Brevis - A URL-Shortener for everyone

Brevis - A URL-Shortener for everyone

@leetmind - Felix Höddinghaus -

Hi, I am Brevis!

Building my projects I saw I have a lots of URLs, that are waaaaay too long.
Okay, maybe I could have used an existing URL-Shortener like or, but, where is the fun there?
So I decided what would be my next project: my own URL-Shortener.

"Brevis" - as explained on the project-site - is a latin adjective, meaning "short". And because I love latin and love names - that's the name of my new project!

Brevis (found at or will shorten every link you could think of!

But, there are rules!

I want to keep brevis as simple and clean as possible, but to do so, there is one rule and one rule only: Don't break it! DDoS or recursive linking is a really bad thing and, as I warn on the project-site, I will lock down the project if done so.

But, there are also promises!

  1. There is no tracking enabled! No cookies, no Google-Analytics and no other methods.
  2. It's completly anonym!
  3. The only data, that will be stored - at this point (more functions may be comming) - are the shortened link and the long link.
  4. But this also means: You can't delete a link once created!
    If, however, there are understandable reasons for a deletion-request, you can contact me personally at and describe your situation.
  5. I am not responsible for the tracking-methods used by or the content published on the referred sites.

Direct link to the shortener (without project-site):

Thank you for reading and sharing!