Best Wearable Tech And Fitness Gadgets 2017

Best Wearable Tech And Fitness Gadgets 2017

Denny Farhan

With the course of time technology has become a smaller, integrated and smarter in every aspect, tech wearing these days has become kind of a new trend. It may be either even apparel, smart watches and many others these tech wears are usually preferred to keep track on the fitness levels of our bodies.

1. Withings Steel HR

This HR edition is a kind of stylish accessory for the wrist which can be worn while tracking steps, swimming, running as well as sleep can be tracked automatically. It has also got various features which include analog activity which synchronizes to the smartphone. It can be synced to Android or iOS in order to find out in depth details which would motivate one to stay active. This function smoothly as it has got a month battery capacity in it as well as it is water-resistance.

2. Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit’s has introduced their latest product which is a wrist-wear. It is kind of package which consists of some instant updates which are received by the user instantly as compared to the Fitbit Charge 2. The Alta HR isn’t just keeping a note of doing daily exercise. It also measures as well as helps to improve sleeping habits, They are also working towards coming up with new innovations which will be called as Sleep Stages and Sleep Insight. Sleep Insights will use the data which will offer a personalized assistance on how one can improve sleeping habits and tips for maintaining the healthy lifestyle.

3. JBL UA Sports Wireless Heart Rate Headphones

The UA Sports Wireless Heart Rate Headphones are the ones which can be connected to the platform which would act like a free Record. This app’s main function is to keep a track on your daily workouts and it would pull out a detailed performance report. It also provides you with updates such as distance covered, pace, heart-rate zones and heart rate which can help one to improve in their workout sessions.

As there are lots of gadgets available in the market, at times it becomes difficult to choose the best for yourselves.

4. Under Armour Gemini 3 RE smart shoes

If in case you are not interested in buying expensive wearables, there higher chances of the devices getting damaged soon or you might lose them during you do a workout. If you take an instance of Under Armour Gemini 3 RE, the device is attached to the shoes. This kind of unique devices for sports clothing company had included a tracker which is placed in the shoes, thus there is no need for a smartwatch to monitor the data. This device also consists of the accelerometer which helps to monitor the running metrics also there is a Bluetooth device which would help to save the data even when the app is not in use.

5. Myontec Mbody connected shorts

Myontec Mbody connected shorts are not only just kind of wearable but it is designed for cyclists, and triathletes as well as duathletes this helps to calculate the load of the muscle along with the heart rate, which would also include speed, cadence, and distance and it is also has got MCell Smart. It is available for both Android devices and iOS. These Mbody shorts are connected to live app of Mbody which is sync with your mobile devices.

6. Coros smart bicycle helmet

A cyclist who would perhaps want from his or her bicycle is the helmet which can be built in Corps, a kind of a smart helmet. No longer you need to take a risk for life by wearing earphones when you on streets. The bicycle helmet is a kind of a bone as one can safely tune themselves to their favorite music when they ride along with GPS directions.

7. Zepp

Zepp is a different kind of device used in sports for training. This device is not worn by the sportsperson rather it will be placed in the instrument which you will be using. The device tracks each and every sensor throughout the time you are playing a particular game. For instance, the football sensor, which got lately launched, can easily track loads of distance, kicks, top speed, sprints and many other details.

8. Tom Tom Spark 3

Through GPS, one can monitor and timing of the tools which is usually used by track fitness. The TomTom Spark 3 is considered to be a wearable which can be opted if you don’t want to opt for Apple Watch. It is usually used by the cyclists, runners, and the time when you hit a gym. Spark 3 also helps users to monitor action which happens at every sprint they do. It calculates the step and also observes the time taken to do the activity, distance which was covered as well as a number of calories which got burned.

9. Wahoo Fitness ELEMENT

If in a case of cycling interest you are a lot and dedicatedly track your rides then you should prefer Wahoo Fitness’ ELEMENT which is actually an ideal companion. This device can be placed in the handlebars of the cycle along with the GPS which can also be attached. So you need to depend on your phone to guide about the distance you need to cover and so as the directions. This device also comprises of features of Smart Bluetooth and also has a capacity to which has got special sensors placed inside it to monitor heart rate.

10. Apple Watch (Series 2)

It is very apparent that one would surely go for Apple Watch (Series 2) as it has got popular sets wearable available across all ranges available in the market. The other valid reason one should opt for this it is the best fitness gadgets. This device has also got Built-in GPS along with the capacity of two times brighter which was even better than the previous version. These features that help you stay active, motivated and helps to perform well and also enables you to perform better in your next workout.