Best Virtual Mailbox Services – TOP-9

Best Virtual Mailbox Services – TOP-9

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Hello everybody! My name is Barry. I am an internet marketing specialist, full-time traveler, and I’m I have decided to share my personal experience with readers of my blog. All of my projects are based in the U.S., while I spend a lot of time in other countries. That is why virtual mailbox became my best friends since I use this service all the time. I use it to scan and forward my mail to anywhere in the world and I can even deposit checks using my virtual mailbox account.

To choose the most suitable for myself, I have assessed different virtual mailbox providers, learned about their pros and cons. I currently use Traveling Mailbox and consider it the best virtual mailbox service, but in this article, I will talk about 5 other virtual mailbox providers which I consider as one of the best. I hope my experience will help you to choose truly the best virtual mailbox and mail forwarding service.

My Honest Reviews of Virtual Mailbox Services

Traveling Mailbox

I recommend it!
The Best fot Travelers.

Traveling Mailbox is one of the best mail forwarding service today. It offers 5 different plans tochoose depending on your needs and budget. With all accounts it offers freeunlimited cloud storage and mail shredding. I would recommend this service for those who is planning to use mail forwarding service often because traveling mailbox has great shipping rates.

$15-159 USD monthly

PostScan Mail

I recommend it!
The Best in Security

PostScan Mail is another virtual mailbox provider with almost 400 locations in the US and in Canada, Czech Republic, and Switzerland. It has a convenient app available on iOS and Android, thanks to this app you will always have access to your postal mail with immediate notifications. With PostScan mail you can add more than one user to your virtual mailbox account for additional fee, there is no need to get multiple subscriptions.

$15-35 monthly

Anytime Mailbox

I recommend it!
The Best for All.

Anytime Mailbox is probably the most international digital mailbox provider. It has locations all over the worlds including Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Anytime Mailbox offers one of the cheapest services on the market with a good value for that price. Personally, I like Anytime Mailbox because it is very flexible with locations, cheap, plus very convenient to use thanks to their advanced app available on iOS and Android. Moreover, they have physical locations where you can pick up your mail in person. In my ranking Anytime Mailbox is at the top because its comprehensive, very easy to useand it has allnecessary features for users

$6-$40 USD monthly

Earth Class Mail

I recommend it!
The Best for Business.

It is another decent virtual mailbox provider. This service has the most advanced features for those who need a virtual address for their online businesses. It offers automated check deposit service and integrations with QuickBooks, Xero,, Dropbox, Google Drive, and others. Besides, it has the largest US based address collection for different states.

$69-179 monthly


iPostal1 is one of the biggest virtual mailbox providers in the US with over 2000 locations domestic and international. Also, they offer virtual offices subscription with extra features for business, entrepreneurs, and startups. It has 3 plans to choose: individual personal account, business account, and virtual office account. iPostal1 shipping rates are quite affordable and they offer package consolidation service to help you safe money on shipment.

$10-70 monthly

Virtual Post Mail

Virtual Post Mail provides users with a commercial business address, not a PO box to receive your mail and packages. Their check deposit service is very simple and convenient. Whenever you get a check in your mailbox, simply request to have it deposited into your bank account. In case you need to register your organization, their addresses are accepted. Moreover, this is one of a few mailboxes who offer free registered agent service at all locations.

$20-90 monthly

Benefits of Virtual Mailboxes

Convenient Service.

A virtual mailbox allows you to have access to your postal mail from anywhere in the world. You can check it whenever you want using any device with internet. It safes a lot of time, energy, and reduce stress level because there’s no need to stay in line, and worry about missing documents.

Mail and Package Forwarding.

Easily forward your mail and packages to anywhere in the world. Moreover, if you have a lot of items coming to your address, you will be able combine all packages and send it as one to safe money on shipping.

Check deposit Service.

Deposit any check you get to your bank account. Some mailboxes also offer fully automated check deposit service. That means they automatically deposit your checks weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Business Address.

