Best Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday VPN sales for 2020

Best Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday VPN sales for 2020

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are two major shopping days that arrive each year in late November, after U.S. Thanksgiving Day. Traditionally, these are the best times to find and take advantage of online sales of all kinds of products.

VPN subscriptions are very special.

During these two days (sometimes extended to a week or more depending on your service provider), you get the best VPN deals of the year. These are usually much better than the standard VPN coupons and sales you’ll see at other times.

I like to save money. That’s why they spend a lot of time every November researching the best VPN deals.

For myself, I’m looking for discounts from suppliers I haven’t had a chance to try to play with yet. But I also check all known VPNs. If I can get another (or more) year of membership in a service I’m happy with at a great discount, why not tell me.

Listed below are the best sales I found this year.

I don’t want to be misled, so I only sent Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday VPN contracts to providers I know personally. These are the companies I trust and I think they offer good results.

If you have already considered one of these services, I hope these contracts will save you money. Don’t wait too long because you may have to wait for a Christmas VPN sale.

The markets

PureVPN is one of the most popular and truly the best VPNs on the market. These are one of the two providers I will always remain an active member of.

They run servers in 130 countries (basically anywhere you want to connect anytime), enable P2P, connect five devices at the same time, and have advanced features that other providers don’t have, such as malware and virus protection, IDS / IPS, ad blocking, and shared tunnel.

PureVPN is also doing an amazing job of unlocking a number of popular streaming services, including US Netflix and BBC iPlayer, as well as running dozens of updated servers, specifically for these reasons.

This year’s PureVPN Black Friday special day begins on November 14th. Expiration date unknown.

The promotion allows them to sign up for a 2-year subscription with a 73% discount or $ 2.91 per month. I’ve been with PureVPN for almost seven years and it won’t be cheaper. This year’s rhythm will be hard to beat.


CyberGhost is the perfect VPN provider for privacy. That’s not to say it’s a slow thing elsewhere. In fact, since CyberGhost 7 came out late last year, it’s better than ever.

Based in Romania, CyberGhost has a real login ban policy for maximum confidentiality. In the past year, their network has VyprVPN coupon code 2020 grown by 150% to more than 6,300 servers in 90 countries. They all perform well.

P2P is allowed and acts as a magic for unlocking geo-enclosed content. And after 45 days, CyberGhost offers the longest money back guarantee from any provider.

For the Black Friday 2020 and Cyber ​​Monday celebrations, CyberGhost is giving unprecedented momentum. They offer 79% for a 2-year membership. That’s only $ 2.75 a month.