Breeding the Fillies

Breeding the Fillies

This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

All characters are over eighteen and clearly written to be so, as in all of my stories.


Sean huffed as he came up the steps to his home, the richly painted deck clean and fresh with a sheen of water still visible. The older stallion smiled, rubbing the back of his paw across his chin, though the weight of the day was heavy on his shoulders, rounding them a little even as he fumbled for his keys. Tina had to have been busy with the house that day, considering just how clean it was. It was good of her to step up to the plate when she was out of work but, then again, so many young folks were those days that he would never have said no to his daughter coming home to live while she sorted herself out. It was okay to need a little more help at times and having his adult daughter there, well, it was nice to have the company again, truth be told.

Yet not all was right with the world as he brushed his black mane away from the arch of his brown-bay, a little duller than it used to be, neck. There was an itch there, the change of his coat coming upon him with the shift of the seasons into Autumn, but he was soon to see that that did not mean that all others were forgetting that the time for frolicking was no longer upon them. Everyone had flocked to the beach and the grassy plains, open areas where the sun shone down strongly, with the last of the hotter days and he was surprised too, in a way, to see other cars parked in his driveway on his return home.

His ears flicked, a moan catching his ears, the stallion shuffling inside, though the flare to his nostrils was anything but dull in that moment. Sucking in needy breath after breath, he puffed shortly and sharply, his pupils dilating, a very familiar scent sinking into his senses, forcing him on, dropping his briefcase, loosening his tie -- all actions that had, once, been very familiar when life had been a little simpler. Yet it had been so long since that sweet aroma had tickled his nostrils that it was all he could do not to lunge for it, wild-eyed and snorting, a stud that needed to be ridden. Or to it were...

But the moans were what led him on, stumbling over his own hooves, though it was not just his daughter home. The scents filling his home told him that but there were other voices there, others coming together, all beyond what he could ever have imagined, blood roaring in his ears. He spun around the corner of the open living room door, the open plan area that stretched back to the conservatory at the rear of the house, and stopped dead in his tracks.

Five young ladies, his daughter's friends, he thought. That in itself was not unusual but that his daughter was on top of a deer with her legs spread, riding a dildo that was tucked into a strap-on harness as if it was the last fuck she would ever get, was something different indeed. They barely seemed to notice Sean as he stood there, grunting and snorting softly, his eyes roaming greedily, hungrily, lost in the moment.

His daughter, the mare with a black coat that she'd gotten from her mother, a white sock on her right hind fetlock from him. Her muzzle was split with a broken stripe and a spot of pink on her nose that matched his markings, although the grey was more obvious on his bay muzzle than hers. Tina threw her head back as she rode that cock for all she was worth, crying out her passion over and over, climaxing right there before them all.

A deer, a mouse, a cow, a vixen...and his daughter, of course. The vixen, the cow and the mouse were wrapped up together, making a threesome, fingers driving into respective pussies, though they shifted position so frequently that it was hard to keep up with it all. There was a dildo at play there too, that much he could tell, the vixen lapping another's juices luxuriously off her muzzle with a salacious gleam of lust in her eyes. All through it was the throbbing, tenacious rise of musk, however, the lick of it in the air drawing him in like another's paw tightening on his reins, urging him on. There was nothing he could do to resist even if wanting to had even been in the remotest corner of his mind.

Five of them in total, five that needed him, their soft musk filling the room along with their arousal, the scent of sex hanging so heavily in the air that it was overwhelming. There would have been no turning back from it even if he had been entirely in control of himself but faced with so many engaged in what appeared to be the most luxurious, erotic orgy of all time was more than his frazzled senses could contain.

"Ah... Dad..."

Tina's eyes hazed over as she met his gaze, flushed and ears splayed. Yet that was all she could get out as she spread her pussy with two fingers, showing off the throbbing nub of her clit as her marehood tried to wink even with the dildo shoved inside. It still pulsed and twitched obviously enough, however, her hips rising and rocking, wanting more even in the delirious heat of that moment. 

