Benefits of Arbitration Law Firm

Benefits of Arbitration Law Firm

Arbitration is a method of an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) where parties involved in conflict agree to resolve the disputes by hiring a mutual arbitration lawyer. An arbitration lawyer is an experienced legal expert who is responsible for reviewing the evidence and the arguments that have been presented by each party objectively and reaches a decision which is mutually beneficial for everyone concerned.

In the absence of an agreement to arbitrate, the default method for dispute resolution is litigation. Litigation is a cumbersome, inefficient and costly process for anyone involved in a dispute. Thus, hiring arbitration Law Firm in Beirut Lebanon to resolve the disputes not only saves the business from unnecessary expenditure in legal fees but also preserves the reputation of the business. 

Let's look at the merits of hiring arbitration Law Firm in Beirut Lebanon:


One of the significant advantages of arbitration is that it’s confidential and it ensures the privacy of all the parties involved. However, it is essential to consult a skilled arbitration lawyer to ensure an express provision for confidentiality while drafting the arbitration agreement. Businesses involved in a conflict don’t like unwanted publicity interrupting with their proceedings; thus, arbitration is an effective ADR method for everyone concerned.


Arbitration gives both the parties a significant degree of flexibility to resolve their disputes which is not possible in the case of litigation. Arbitration enables every member involved in the conflict to tailor the resolution which suits the individual, commercial and practical needs. Also, it allows you to select an arbitrator as per your convenience and gives you the higher authority in regulating the logistics like such as date, time and place of the proceedings.

Fast Paced

Arbitration is a much faster process than litigation. The arbitration lawyer takes only a few days or weeks to resolve the issue. It’s considered as a speedier process because it does not include the procedures of discovery which is necessary for a civil action. Hence, arbitration is a faster and more effective way of solving disputes than other traditional options.


Arbitration is one of the cost-efficient ways of solving a dispute. This is because the fee of an arbitration lawyer entailed with the ADR process is a lot more economical than the litigation fees associated with a civil action. Thus, it is a much more suitable alternative for individuals and businesses who can’t afford to pay heavy litigation fees.

Hence, consulting with arbitration Law Firm in Beirut Lebanon helps you to reach an amicable settlement when your business is involved in a grave dispute with another company or individual.