Best Hacking Apps Android You Need To Learn Before You Hit

Best Hacking Apps Android You Need To Learn Before You Hit

Best Hacking Apps Android

Just as it was a while ago with email, now many are interested in knowing how to hack WhatsApp or other instant messaging apps , and the same goes for social networks, mainly Facebook. Surely many of you have received some kind of promotion in which they promise you to hack WhatsApp from whoever you want to be able to spy on their conversations . And surely some of you have ever gone to Google to find some method to do it, or at least to see if it is possible or not.

But let's not fool ourselves. This type of advertising that reaches us in the spam tray of the mail or directly to the WhatsApp from some unknown number, or that we can easily find on any website while we are browsing, are gross scams . Anything like "on this page they hack WhatsApp in two minutes", "with this application you can hack WhatsApp of whoever you want", or campaigns of similar caliber, simply pretend to waste our time, and in most cases, money .

So, is it possible to hack WhatsApp and spy on conversations?

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Spying WhatsApp conversations is possible

Yes. Spying on conversations outside WhatsApp is possible , but we will always need access to the phone of that person we want to spy on, even if they are a few seconds. The easiest method is through WhatsApp Web, since with the QR code we can activate it quickly in our browser . This logically has its limitations, and for WhatsApp Web to work, we must keep the mobile phone connected . Therefore, at the moment when the mobile phone is turned off or simply run out of coverage, we can no longer use WhatsApp from the computer.

WhatsApp Web 2

No, you can't hack WhatsApp

For the average user, it is not possible to hack WhatsApp if we understand the fact of exploring and searching for the limitations of a code or a machine, or the action of breaking into or forcing a computer system or a network, such and as Wikipedia indicates .

This does not mean that there are people capable of doing it, in the same way that they are able to steal passwords or manage at will systems of government organizations that are fairly safe. But what we want to reach is that there is no simple method, much less, by which any user who wants to can hack anyone's WhatsApp and read their conversations from the sofa at home.