She moaned, shifting her hips, and he was there, groaning in the back of his throat, his paws clasping hers, though Tina pulled him in rather than pushing him away. Some part of his mind tried to tell him that he should wait, that he should slow down, but Tina already had her lips crushed to his as the other ladies crowded around. Bar the deer, of course, but she was more engaged in letting her paws roam his thighs, moaning as she rubbed her muzzle into his inner thighs, curling him and bracing her body on his to get in close enough. 

They were all over him, slipping his suit jacket from his shoulders, unbuttoning his shirt, though Sean would never quite be able to say just how he found himself naked so swiftly, their paws roaming all over as if they already knew every last inch of his body. That could not have been true but would be soon enough as they moaned for him, taking his paws and putting them on their bodies, breasts filling his paws and wet cunnies slipping over his fingers. Two digits were inside the mouse before he even realised it, hot and flushed with lust, nostrils fluttering. He could not help himself still from dragging in greedy gulp after gulp of breath full of their scent, heady with it.

Sean kissed his daughter deeply, for she moaned for him too sweetly to be denied, pinning just one of her paws back on the rug before the old fireplace as she arched up to meet him. Tina begged him, cried out for him, and yet her father would always have the pleasure of being her very first as his cock throbbed up thick and full, as hard as it had ever been. The mouse and the deer shared his cock between them, a throbbing, musky length of horse-flesh, whimpering and caressing, though their touch only served to rile him up anymore. Burying her muzzle between his nuts, she inhaled deeply, whimpering with the snatching of every breath, her hips rocking back and forth faintly as if, even then, she could not bring herself quite to contain them.

That they were all in season or heat, well... That was something that Sean had realised from the very first moment he'd set hoof in his home, his need as a stallion flaring. He'd been too caught up in finding out what was going on to pay heed to his hard cock but the young ladies did that more than for him, something whispered catching his ear that they were all virgins. His cock throbbed eagerly, pulsing and dripping pre-cum where it never normally would have, his excitement up and his blood hot for all that his body craved.

They allowed him slowly to push over his daughter, their lips touching, her legs hitching up around his hips and waist, the tip of his cock pressing to her pussy. For the first time, he felt just what it was like to have a guiding paw easing his cock into the body of another who had never before felt anything quite like him. His cock drove in, deeper with every passing second, spreading her out for the first time, his daughter's groans rising to meet his ears.

"Oh... Oh, yes... Deeper..."

As if he was going to do anything else as the young mare clung to him, her light, lithe form arching up to him, twisting with such raw energy and vigour that he wondered if it would be a struggle to keep up with her. Tina whickered out her love for him, though it was a father-daughter kind of love still now bound by something more, their bodies coming together in bliss. All through it, she sucked in breath after breath of his musky essence, the light tease of a stallion lingering around him after his work of the day. It was slight, of course, but noticeable especially to a mare in season, her hips pumping, urgency coursing through her.

There was nothing for it for all of them: they had to have him. The vixen nuzzled his neck, kissing and licking and nibbling with her sharper teeth as Sean grunted and trembled. There was no threat in the action, of course, for him, but there was still something about having a different muzzle so close, so different in its russet glow to that of his daughter's. The black mare moaned under him as his strokes found a rhythm and a pace that suited them both, deflowered but not yet bred. No longer could tiny possibly call herself a virgin while she longed to feel his cock deeper inside her, pounding her full of his seed, her lust getting the better of her as she begged incoherently for what she would have known, if she was more experienced, that she was not even ready for.

But she wanted it, lusted for it as her father's lips claimed hers, fleshy tongues tangling, sweeping luxuriously up against one another. It was all that she wanted and all that she craved as she whimpered his name over and over again, as muffled as it was, her pussy stretched and strained, his scent thick in her nose. She wanted it all, however, and not even the thought that she would be left well-bred by the end of the session was enough for her to call halt to proceedings, panting softly yet harshly at the same time. Soon, Tina would see her stomach swell with the fruit of his loins and find out just what it meant to be a mare.

