Benefits of the 2 channel cable ramp

Benefits of the 2 channel cable ramp

Benefits of the 


Protects 30 mm diameter cables from the passage of vehicles weighing up to 12 tons. Cable Protectors are widely used outside of film and television studios where the cables of lighting equipment and cameras are in constant danger of being crushed by very heavy vehicles; however, its use can be extended to any place where the aforementioned requirements are met.

These covers constitute a versatile system to cover a wide variety of construction types in distribution systems. channel cable protector rubber ramp cord cover.

Protects cables and wires from the diameter against the vehicle, the forklift truck, and the heavy traffic of the equipment with our dual channel protector. Made of durable heavy duty rubber, this cable ramp can support vehicles that weigh up to 5.5 kilograms. Connect the straight sections.

Our 2 channel cable ramp was specifically designed to protect the cables from being damaged by forklifts and other vehicles. The trapezoidal interlocking connectors at each end of the protection cable join multiple ramps together to cover longer cable lengths. This rugged cable protector includes a smooth 28 ° tilt for a gradual approach angle and two channels for running 1,125 "diameter cables. There are also four integrated safety reflectors and two 2 "wide channel spaces to cross cables from one channel to another if necessary. With a heavy duty commercial grade rubber base and a reinforced PVC lid with hinges.

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