Blockchain video platform—THWGLOBAL

Blockchain video platform—THWGLOBAL

I think each of you has already heard about the sensational blockchain technology. Today I would like to tell you how the team of THWGLOBAL project is trying to create a completely new video platform, which will be fully decentralized and will have many useful functions.

Problems of Internet creativity

Price policy. By working with campaigns of this magnitude, your terms of cooperation will mean very little, or rather a little more than nothing. You have to accept the conditions that puts you a client (campaign), so You are literally in a hopeless position. The problem is that when it comes to price designations, they are leaning far from your favor.

No direct communication with the client. Cooperating with such campaigns, you completely lose direct contact with the client, which can sometimes be very necessary in the discussion of some issues. After all, the path of getting your content into the hands of the client looks SL. image:

You sell your work to a campaign-the client contacts the campaign-the client buys your work. At the same time, he will not even know who exactly is its author, because in fact he bought it from the campaign itself.

How THWGLOBALCOIN solves these problems? 

The solution to the problem of monetization of creativity. Since the platform will be fully decentralized, anyone who creates content will be able to easily publish their work on the platform and get paid for it.

Exclusion of monopolization. The platform will not act as an intermediary, but will only be an aggregator for communication between the Creator and the customers. Each user of the platform will work exclusively for themselves, so the platform will always be present competition.

Free pricing. The pricing of the content placed on the platform will work according to the market principle. That is, the user himself / herself sets the price for his / her content based on the average price of such content on the platform. However, the user can also bid well above average if he creates some exclusive content. In short: content creators decide for how much they will sell their work.

Direct communication with the client. So the user himself publishes the content on the platform, the customer who is interested in this content can directly contact its Creator to discuss some details or offer cooperation on special terms.

THWGLOBALCOIN Token. Application and functionality

As we have already described above, THWGLOBALCOIN will release its own token, which will be the internal currency of the platform and will become the basis for creating its own economy. Let’s take a look at how the token will be applied inside the platform.

Making payments. This token will serve as a means of making payments on the platform. Tokens will be stored on users ‘ wallets, and it will be possible to conduct a transaction quickly and safely.

Licensing. It may seem unusual for a token to be used in this way, but tokens are more than just a virtual currency that can be used to pay for certain services. With the help Of the THWGLOBALCOIN token, users will be licensed, both by the author of the content and by customers. If the author of the content receives tokens, it means that its content fully meets the requirements of the customer and the platform. The presence of tokens from the customer gives him the right to use the content.

It is also worth noting that the token can also be used outside the platform. For example, trade on the stock exchange or pay for the equipment that you need to create content, buy a camera or rent a Studio. These and many other features will be provided by the THWG token.