Virtual mailbox business address is useful for home-based businesses, small enterprises, startups whodo not have a physical presence yet but need it to register an LLC or corporation. Using your home address is another option, but this will put your privacy at risk since your address will be publicly accessible. Besides, a real business address will make you look more legitimate and professional.

Registered Agent Service

Some digital mailboxes offer registered agent service with their locations. It is super convenient if you’re using virtual mailbox for business use. With registered agent service you will have same-day access to all your legal documents that will give you more time to review it and respond to them.

Security and Privacy

With virtual mailbox all your documents, letters are kept under the highest security. In the USA all providers have to follow USPS rules to keep user’s information safe and secure.


What is a Virtual Mailbox?

Virtual mailbox is a special service that provides you with a real street address that you can use to receive physical mail or packages, even if you are abroad. It allows you to have access to all your mail via any device with internet.

How does it work?

First, you need to choose a virtual mailbox provider, after that choose a plan and location you desire. After that you must fill out the USPS Form 1583 and notarize it. Once you have done it, you can start using your virtual mailbox. All your postal mail and packages will be securely received at your new address. Whenever a new mail arrives, you will get an immediate notification on your phone. From where you can decide what to do with it: open&scan, forward it, schedule a local pickup, or recycle it.

How to choose virtual mailbox provider?

Deciding which virtual mailbox to choose may seem like a difficult decision, but there are plenty of great companies out there. Personally, I prefer Anytime Mailbox because of their outstanding customer service and low-cost fees.

To choose the right provider you need to identify what services you need and what budget you have. Once you know this, choosing the right provider will be easy for you. I recommend considering these factors whenever you’re choosing an account:

  • Monthly fees
  • Real street address or a PO box
  • Mail&package forwarding
  • Mobile app availability
  • Check Deposits
  • Package&mail storage
  • Shipping rates

What is USPS 1583?

In the USA, the USPS is responsible for how mail is received and handled. Also, the U.S. Postal Service dictates needed procedures for CMRAs (commercial mail receiving agents -virtual mailboxes). The USPS Form 1583 is needed to authorize a CMRA to receive and manage mail on the customer’s behalf.

When you are signing up for a virtual mailbox account with any provider, you mustcomplete the USPS Form 1583 and notarize it. It is a simple and fast procedure that will allow virtual mailbox companies to handle your postal mail.

Who Should Consider a Virtual Mailbox?

Full-time travelers. If you are constantly on the way, you should think about your mail as well. Relying on your friends and family can be tricky because they might miss some of your mail or get tired from constantly sorting out it for you.That is why virtual mailbox is an ideal solution for long-term travelers.

Home-based business or small enterprises. If you are running an online business from your home office, a digital mailbox would be a smart choice for you. Whenever you want to register your LLC,it is always better not to use your personal address because of privacy reasons. Using business virtual address instead will create a more legitimate and professional look for your customers.

Expats. Virtual mailbox is useful for those who live, and work oversees, but want to have a physical mailing address in the US for billing, taxes, etc.

Digital nomads. Nomadic living is becoming a new reality for many in 2021. Virtual mailing address gives them an ultimate freedom to travel and work remotely without being worried about postal mail piling up. Sing up for an account and get an access to your physical mail from anywhere in the world.

About my Best Virtual Mailbox Ranking

I have created this review by using opinions of various bloggers (, information from reliable resources (,, and of course my personal experience with virtual mailboxes. Primarily, this ranking is relevant for the American users. Other countries might have their own leaders in virtual mailbox service, but some providers (including Anytime Mailbox) have addresses not just in the USA, but also in other countries including Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

I hope my ranking will be helpful for everyone who is new to virtual mailbox technology, and even for those who is using it for a long time. On my page you will find answers to all frequently asked questions and you will find detailed information with prices for the most popular virtual mailbox providers. I’m waiting for your questions in the comments. I’ll try to answer as quickly as possible!

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