Bot development from Bots.Business

Bot development from Bots.Business

Do you have a good idea?

Do you want to make a bot, but not strong in development?

Order bot development from Bots.Business


  • you do not need to learn coding with BJS
  • we make the BB platform, so we understand how to make bots
  • we have a wealth of experience: mobile application development, server applications, and, of course, bot development
  • we can change our BB-platform

Cost and terms

Everything is very dependent on the complexity of the bot. It is not so easy to identify the time and cost of work.

Deadlines can be one day and several months.

The cost may be $ 10 and several thousand dollars.

The bots are very different. It's one thing to make a currency converter, it's completely different to make a store with goods.

Therefore, we first need a complete understanding of the bot.

How we are working?

Stage 1

Together with you we make a complete description of the future bot. You can give an example bot.

All the description we write in the document. This document is a Technical Task. Other name: "Requirements".

This document may consist of 3 - 30 pages.

Terms of development of requirements 3 - 20 days depending on the complexity.
Development cost: 60 - 150 USD
Need prepayment before work: 100% of development cost

After completing the work you get:

  • Document with a complete description of the bot on English or Russian (we can also translate it to another language. It is paid option.)
  • Bot development time in days
  • Bot development cost
  • Maybe: bot prototype (optional)

You are not getting a ready bot here. Only the document (Requiments document), the timing and cost of future work.

Stage 2

Сoordination with you:

  • You are reading a document. Give us comments.
  • We make changes to the document.

During 2 stage: you can make significant changes to Requiments.

Deadlines: 1-3 weeks.

Stage 3

Here we develop a bot. We do this based on the requirements.

During 3 stage: you can NOT make significant changes. All development according to the Requiments document.

Deadline: defined in previous stages

Development cost: Determined based on Requiments document

Need prepayment before work: 50% of development cost

Stage 4

You get the finished bot. Bot transfered to yours account in BB.

Bot testing. Troubleshooting.

Need full payment after work: 50% of development cost

Stage 5

Full Work Cycle


So we have 3 payment transaction:

  • Stage 1 - 100% prepayment for Requiments
  • Stage 3 - 50% prepayment for Bot Development
  • After Stage 4 - 50% - full payment for Bot Development

You can make the payment as you wish: Bitcoin, PayPal, Qiwi, YandexMoney, Western Union...

Our portfolio

Bots.Bussiness app for bot creation

Bots.Bussiness app for bot creation

Many bots in the BB Store 

Many bots in the BB Store

Public Libs

Public Libs


Question: Can you start work without Requiments?

Answer: No. It is very difficult to determine the cost and terms of work up without Requiments.

Question: Can you start work without prepayment for Requiments?

Answer: No.

Question: When i get my bot?

Answer: bot development consists of four stages:

  1. Stage 1: Requiments development
  2. Stage 2: Сoordination with you
  3. Bot development
  4. Testing

You will get a bot after the 4th stage

Question: Do you have any partnership?

Answer: Yes! Ask us about it!

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