Best Friend’s Wife

Best Friend’s Wife


Samantha was a total and complete knockout, a perfect ten, and in today’s language a MILF. In other words Samantha was a fucking wet dream. If she was coming with us I wanted to go to a water park, a nude beach, or a long walk in a warm light rain. Well the nude beach was out of the question and the warm summer rain only happened once but it was a memory that would last for a lifetime. Samantha’s white T-shirt and white bra got soaked, right to her skin. That bra was not very thick and did nothing to hide her dark areolas and hard nipples. Her tight yellow shorts got wet too. Her pink thong panties became visible and her dark pubic hair did too. It was the most erotic thing that I had ever seen. I lusted after her that day and ever since.

As too the water parks it was easy to talk Jimmy Junior into it, after all he was five and loved the big slides. I on the other hand enjoyed watching Samantha in her bikini going down the slides right after him to assure his safety. Big Jim was always off chasing some teenager in a really small bikini hoping for a show. I was pleased with the show before me. I played lifeguard and took the occasional picture…especially whenever Samantha was about to hit the pool of water at the bottom. I had some very nice pictures of her. Three of them were when she lost her top. They are without a doubt my favorite pictures of her.

Junior got out and ran around to go down again.

Samantha walked up to me. She was dripping wet. She looked amazing. Then she asked, “Do you still have those pictures of me when I lost my top two summers ago?”

I replied, “Yes, I treasure them.”

She laughed and said, “I bet! It is more likely that you jerk off to them.”

She looked down at my cock as it started to swell in my swim trunks. Thank heaven for the tight inner lining holding things in place.

Samantha said, “Get your camera ready. I’ll be down in a few minutes.”

I watched her ass sway as she walked away. She hadn’t gotten all that far away when she turned to look at me over her shoulder as I clicked the picture. She smiled and kept walking.

I’m not sure what she did, but somehow she loosened the ties on her top. Normally when she came down the water slides she would cross her arms over her breasts to protect her top. That time however, when she came down her hands were at her sides. I had changed over to video and got her coming down the slide at my closest possible setting, which was only 5x. The water hit her crotch and then it removed her bikini top. When Samantha came up for air she stood there topless looking at me and smiling. She tried to cover her breasts with one arm while looking around for her top. She found it and walked closer to me with it. She leaned over putting her breasts in the water as she slipped the top strings over her head. Then she stood up facing me as she pulled the bikini cups over her nipples to tie it in the back. A final adjustment and she reached for my hand so that I could pull her up out of the water.

Samantha smiled at me and asked, “How was that?”

I told her that I had it all on video right from the beginning to the very end.

She said, “Good! I hope you enjoy it. Don’t tell my husband about it. He just might try to kill you.”

It was just about lunchtime so we caught up with Junior and then found Jim. Jim asked me if anything good had happened so I told him about three college girls. He had seen them too. They were all dressed in bright pink bikinis. While we ate our cheeseburgers those three college girls walked by. Jim grabbed Junior and followed them.

Samantha said, “Well we are finally alone. We might have a whole hour to ourselves. Do you want more pictures like before? I’ll pose for you. Lets go.”

She took my hand and headed off in the direction away from the major activities. On one end was a picnic area that got very little use. People weren’t interested in a picnic; they were there for the water slides. The few people that we did see saw us holding hands and just smiled at us.

We walked so far that we actually found the outer perimeter fence. We found three big willow trees with branches that hung down to the ground. It was a perfect hiding place. Someone would have to come inside with us to see us.

Samantha said, “We can’t stay here all day so you can skip the foreplay.”

I watched as Samantha untied the back string of her bikini top and lifted it up over her head. The view just kept getting better and better, especially with her at eye level with me. I reached out to grab one of the strings at her side that was tied. She didn’t move a muscle other than to smile sweetly. I gave the string a tug but nothing happened.

Samantha said, “I double knot them. It helps prevent Jim and Junior from tugging on them and embarrassing me in public.”

I said, “But your top came off.”

Samantha laughed and said, “I know. I told you beforehand that it would. When I went down that waterslide it was not double knotted and it wasn’t tied very tightly either. I’m lucky that it stayed on that long.”

She hooked her thumbs into both sides and pushed down. Her bikini bottoms were stuck in her slit and made her tug harder to get them out. She wiggled and then they fell to her feet. Then she stepped out of them and stood before me naked.

Samantha said, “When I came up out of that water I could feel a hundred pair of eyes on me but all I wanted were yours. I actually had an orgasm while you were taking my picture, or as I now know, video taping me.”

I dropped my trunks and was standing before her sporting a pretty nice erection.

Even though she had requested no foreplay I just could not pass up the opportunity. I held her and kissed her as I worked my hands over her back and butt. She was a very good kisser. Her lips were soft but firm, they were parted just enough, and her mouth tasted sweet.

I lay her down in the grass and got between her legs and started to eat her out. My tongue was making oral love to her pussy and it was a hundred times better than any woman that I had ever tasted before. Samantha was made of sugar and spice and everything nice. She was quick to orgasm and I just knew that she was as excited as I was.

I moved up her body kissing her nipples as I went. Her knees were bent, her hand was on my cock, and she was aiming it where she wanted it…right straight at her love tunnel.

We both knew how excited I was and after a few thrusts she said, “Do it! Just do it!”

Well I sure didn’t need an engraved invitation. I gave her a few more thrusts and started to cum inside of her.

Samantha hugged me tightly and said, “I can feel it. Give it all to me. I want it all. Oh God! There I go again.”

I felt her shiver under me.

I squirted a few more times in her as she kept saying, “Oh God! Oh God! I just knew that you would be this good!”

I replied, “I just knew that you would be this good too!”

She squatted near the tree trunk and tried to push as much of my cum out of her as she could. A big white gob was followed by a strong stream of yellow piss. I just loved to watch a woman pee.

I pulled up my trunks and watched her pull up her bikini bottom. Then she slipped her top over her head and covered her breasts before tying it. I laughed and said, “You have it on inside out.”

Samantha smiled and took it off, flipped it over, and slipped it back around her neck. Then she tied the back. I kissed her one last time before we walked out from under that tree.

We were back in the thick of things when Samantha found a lady’s room to go into. Instead she told me to get my camera ready again and went toward the big waterslide. This time when she came down I was filming her as she pulled her bikini bottom off to one side as she hit the pool at the bottom. I had to smile as I realized that she had just given herself a douche.

She came up to the surface, adjusted her bottom, and waved as she called out, “Hi Jim I’ve been looking for you.”

I turned to see Jim and Junior coming toward me. Once again she raised her hand up to me and I helped her up out of the water.

It had been a very long day when we headed home. My car was parked in front of their house so I thanked Jim for a wonderful day. I offered to help him carry Junior into the house but opening the door was enough. We watched him carry the exhausted sleeping boy up to his bed.

Samantha turned toward me and kissed me as she slid my hand down into her bikini bottom.

She whispered, “I want to see you again just as often as we can. You make me feel like a desirable woman again.”

I poked around in her wet hole and then I tickled her sensitive clit for a minute. I succeeded in giving her another orgasm before we broke our kiss and I headed toward my car.

God! What a woman!