Best Sad Private Story Names for Snapchat

Best Sad Private Story Names for Snapchat

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Snapchat is a platform which is accessed by a lot of users and is very popular among users for its unique and exciting features? Snapchat private stories are one such feature of snapchat that people like a lot. 

In the private stories, you can limit who can see your story and who can’t by setting them to the private option and the fun part is that you can give your private story names to make it more interesting.  

In this blog, we are going to suggest you some good private story names which you can use for your stories and make them interesting for their users. 

You can try out the story names which suit the story you are putting up, like if it is something fun then you can use funny private story names so that people can have an idea about the story type. 

Best Depressed Story Names for the Users – 

There are some people who want to know some sad names which they can use for their stories and if you also want to know this then here are some of the sad private story names for snapchat that you can use for your story. 

  • Despondent league 
  • Hopeless soul 
  • Glum tales
  •  Defeatist patrol 
  • Unhappy 
  • Moments of sorrow 
  • Anguish alliance 
  • Sadly madly 
  • Tears of blood 
  • Cold morning 
  • Despair in heart 
  • Cry baby 
  • Lonely person 
  • Broken heart 
  • Pessimistic soul 

So, there are some of the best private story names for guys as well as girls which you can use.

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