Beware Of These "Trends" Concerning Personal Injury Lawyer

Beware Of These "Trends" Concerning Personal Injury Lawyer

Types of Personal Injury Compensation

If you suffered an injury as a result of the negligence or misconduct of another party You may be entitled to compensation. Consult a personal injury lawyer near you to find out more about the potential damages you could be awarded.

In personal injury cases, there are two types of damages that may occur: non-economic and economic. This article will examine these two categories and explain how they impact the amount that you are entitled to for compensation.

Economic Damages

A person could be entitled to financial damages when they are injured in an accident. These damages can include medical expenses, lost earnings and property damage.

Often, these kinds of injuries can be quite costly especially in the event of serious injuries. This is because they will require extensive treatment. After recovering, patients may need to pay for mobility equipment or prescription medications.

These expenses can quickly grow and it is crucial to keep receipts. These receipts will allow you to demonstrate the true value of your losses and increase your compensation.

Other forms of economic damages in personal injury cases comprise lost wages and future income. The reason for this is that victims can be out of work for months, weeks, and even years following an accident. In personal injury attorney mission of compensation must reflect the amount the victim would have earned had they not been in a position to work.

If a person is disabled or someone in the family dies in the aftermath of an accident, the victim may be entitled to compensation for services related to life. These include nursing, home health and physical therapy.

Many people need assistance with the same tasks they did prior to their accident. This includes house chores, driving a car taking care of the outdoors and taking care of the family member who is dependent.

An attorney may be able provide receipts or bills, as well as other evidence to prove the value of these items in these instances. They may also engage experts to testify on the value of these damages.

The amount of these damages could vary greatly based on the circumstances of the accident and the needs of the victim. A jury will usually consider numerous factors when determining damages.

Some examples of these damages could include:

Pain and suffering

This award is typically given to those who have suffered serious injuries who have suffered emotional or physical injuries as a result of the accident. These awards could be small (a few dollars for suffering) or large (millions in the event of wrongful death).

Emotional distress

This type of damage compensates victims for emotional stress caused by an injury. This can include anxiety, depression, and loss in enjoyment.


This could be given to the person who has been injured and has been permanently disfigured as a result of the accident. It is a costly procedure because many people require surgeries and other treatments to repair or remove disfigurements.

Loss of the consortium and companionship

The purpose of this damages award is to provide compensation for the loss suffered by loved ones as a result. This is especially important for victims who have dependents or children.

The award of non-economic damages is a separate part of the legal system from economic damages, and it is much more rare. Non-economic damages may be subject to a higher burden of proof, however they are typically more difficult to value than economic damages, and they are not subject the same restrictions.

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