instagram Contest

There's even more to this: If you want there is another opportunity for you. If you take an original picture with a BrikBit logo you can even participate to the contest. All you need to do is pick a building of your choice, have a BrikBit logo available and take a nice shot.

Use the following sentence to participate:

Posting a #photo of a #building in my city #YourCity with the #BrikBit Logo! Earn up to 7️⃣0️⃣ #Brik #token with #Instagram and #Twitter #share! The best #mybrikbuilding photo will win 5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ Brik token!! #BlockchainRealEstate disrupting #RealEstate #brikbybrik | Join the #Airdrop #Contest ➡️

The first picture will be rewarded 5,000 BRIK tokens, and the opportunity to have a free consultancy from the BrikBit architects on the building of your dream. The second wins 3,000 BRIK, the third gets 2,000 BRIK tokens. (2,000 BRIK = 1 ETH).

Photos will be judged by the creativity, location, quality, light and brightness – You appearing in the picture is appreciated but not mandatory – Each participant can submit only one picture and the contest will finish on October 13 - BrikBit wants to know where you are posting your pictures from: Do not forget to enter your geographical location with a nice ashtag!

To access the contest:

Here are the rules:

  1. Print out a BrikBit Logo on a A4 format page or simply download the logo and show it on your mobile.
  2. Find your favorite building in your Town and take a creative shot with the BrikBit Logo, like the sample picture.
  3. Post it on your instagram page

After you have posted your photo, Go on this website:, insert your Instagram nickname and copy you numeric ID (first row)

Then go back to the bot on telegram and enter /insta yourNumericID

Example of numeric ID of Instagram

You are done!

Easy, right? Now tell your friends, spread the word and keep following BrikBit!