Best digital marketing company in Bhubaneswar for SEO services

Best digital marketing company in Bhubaneswar for SEO services


So the first thing that I want to do is I want to actually go ahead and edit this image. We can just. This is a great looking image we're gonna do a coffee shop like a cute coupon for a coffee shop or something like that. And this is a great image to start off with. One thing that I like digital marketing company in bhubaneswar is that I've given I picked an image that had a lot of negative space up top. So our focus is a little bit below the middle line. And then there's a lot of empty space up top that we can use like say for the Pinterest graphic. This is a nice big image.

So when we stick it into these artboards we can resize it and we don't have to use the whole image. We can use maybe half of the cup or just a square of this image so you'll see how that works. But before we begin let's go social media marketing companies ahead and just do a little editing to it and I'm not going to get too deep into this. You can take it as far as you want to. I'm going to click on the original photo layer and that's under our original art board and let's go ahead and just apply a filter to it so you can see how this works. So go down to the layer adjustments button at the bottom click on that and we're going to do a very simple one called color.

Look up we're going to click on that and what this does is it actually gives us the ability to apply these premade looks and presets to our image that looks great. And we don't have to do a whole lot of tweaking. So we'll go digital marketing company in bhubaneswar up to the top and under the first option click on that dropdown and you'll see we have different ones here. Bleach bypass we click on that and bleaches out the image. We have crisp warm which gives it a nice warm feel. We have a c drop blues so it gives a kind of blue color and then we have all these other different ones that we can do. So you can pick any of these that you want.

I'm just gonna go with a crisp warm for now. And what that does is it just warms up the image. So if we turn the visibility of that adjustment layer on and off inside of the document you can see the digital marketing company in bhubaneswar difference so here's the original. And then there's a crisp warm it just really makes the image pop it looks like it's a little more saturated and all of those reds and ambers and yellows definitely get pulled out in the image and looks good. If it's too much you can go to the opacity inside of the layers panel and you can turn that down. So if we go to zero you see the original and then we can bump that up to whatever we like.

So if the percent is a little too much maybe we can go down to around percent or so and then we can turn that on and off to see how it looks. So I like that it gives it a nice warm feel. Now you digital marketing company in bhubaneswar could continue adding different adjustments to this if you would like to. You could add in levels or you could add in curves or whatever you wanted to do to make this image look really good. And using proper graphic design techniques to make the image pop a little more. I'm just gonna go ahead Stop.

I'm not going to worry about this too much. I want to go ahead and group these together so that when I move them into the other artboards they stay together. Now one thing I want to be digital marketing company in bhubaneswar aware of is that if I add anything underneath this color lookup adjustment layer here it will affect everything below it. And that might not be what we want. If we add in some say a white text and it falls underneath this it's going to create a problem because it will actually color it for us. We only want the color look up to affect the layer directly beneath it not all of the layers. So we only want to affect the original photo. So to do that all we have to do is hit the hold down the altar or option key on MAKO SLC option key on Windows see Aki.

 And when we hover between the two layers you will see the cursor change to a square with a down arrow. If we click you will see that that arrow is now added to this layer and it's only affecting digital marketing company in bhubaneswar the layer directly beneath it. And that's really what we want that ways if we add anything else it won't affect that we just want it to affect this photo. Now with that layer selected go ahead and hold down shift and then hit the original photo layer so that they're both highlighted and then go to the top and go to layer and then go down to group layers.

You can control G on Windows or command G on Mac OS and it's going to group those together. So this is in a folder if we click on the dropdown we'll see the color look up in the original photo so we can digital marketing company in bhubaneswar double click on the group and just give it a name. So I just called it original image group and it has our color look up in our original photo. So now what happens is if I go to the move tool and make sure that we have groups selected in the options bar I can move this folder and they'll move everything with it for me.