Best Acoustic Guitar

Best Acoustic Guitar

Specifically tailored to beginners, the Yamaha FD01S Gigmaker Deluxe Acoustic Guitar Package contains everything you need to get started playing acoustic guitar in double-quick time. Featuring accessories such as instructional DVD, QT-11 guitar tuner, gig bag, strap and picks of a variety of colors, this deluxe kit is the perfect gift for any young guitar enthusiast.

The guitar itself is made of solid spruce at the top, nato back, sides and neck, and beautiful rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Although the FD01S is a starting guitar, the materials are top quality and built to last, and can be found in many of the more advanced guitars as well. When you consider the costs of all the additional accessories usually required along with the guitar, you will often find that the accessories can cost as much as the guitar itself. This new Yamaha Gigmaker Deluxe Package eliminates those costs, as well as the inconvenience of having to purchase each accessory individually.

Features of the Yamaha Gigmaker Deluxe Package include:

  • A deluxe acoustic guitar starter kit including guitar, bag, strings, strap, picks, and instructional DVD
  • Spruce top and nato back/sides
  • Qwik Tune QT-11 guitar tuner with pitch pipe function
  • Kit contains all that is required for beginners to start playing

One thing of note with the Gigmaker Deluxe Acoustic Guitar Package is the fact that it is meant to be an entire starter kit in one. It eliminates a lot of the inconvenience of learning to play the guitar as all the equipment needed to learn is right there in the kit, from the picks to the bags, the straps, and the learning materials. This is perfect for those beginners who cannot go out and buy each individual accessory, however, there is a major drawback to this method as well. What you get inconvenience, you often lose in quality. For example, the DVD which comes with the Gigmaker Deluxe package is not good quality at all, and it is far better to access one’s own learning materials via the internet or via a separate learning package. Similarly, if you need to play standing up and are quite tall, you will need a strap, and if you use it regularly, the strap enclosed might not be sufficient for the long term. All in all, it is recommended for most people who are now able to use the internet to their advantage, to purchase accessories and learning materials separately, and consider instead buying the guitar separately also. In this way you can access the best guitars for the same price, and get the best learning materials separately too, in order to give yourself the best chance of learning to play well. But of course, you have to accept a considerably higher total cost if you do everything separately. It all depends on your preferences and how much you are willing to spend, but I hope I have laid out clearly the advantages and disadvantages of both options.


Here’s what one current owner had to say about the Yamaha Gigmaker Deluxe Package:

I’ve seen a few other acoustic guitars like the Yamaha FG700S that I might have bought if I were picking an acoustic guitar myself, but as it happens I got this as a gift so I was kind of ‘stuck’ with it. Thank heavens it’s a really good guitar, otherwise my parents would have wasted quite a lot of money! I love the fact that the tuner is so simple, even for someone such as myself with no prior experience of playing or tuning guitars, I got it working perfectly in a few minutes. The variety of colors in the picks is a nice little bonus, and the bag that holds the guitar is strong and made of fairly good quality material as far as I can tell. However one weakness of this package is that the strap could be better made, it looks a bit cheap in my opinion. The guitar itself is really stunning – it looks great and is a pleasure to play, a perfect first guitar if you ask me. (Happy Guy)

Yamaha fg700s Acoustic Guitar Review

 The Yamaha FG700S jumbo acoustic guitar is the perfect companion to any beginner to intermediate player, as well as more advanced players who will appreciate its rich sound and high-quality manufacturing. It is no surprise that the Yamaha FG700S is currently the best selling acoustic guitar in the entire USA. Boasting 6 die-cast tuners for quick and accurate adjustments, a rosewood fingerboard and a solid spruce top for maximum durability, the FG700S is a household name in the acoustic guitar scene.

Although Yamaha is not a product specialist and has a diverse catalog, this certainly does not mean that considerable time, effort and investment was put into making the FG700S acoustic guitar one of the most impressive guitars on the market. Online reviews across a large variety of websites are generally stellar, with 29 out of 34 amazon’s customers rating the FG700S 5/5 stars (85%) and the remaining 15% giving this guitar 4/5 stars. No customers on Amazon have given any rating below 4 stars, as of April 2011, an extremely impressive feat which simply underlines the sheer quality on offer, more impressive yet is its very affordable price.

Currently, Amazon is knocking 38% off the List Price.

Here are some features of the Yamaha FG700S:

  • Six strings
  • Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Solid Spruce Top
  • Gloss Natural Finish
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

I had tried to play the guitar previously in my life, during my teenage years, but like many people, I ended up giving up. I didn’t want to be the classic example of a bad workman blaming his tools, so I simply put it down to my own laziness and apathy. However, about 3 years later, out of nowhere, playing guitar popped up in my head again. I tried a few guitars which were decent, but they all felt like my old one (Johnson) which I quit playing all that time ago. Then finally I picked up the Yamaha FG700S and the feeling I got when strumming away – despite the fact that I couldn’t play anything at all – was a great rush. Now that I’m a lot better I can safely say that this guitar is not only good for beginners and intermediates, it sounds great on advanced stuff too. Sometimes you really don’t need to empty your bank account to find true quality. This is a top-class guitar concealing itself behind a mid-range price.


Here’s what one current owner had to say about the Yamaha FG700S:

I went to my local guitar store to try out a few guitars before I made the final purchase. I looked at any and every guitar they had in stock that was less than 500 bucks. You know, the traditional brands – Ovation, Martin, Gibson etc. In general they sounded alright but it was obvious that they weren’t high end guitars – each guitar had good aspects but considerable defects at the same time. After trying them all my partner came across the FG700S which wasn’t actually in the main display, I guess the shop weren’t so eager on selling it as they were with their other models. From the first sound I made with the FG700S, I was addicted – I did a bit of minor damage to my fingers at first as I played it so much, but I get similar teething periods with every new guitar I buy. The sound of the FG700S is rich and deep, as well as subtle and sweet when you get to the high points. For under $200 it’s a steal, but make sure you’re aware that it’s a JUMBO guitar meaning that it might be a bit big for some small people, e.g. people younger than 16 learning the guitar. 

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