BitcoinZ – contest game for 10 000 000 coins BTCZ

BitcoinZ – contest game for 10 000 000 coins BTCZ

BitcoinZ community


Bitcoin has no dividends — neither now, nor in the future, — that’s why it doesn’t look like shares. It’s more similar to collectibles or commodities. Satoshi Vision 

…years passed and the function of Bitcoin is determined! Bitcoin – the gold of the XXI century. It must be confessed: not now, not ever, Bitcoin won’t suit as a wide-scale payment instrument.

09.09.2017 a team of anonymous developers began their job, as Satoshi Nakamoto did before and without any financing or support of people of influence: just as “Phoenix Bird burns and revives itself” so Bitcoin must “to revive” to be that instrument that it had to be - widespread, independent, decentralized payment method.

It finally happened! BitcoinZ came into existence (Z – the last letter of alphabet. Finish line. Existing project. Which collected the very best of “previous 25” and implemented this to itself).

Watch this video for more details about BitcoinZ

BitcoinZ was created by crypto-enthusiasts to establish a coin, which fully meets the ideas of Satoshi Nakamoto. For this they did the following:

  • Implemented possibility of using of completely anonymous addresses and transactions (zkSnarks, as ZCash has).
  • BTCZ will always stay PoW + will always be mined by GPUs for maximum decentralization possible. In the frame of this concept BTCZ changed to asic-resistant algo Zhash (Equihash 144,5) and was the first, which made this change in June, 2018.
  • Maximum fair start possible: there were no premine, no ICO, there is no devfee (for example, ZCash has 20% each block developers fee).
  • Time and size of blocks were changed for the higher network transfer capacity.
  • Emission was changed from 21 mln. to 21 bln. of coins to avoid calculations with parts per million, as in case of Bitcoin.

BTCZ has existed for more than one year and reputation of the project in terms of execution of inherent ideas and concepts is perfect.

Important advantage of the BitcoinZ project is that everyone can join the team and develop an element, function or application. This is possible because of the opened code, which gives additional guarantees of the project safety – even if something extraordinary happens and the current developer’s team leaves the project, everyone can continue supporting it.

BTCZ is a project which is progressed by crypto-enthusiasts, as Bitcoin was developed before. The amount of work, which has been done within the last year is much more, comparing to the most of other projects. BTCZ team is developing the coin primarily as a payment method, as it was intended to use Bitcoin initially. Very good job is done in this direction as well.

It can be said without any exaggeration that BTCZ is a worthy project, which has obvious advantages over 90% of the projects in the cryptosphere that are pure scams.

Those people, who believe they are crypto-enthusiasts, should support this project as it’s the most fair and neutral project in the cryptosphere possible, which follows ideals and principles of genuine Bitcoin. Because BTCZ is a true cryptocurrency as it should be.

Thank you and let’s go to the contest game…

Appeal to participants: please firstly join Telegram chats: - official chat of the contest game, where you can ask for advice, ask any question and get an answer! - official channel of the contest game, where all the news will be published! - English-language chat in Telegram - Russian-language chat in Telegram

BitcoinZ – contest game for 10 000 000 coins BTCZ

Dear crypto-enthusiasts: designers, copywriters, video-makers and all people with creative way of thinking – we are inviting you to take part in a global contest game of Winter 2018-2019, organized by BitcoinZ community! Please read terms of the contest game carefully, because NO ONE will stay without a prize!



All the works are accepted under consideration starting from TODAY (20th of DECEMBER)

Goal of the contest game: promotion of BitcoinZ as a project, which is intended to be a leader in merchandise and service payments.

We created all the necessary conditions for this:

  1. Maximum low fees (0.0001 BTCZ per transaction)
  2. Wallets with convenient and well-thought interface for all type of devices.
  3. Fast transactions.
  4. "KioskZ" is developed. You can know more here:
  5. You can choose between anonymous or public transactions.

Tasks of the contest game: 

The most important in your creative work is to mention BitcoinZ! Below we are giving you the list of ideas, which you can use to take part in the contest game. You can choose one, two or more possibilities, where you have an experience or what you want to try. You can also think up something by your own.

1) You can create a video, where you will tell people about all advantages and disadvantages of BitcoinZ.

1.1 You can create a creative/funny/hype video and mention BitcoinZ. The goal of this video should be to get maximum possible views in YouTube. Everything is limited only by your own imagination and creativity.

1.2 You can create helpful video for the community: how to install the mobile wallet, how to send coins from one wallet to another etc.

1.3 You can create your personal video investigation, where you make a comparison between BitcoinZ and other crypto-currencies and tell people what are advantages of BitcoinZ over other projects.

1.4 Your own imagination, connected to BitcoinZ project (this can be a person, who tells about the project, your imagination is not limited!)

Please remember, that you are not limited only by one video, article, etc. All good competitive works will be awarded!

2) Creative works, such as: funny pictures, memes, stories, situations in our life, connected to crypto-currencies and blockchain (but don’t forget to mention BitcoinZ and its goals in the crypto-currency world).

2.1 You can create a picture/meme, which will cover recently happened news or events, which are currently under consideration. And to connect these news or events to BitcoinZ.

2.2 You can write a story or situation of life, maybe as a fairy tale or as an article. The main purpose is to make it interesting for people.

2.3 You can create a funny dialogue between well-known persons in the crypto-currency world, who discuss prospects of BitcoinZ and other crypto-currencies.

2.4 Your own imagination...

3) If you have your own YouTube channel / public pages in social networks / your own blog / site / forum, you can place advertising of our project and you will automatically be a member of participants of the contest game.

4) If you are a SMM-marketing specialist, you can create groups / public pages, connected to the project and promote them in social networks.

Determination of the winners: 

NOBODY will stay without a prize! Each member of the contest game will get BTCZ coins. Their amount will depend on your creativity and activity.

There is a list of requirements, which you can follow and get your “points”. If you fulfill the easiest, first requirement – you will get 1000 BTCZ guaranteed. By fulfilling all 5 requirements you will get a ticket to the play-off, where you will get 100 000 BTCZ coins guaranteed, as well as valuable prizes connected to crypto-currencies (you can see a list on the picture above).

Guaranteed prizes:

1 point = 1000 coins BTCZ

2 points = 2500 coins BTCZ

3 points = 10000 coins BTCZ

4 points = 25 000 coins BTCZ

5 points = 100 000 - 1 000 000 coins BTCZ + prizes from the list:

5.1 Hardware wallet (up to your choice)

5.2 Souvenir coin with BitcoinZ loge and memory card inside (there is a link to closed forum “Fount of knowledge about crypto-currencies”)

5.3 T-shirt + hoody + fitted hat (as one set) with BitcoinZ logo.

Requirements which you have to meet to get your guaranteed prize: 

1) To finish at least one contest work and to publish it at your page in social network, Twitter, YouTube channel or forum where you knew about start of this contest game (or other popular social media, where people can see your work) = 1 point

1.1 Each contest work should have hashtags:



2) To finish Item 1 and to invite three friends/colleagues/someone you know, and who are interested in crypto-currencies, to one of the official source of information about BitcoinZ project.

2.1. List of official sources of information, where you can invite your friends: - Russian-language chat in Telegram - English-language chat in Telegram




2.2 People, who you invited to BitcoinZ community must subscribe to at least one source of information, which are given above = 2 points.

3) To finish Items 1 and 2, as well as to share (hype up/promote/advertise) your work in social networks, in order it gets minimum 100 likes and 5 reposts = 3 points.