The others tried their best, in the meantime, to be patient for their turn, but that only meant that Sean was treated to stroke after stroke over his balls, paws curiously squeezing, sometimes a little too hard. But that was for him to teach them and show them, leading them into the sweetness of their first sexual experience with the wisdom of an older stallion. His daughter's marehood squeezed around him, even though she was by no means in control of her own body in the heat of the moment, milking his thickness of all she was worth as she moaned into his lips.

Sean was not a stallion that wanted to hold off from that high of delight, however, thrusting and grinding, his nostrils flaring as he pounded her with long, smooth strokes, feeling out how much she was actually ready for. Her moans could have told him otherwise, of course, and yet he still had to hold back just a little, letting her grow used to his size, her wetness slickening down his shaft past the medial ring. Even that slurped into her as he softly burrowed deeper, seeking out her intimate depths, the brush of her innermost barrier leading his cock to tuck up alongside into the softer flesh where he could thrust most deeply. That was something that only an experienced lover or a lady who knew their body in delightful detail would know about and the long, guttural moan that burst forth from her lips heralded her orgasm.

Tina bucked and ground against him even as his balls were caressed and squeezed even the very base of his shaft gripped. He didn't know which of them was sliding his sheath back a little more, exposing even more of his smooth, grey-black shaft, but he wanted them all the more for it, grunting and nickering like the true breeding stud he was as his need rose and rose. There was no holding back when he knew still that there were so many of them still left to breed, giving in a series of shorter, sharper strokes, his daughter twitching and rocking up weakly to the mighty thrust of his breeding spire.

And then it came in a heady rush, his daughter nickering, seemingly in surprise, as the hot splash of his seed flowed into her, spurt after heady spurt. The musk in the air thickened, muddying their senses further, yet it was all for the better as it sent their lust spiralling, throbbing up thick and fast, his cock aching for more already. His balls churned, eager to spend every last drop that they had to give, and yet the stallion would not be wasted after just the one orgasm, snorting and already lusting for more as he grunted and yearned to thrust on. There were more, after all, waiting on his breeding prowess, even if his daughter had had her sweet first.

Muzzles and lips... His lips caressed them all, teasing and dominating, taking the lead even as the heavily in heat ladies seduced him. He didn't catch up mentally to the consequences of all that was happening, lost in breeding lust, thinking only of the next one, snorting on all fours as he buried his muzzle between the vixen's thighs. That they were in heat could only have one outcome and yet he did not stop, lapping and slurping into the fox's pussy as she moaned out loud and tried to buck up against his muzzle. A heavy paw on her lower stomach kept her in place for him, however, as he used his thick, fleshy tongue to swirl and lap at her clit, sending her into euphoria with a well-timed thrust of his fingers inside.

The mouse grappled with his cock and yet it was too large for her alone, sharing with the cow, the deer trying to get in too, though there was only so much room as their naked bodies sprawled over his legs, trying to get in place. Whiskers tickled his balls as the mouse squeaked in nearer yet it was the cow that lowed softly as she slurped the head of his cock into her mouth, though could get no further, even with his shaft half-hard. It was impossible for him to soften entirely when he had so made eager ladies around him, his lip quivering against the vixen's pussy as he thrust her with his digits and lapping tongue into another delightful high.

She rolled onto all fours for him, too caught up in the moment to care about her heat, rocking back and flipping her russet tail up, tipped with white, in open invitation. Sean snorted, the cow lapping along the length of his cock, though he had more than enough eager paws to guide him in. She was tighter than even his daughter had been, Tina lying back and idly toying with the drooling cream-pie of her pussy, merely enjoying the show. Just because she had been bred did not mean that there was not even more fun to be had in it for her, the vixen yipping loudly as he slowly eased into her, inch by soft delectable inch.

