Description: Exotic car asset tokenization

Date of Token Sale: 

2018-01-31 - 2018-04-20

About the project:

This is the first platform in the world that will allow you to P2P trade fractions of exotic cars using your crypto. Owners can peg their crypto to these hard assets for protection during times of high crypto volatility.

Users will have access to this historically outperforming asset class for the first time through BitCar.

BitCar will then also seek to provide fractional ownership services to the very large automotive industry using this new decentralized blockchain technology.


  • Decentralized and Secure

BitCar will be completely decentralized once completed. It operates using Smart Contracts on the Ethereum network in order to provide a fully autonomous platform

  • Exotic Cars

team of Agents will ensure that only top end Exotics that are likely to appreciate will make it onto the BitCar Platform

Token Sale:


Hardcap: 22mln USD

Price 1 BITCAR = 0,1 USD

Accept: BTC, ETH, LTD, Fiat