Best Ways to Use Animation in an Online Marketing Programme  

Best Ways to Use Animation in an Online Marketing Programme  

Michael J. Williamson

In the world of marketing, you have to stay at the top of your game to get the attention of your potential customer. Over the past few years, the internet has become the battlefield for grabbing the attention of the customers. With the market being highly competitive, it is of utmost importance that you stand out from the rest of your competitors.

Using animation in a marketing campaign has proven to be quite a successful formula. But you need to remember that you are not the only one who is using animation in their online marketing programmes. Thousands of your peers are doing the same. This calls for a more judicial application of animation. You need to be creative about it, and to help you figure how to do the same, we are bringing before you some of the best ways of using animation in an online marketing programme. So, hop on this creative train and let sparks fly.

How to Creatively Use Animation in an Online Marketing Programme?

To create a distinct online marketing campaign is easier said than done. You need to let your creative juices flow to grab the eyes of your audience. Sometimes, it is a fine line between overdoing it and not doing enough. Animation allows you to keep things lively and exciting with its various implications in the field of digital marketing. So, feel free to experiment with the following ways:

Motion Graphic Videos

Another way to appeal to your target audience on a digital platform is through motion graphic videos. It is not a completely new concept, but with the advancement in technology, it has become more dynamic in recent years. This is why more and more students are now taking up animation courses to learn the nuances of technology so that they can implement them in their work.

These videos are presented by combining various colourful graphics and diagrams so that an illusion of motion is created. This is also a great way to condense a lot of information in a concise format. The compelling motion graphic videos help in putting your message across effectively without wasting a lot of time.

Email Marketing

One of the key pillars of digital or online marketing is networking. If you want your message to be heard, then you have to make sure that your networking skills are efficient. Keeping in mind this aspect, you can bring your marketing strategies to something as simple and basic as email.

We all use email and probably spend a considerable amount of our time checking our inbox. So, why not utilize that for promoting whatever we want to promote? This is why we suggest you use animations in your email marketing. For instance, just imagine that you have to announce a huge sale at the end of a season. So, instead of sending the same age-old generic text message to your target customers through email, why not make it a bit more dynamic by using animation?

This is a smart way of outlasting your competitors. Remember, you not only have to work hard, but you also need to work smart. So, replacing those textual emails with animated GIFs is something that is easy to execute, yet great in appeal and profitable in return.

Animating Your Website

Your website is the hub of your brand. All your important personnel related to your business, be it your target audience or your investor, get an impression of you and your brand through your website. So, it is a smart idea to ensure that your website speaks to your audience.

Animation can play a huge role here. The outlook of your website will change for the good if you incorporate a few changes to it. For instance, you can keep a short animated introductory video that will tell the audience about your website whenever they visit it. Let’s be honest! We all are bored of reading the mundane ‘about us’ section that is filled with texts. Nobody has got the time and patience in this age to do those enthusiastically. So, give them a break by just making sure that they need to watch an animated video to get to know you. We are certain that this would be something that will catch their attention.

A lively animated logo design can also bring about a huge change to your website. Giving animated icons to each sub-page of your website will help retain the attention of your target audience and thereby will make sure that they remember you.

3D Animation

We have to start with 3D animation because there is nothing like adding depth to your online marketing campaign and 3D animation helps in adding an extra layer of dimension to your content, making it seem more relevant and lively.

Whether you are in the business of medicine, construction, real estate, infrastructure or architecture, you would have to make your presentations be more real so that your audience, be it your customers, industry peers, or employees, get a more in-depth view of your ideas, products, and services. 3D animation helps in elevating the depth of a particular subject, which is why it is regarded so valuable in advertising.

Whiteboard Animations

Whiteboard animations refer to illustrations that are usually drawn by hands. These animations are used for imparting difficult and cryptic messages in simple layman form.

One of the reasons why it is heavily used in a digital marketing campaign to promote goods and services is because of its feasible nature. That’s right! If you are working on a shoe-string budget, then we highly recommend you this type of animation. You can combine it with a voiceover to communicate the concept of your products and services to your intended audience. Take it as a way of story-telling. This is a classic example of how a simple idea can be executed with the assistance of new-age modern technology.

So, play around with animation and give your online marketing campaign the much-needed makeover and see what positive changes it brings along with itself.