She was so tight that he had to take it slowly so as not to hurt her, for Sean was not that kind of stallion, though that gave him longer to relish in the moment and the headiness of her scent. He inhaled it in short, sharp puffs of breath that were vastly out of time with his long, smooth strokes, the vixen gripping his cock without even thinking about it. Her pussy wanted him along with the rest of her body, and he squeezed a breast in each paw, reaching around her and letting more of his weight rock down onto his knees. It was a tricky point of balance to maintain without bearing down on her too heavily, on all fours, but she moaned as if she wanted that too, hips weakly pushing back at him all over again.

He bred her slowly, not thinking about anything but the scent of her, tickling the back of his mouth, how good her folds felt squeezed around him, glistening with her juices. There was more to come still and he would have that too, lasting longer that time around without being able to pound up into driving breeding strokes, lust getting the better of him. No, he had to have it, all as he put on a show for everyone else, his tail flagged, fat and heavy balls swinging with every stroke.

He was there for them, to see them all sated, that wondrously delightful scent in the air pulling him on. There was no stopping it and Sean would not have even have wanted to try as the vixen climaxed yet again around his cock, milking him furiously with the tight grip of her slippery pussy while he spent a load inside her. His balls tugged up faintly closer to his body, a nuance that was only perceptible to the fur in question, and he grunted thickly as he lent her a load of cum, pulling out only at the very last spurts to paint her sex in an extra messy cream-pie, folds lightly strained open in the aftermath, showing off all that he had done for her.

He needed a moment that time to allow his stamina to return, though the musk and thickness of their deliriously delicious aroma would not allow him any rest, no, none at all. It drove him on like a crop and spurs, driving him to breed with the ladies, all of them, inhaling their sweetness over and over. The deer bent over before him, tail flipped up to make sure there was nothing at all covering her pussy, and he slurped into her, tongue running along her folds and burying his nose into them as he sought out her clit. Her moans carried even as one femfur swapped themselves for another under him, his cock slopping messily over the mouse's backside, though she was the smallest and most petite of them all.

"Here, I'll help..."

Tina smirked, the black mare's ears dominantly back as she guided his cock, slick with the juices of her friends, into the mouse's pussy, the small rodent trembling with need. It was a tight fit and yet easier than he would have thought to get his cock mostly into her, past the medial ring but bottoming out after that, his balls aching for relief or respite -- he wasn't sure which anymore.

Any break that could have been his to take was no longer for him as he moaned out loud, the deer grinding with raw need on his nose. Oh, he did not know how badly her heat told her that she needed to be bred, only that he was there to satisfy every last one of their urges, long into the late afternoon and night. Mad with lust, he brought her to climax after climax while he rocked into the mouse, his slow, sensual thrusts teasing her to orgasm as she whimpered and squeaked under him.

Her juices had a distinct aroma to them and he could not resist dipping his fingers around the strained join of their bodies, her folds drawn taut, for a taste. He slurped her essence off his fingers, nostrils puckering and flaring, but the deer was there still and demanded his attention, while he was flanked on either side by his daughter and the cow.

The moments stretched on as he slowly filled the mouse, squeezing another couple of inches into her as she grew more used to his size before climaxing. Yet her small body could not hold every drop of his seed and it quickly oozed out along the sides of Sean's cock, the flared head bulging up against her innermost barrier, simply unable to go any deeper. It drooled thickly from her in evidence of their breeding lust and yet the orgy was set to continue as she trembled, wanting more even while she needed to rest. Breeding, after all, was never intended to be one, continuous activity from which there was never any sense of respite taken.

The services, however, of the breeding stud were still very much in demand and Sean grunted as he was laid back, the cow sitting on his muzzle. She was curvy and voluptuous and it took only a moment of his tongue driving into her pussy, tongue-fucking her, for his paws to shoot up and massage her breasts too, lightly kneading, teasing her nipples. His shaft was bathed by two tongues at once but it was the deer who would have him next, her brown hide lightly spotted in the manner of fallow deer, though she would never bear the flat, cup-like antlers of a stag.