Blow Smoke Up Ass

Blow Smoke Up Ass


Blow smoke up ass blow smoke up (one's) ass rude slang To speak deceptively to one, usually in an attempt to mask true feelings or the reality of a situation. I think they're blowing smoke up my ass about giving regular raises to their employees—I couldn't find any evidence to support that claim. Did my singing sound good?
But in 18th-century England, blowing smoke up your ass was an actual medical procedure, and no, we aren’t kidding. According to Gizmodo, one of the earliest reports of such a practice took place in England in , when a woman was left unconscious after nearly drowning.
It wasn't until , when Ben Brodie figured out that nicotine was toxic, that blowing smoke up someone's ass began to be less a medical practice than an off-color idiom, but it's actually similar in principle to how we treat drowning victims today. Treating .
Meaning of Idiom 'Blow Smoke Up Someone's Ass' To blow smoke up someone's ass means to insincerely compliment someone to get something from them or get them to do something; to manipulate someone with flattery; to exaggerate about something in order to make it .
Smoke was blown up the rectum by inserting a tube. This tube was connected to a fumigator and a bellows which when compressed forced smoke into the rectum. Sometimes a more direct route to the lungs was taken by forcing the smoke into the nose and mouth, but most physicians felt the rectal method was more effective.
Smoke was blown up the rectum by inserting a tube. This tube was connected to a fumigator and a bellows which when compressed forced smoke into the rectum. Sometimes a more direct route to the.
‘Smoke’ is the key word, with its long association with deception in English and American slang. Stage magicians do it all with ‘smoke and mirrors’ – and at various times and places, to blow smoke, or blow smoke in someone’s face could mean to lie or to boast. To smoke someone could also mean to mock them, and also to expose a lie.
To blow smoke up one's ass. Today it means to compliment in a crude and obvious manner; in the past it meant to cure in a manner even more crude. As civilization advanced, the use of tobacco enemas declined. The latter, in fact, seems almost a prerequisite to the former. But for some reason, tobacco enemas made a comeback in eighteenth century.
The literal origins of the phrase ‘don’t blow smoke up my ass’ The medical kit is pretty self-explanatory Lest we become too nostalgic for days of yore, let us remember the medicine of yore!
(Newser) – These days, if someone's "blowing smoke up your butt," they're (hopefully) not doing it literally; instead, they're offering a hollow compliment.
An s medical enema device used for Blowing Tobacco smoke up the ass [HOST] tobacco smoke enema, an insufflat.
When someone is “blowing smoke up your ass” today, it is a figure of speech that means that one person is complimenting another, insincerely most of the time, in order to inflate the ego of.
When ‘Blowing Smoke Up Your Ass’ Was a Real Thing Kaushik Patowary Oct 15, 0 comments This neat little box containing a pair of bellows and an assortment of pipes and other fixtures is a Tobacco Resuscitator Kit from the 18th century, approved for use and distributed by London’s Royal Humane Society, then known as Society for the.
The phrase "blow smoke up your ass" comes from a pre-modern medical practice in which tobacco smoke is literally blown up a patient's ass.
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So ultimately, it would come down to just how much smoke was blown up your ass, and how long you held each blow within your ass, to give time for the THC to be absorbed. Fours years of biology and that's all I can do. 2. Share. Report Save. level 2. Comment deleted by .
I’ve always heard the expression “Don’t let me blow smoke up your ass” and never really knew where it came from. Do you? Through hard research (Google) I found out it was actually a medical procedure used in the eighteenth century where, literally, smoke + tobacco was blown up a drowning victim’s bum to resuscitate them! Makes perfect sense, right? Below, Stephen Fry and friends go.
No Comments on Don’t blow smoke up my ass, you’ll ruin my autopsy. William Parrish: Don’t blow smoke up my ass, you’ll ruin my autopsy. → I’m a Sagittarius, which probably tells you way more than you need to know.
The anal trumpeter in the illustration is actually using his mouth to blow tobacco smoke up the poor bastard's ass as a form of popular 18th century cure. Back then, tobacco in all of its forms was used to treat basically anything from colic to vomit, hernia, rheumatic pains, and an excess of dignity.
The phrase “blow smoke up your ass” actually has its origins in a practice from the late s, where doctors revived drowning victims by blowing smoke (typically tobacco) up their rectums. It’s easy to become so enchanted with ancient Eastern medicine that you forget there are also many ancient WESTERN medical practices with dubious.
A tobacco smoke enema, an insufflation of tobacco smoke into the rectum, i.e. as an enema, was employed by the indigenous peoples of North America to stimulate respiration, injecting the smoke with a rectal tube. Later, Europeans emulated the Americans.
The Tobacco Smoke Enema has been in continuous use for over years. While the primary users are currently (and likely to remain) politicians, unscrupulous CEOs, religious charlatans, used car salesmen, bankers, telemarketers and other rogues continue to put it to good use whenever the need arises to blow smoke up the public’s collective ass.
A different point, one would have to agree to have someone blow smoke up his or her ass, so is this a good thing, just doesn't make sense to me. dhurd. Registered User. dhurd. Post Feb 02, #8 T I begin to wonder if this has a military origin. In a military sense having "smoke blown up your ass" would possibly mean.
Verb blow smoke up someone 's ass (third-person singular simple present blows smoke up someone's ass, present participle blowing smoke up someone's ass, simple past blew smoke up someone's ass, past participle blown smoke up someone's ass) (Canada, US, slang, vulgar) Alternative form of .
Smoke and mirrors used in magic shows to trick people into not seeing reality, married the tobacco enema, and gave birth to “blow smoke up your ass.” What a lovely family. What a lovely family. The phrase came to mean ”giving an insincere compliment.”.
But in 18th-century England, blowing smoke up one’s ass was an actual medical procedure, and no, we aren’t kidding. According to Gizmodo, one of the earliest reports of such a practice took place in England in , when a woman was left unconscious after nearly drowning.
blow smoke: blow smoke (English) Alternative forms blow smoke up someone's ass Verb blow smoke idiomatic - To speak with a lack of credibility, sense, purpose, or truth; to .
What does blow-smoke-up-someone-s-ass mean? (vulgar) Alternative form of blow smoke. (verb) Dictionary! Menu. Dictionary Thesaurus Examples Sentences Quotes Reference Spanish Word Finder 4 Pics 1 Word Answers; Anagram Solver; Scrabble Dictionary.
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First of all: Try a hash butt plug, that will work since the THC has already been activated. Holy fucking shit! Time release! Second: Blowing smoke up her ass: a popular 19th century medical procedure involving inflating the rectum with tobacco smoke. It was used for general resuscitation (fainting, drowning, etc.) and female hysteria (look that one up.
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To blow smoke up someone's ass: To mislead or deceive someone. For example: "I swear I didn't rob the bank." "Are you trying to blow smoke up my ass?" meme lien que celui fourni par Rita Note added at 16 hrs 57 mins ( GMT).
One rather popular theory is that ‘blowing smoke up someone’s ass’ refers to a procedure once practiced in the premodern era of medicine. Eric Burns, The Smoke of the Gods: A Social History of Tobacco () has this: “The Aztecs and Incas were among those who practiced the rectal application of tobacco smoke.
Oct 18,  · "Blowing sunshine up your ass" is a vulgar equivalent, also expressed as "pumping sunshine," and "blowing smoke." I think "blowing smoke up your ass" has been discussed here previously, and available in the archives. Flattery, in English, can be expressed as "buttering someone up," which gets us back to foodstuffs.
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