Bodyguard - Billie Eilish Pt. 01

Bodyguard - Billie Eilish Pt. 01

Disclaimer: Clearly, this is a work of fiction. To my knowledge, none of this actually happened.

Sam was standing outside the tour bus, when he heard a crash. He immediately rushed inside, to check on his boss. Sam was 24, and this was his first big "celebrity" job. He'd been a bodyguard for 5 years, but had been contracted mostly for business men, and private events. At 6'4" tall and 265 pounds of muscle, he certainly looked the part. But it takes time to build your reputation. So when he got booked for a 3 month section of Billie Eilish's US tour, Sam was ecstatic. 

As the largest of Ms. Eilish's bodyguards, Sam was assigned to her tour bus. They wanted someone that looked intimidating, for the public face of the security detail. It also helped that he was up to date on his first aid and CPR certifications, so he would be a great first responder. Judging by the sound of that crash inside, he feared he'd be putting those skills to use. Sam rushed inside the tour bus, expecting the worst, and found Billie Eilish throwing a mild tantrum. She hadn't fallen. She'd intentionally knocked over her table.

Sam was relieved, and then slightly annoyed, that he'd come in guns blazing for something so minor. Billie looked at him quizzically, and Sam explained that he'd heard the noise, and was checking on her. She thanked him, and then seemed embarrassed that she'd flown off the handle. 

Billie was in full stage attire. Hair and makeup done. A pair of sweatpants, and a matching hoodie, that zipped in the front. Both were electric green, to match the stripe in her black hair. Both were slightly baggy, but not as much as they used to be. Since turning 18 almost a year ago, she'd been wearing things that hugged her ample curves, a little more. 

Billie had been on a whirlwind rise to fame since she was 15, and had no time for boys. She was a virgin. Before her fame, she'd made out with a few boys (and girls), but in the last 3-4 years, everything had turned crazy. She barely ever got a day off, and spent all her limited free time writing songs with her brother. But she did like the male attention she'd been getting, lately.

It was clear to Sam that something was wrong. Ms. Eilish was upset, and trying not to cry, and ruin her stage makeup. He knew he could get in trouble for getting too personal, but he couldn't help himself. He respectfully asked what was wrong. Billie reluctantly explained that she was having problems with her voice. She normally kept a few remedies around, when on tour, but had forgotten to stock up before this leg. 

Sam asked if he could send someone out to get her something for her voice. Billie explained that she went on in 20 minutes and there simply wasn't time. She handed her phone to him. On it, she'd pulled up a website with a list of throat remedies. She explained how she had nothing on the list. There were a lot of things one would expect to find on there; ginger, tea, honey, etc. Then Sam scrolled down the list. At the bottom, there it was, labeled as a desperation move. It was semen. He turned bright red, and handed the phone back to Ms. Eilish.

Billie saw Sam's embarrassment, and looked to see what on the list had turned him red. Then she saw it, and the idea struck her like lightning. Sam was attractive. He dwarfed her 5'3" frame. He was muscular, and generally handsome. A strong jawline, and deep blue eyes. Billie decided to go for it. She stepped to him, and reached for his belt buckle. He was surprised, and hesitated, but only for a brief second. 

Sam was shocked when Billie started unbuckling his pants. She did it slowly, making eye contact with him, and licking her juicy lips. Sam grew hard before she could get his belt unbuckled. His cock was throbbing, and straining against his pants, as she unbuttoned them. Sam hadn't had a date since this tour started, and was feeling the pressure in his balls. Billie got his pants down and pulled down his boxers. What sprang forth to meet her made her pause.

Billie had only seen one dick, in person. It belonged to her high school boyfriend. It was 5 inches long, and not very thick. This was an entirely different beast. Sam's cock was daunting. It was 10 inches long, and as thick as her wrist. It was huge, it was hard, it was veiny, and it was leaking pre cum. 

Billie had never given a blowjob before, but had committed to getting Sam's cum. She needed it for her throat. She started by grabbing Sam's thick cock and slowly stroking it. More pre cum leaked from the tip. She licked her lips one last time, and then leaned forward. She licked the tip of Sam's cock. She licked the head, the shaft, and licked the pre cum. She had never tried it before, but found that she liked the taste. Sam moaned, approvingly.

Billie continued, by slowly taking Sam's cockhead into her mouth. She did what she'd seen in porn, and started bobbing on his cock. She took more in with every stroke, until she hit her throat. He was barely over halfway in, when she decided there was no way she could fit the whole thing. So she jerked with her hand, while she sucked with her mouth. 

Billie realized that she'd never even attempted to swallow cum. She didn't know how much Sam was going to feed her, but knew she couldn't get any on her stage clothes, or face. It was way too close to her curtain call. So she unzipped her hoodie and slid it off. Underneath was just a bra, holding up her massive tits. With her tits exposed, she could feel Sam get harder. She had an idea that she'd always wanted to try.

Billie unclasped her bra, and let it fall away, exposing her DD tits. Then she leaned back, and put Sam's cock between them. He was in heaven, and knew what came next. He started pumping, using Billie's saliva as lube. Billie was holding her tits together, wrapped around the monster cock. She was pinching and squeezing her nipples, and licking the tip of the cock, every time it poked up through her cleavage. 

Sam kept fucking Billie's amazing tits, picking up speed. They were both on the verge of orgasm, when her phone started blowing up. Her stage manager was calling, to ask where she was. She was due on stage in under 5 minutes. But Sam knew he didn't have that much time left, anyway. He was going to blow. He warned Billie, and she stopped the titfucking, leaned forward, and buried as much cock into her mouth as possible. 

Billie stroked Sam's massive cock with one hand, while she kept the head in her mouth, her tongue working overtime. She needed his cum. This also freed up a hand, and she was able to slip it down her sweatpants, to rub her clit. She came hard, right as the first splash of cum hit the roof of her mouth. One spurt. Then another. Then another. Her mouth was filling fast. Billie started swallowing. Sam kept feeding her. Billie kept swallowing it down. This went on for what seemed like minutes. Sam had a huge load backed up, and Billie wanted it all. 

Finally, both of their orgasms subsided. Sam was still hard, and Billie's pussy was begging to be fucked for the first time. But she was late. Billie put her bra and shirt back on, and rushed to the stage. Her throat felt much better, and she performed remarkably. Sam was left there in the bus. He was still hard, and his cock wanted more Billie Eilish. He composed himself, and manned his post outside the bus. He knew there were 2 months left on this contract, and he hoped things were just getting started...