BidGram : Whitepaper

BidGram : Whitepaper



We present for your attention the world's first cryptocurrency exchange in Telegram.

Become a part of the revolutionary cryptocurrency  exchange!


  • You can trade in messenger
  • Anonymity
  • Access from your phone from anywhere in the world
  • Security
  • Quick payouts
  • Low fees
  • Friendly customer support
  • Margin Trading
  • ICO projects in our exchange

Telegram client interface makes impossible to obtain any information about servers which are related to our project, this in fact excludes the possibility of hacking and losing our clients' funds. Also we use basic measures to protect our servers.

Exchange fees:

Taker: 0.25%

Maker: 0.15%

About the project. Problems that our project solves

Now we have many crypto-exchange exchanges.

However, there are a number of problems:

  • Security - many exchanges were hacked, and traders lost a huge amount of funds.
  • Inaccessibility from specific countries / regions - many people don't have access to exchanges or are forced to trade on their local exchanges, buying at inflated prices.
  • Overloaded servers - exchange begins to "lag".

How do we solve these problems?


Telegram allows us to protect against attacks that exploit the classic vulnerabilities of the Web protocol and gain access to the internal network.

In addition to the classic measures taken to protect our servers, we will have a protective layer as telegram servers. As a result, attackers will first need to gain control over the internal network of Telegram.

Access from anywhere in the world

To access the exchange, user needs a telegram account on the phone or the computer.

Anyone can't ban user for IP. In addition, for your Internet service provider, it will look like just an access to the messenger.

Availability 24 hours/day

Telegram does not allow DDOS attack to a particular project inside it. And it controls the number of requests.

To ensure access to our exchange, we will use the system of "rooms".


📌 21/12/2017 - ICO start

📌 25/01/2018 - Beta version

• During the beta testing, you can trade using demo account with not real coins. Free coins will be distributed to all participants.

• We will collect feedback and improve our product.

📌 15/02/2018 - Publishing our coin, including 5000000 coins for miners.

• Enabling withdrawal coins from accounts to external wallets.

📌 20/03/2018 - Release.

• Minimum number of currency pairs: 20. This number will constantly increase.

📌 10/04/2018 - Start of web version development.

• Those who wish can merge accounts.

BidGram coin

Cryptocurrency for ICO and further trading on exchanges.

BidGram coin owners will receive dividends.

Total:  30 000 000 coins

ICO: 25 000 000 coins


BidGram owners will receive 50% from exchange earning.

The main earnings of exchange will be received through fees, but we also plan additional features (margin trading and ICO) to increase the profits of our exchange.

When we'll add any new features that entails the increase of profit, 50% will always go to dividends for BidGram owners.

Every 1 day of the month BidGram coins owners will receive their dividends depending on the number of BidGram coin.

You will receive dividends in coins, which our project will receive as fees from trading.

Thus, we can say that BidGram coin is not only a new cryptocurrency, but also an analog of "shares" for the announced project. Investing during the ICO can pay off not only by increasing the price of the coin, but also through dividends.

The increase of BidGram coins price will be related not only with the market situation, but with volumes of trading on our exchange.

To obtain instant profit, coins owners can sell their coins in any exchange.


ICO calendar

  • 21/12/2017 | 1 BidGram - 0.000005 btc

Amount: 3750000 BidGram

  • 11/01/2018 | 1 BidGram - 0.0000075 btc

Amount: 8750000 BidGram

  • 12/02/2018 | 1 BidGram - 0.00001 btc

Amount: 12500000 BidGram

  • 20/03/2018 | Finish

During the ICO you can receive BidGram coins only in our telegram bot: @BidGramBot (

BidGram coins owners will have access to the development process.

ICO affiliate program

Invite your friends and get  5% BidGram coin of the amount that was bought by your friends.

The affiliate link you can find in our telegram bot: @BidGramBot (


Telegram support: @BidGramSupport (