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Белоусово купить VHQ Cocaine 98% Bolivia

Белоусово купить VHQ Cocaine 98% Bolivia

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A Boko Haram massacre in a northeastern Nigerian village last month captured world-wide attention as it was reported that the terrorists burned children alive. Far less reported are credible allegations that a key source of funding for Boko Haram and other Islamic extremists is cocaine, produced and exported by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia FARC and other drug-smuggling cartels working in concert with the Bolivian government. But the cocaine capos have shifted their trans-Atlantic routes to Africa, where weak institutions are no match for transnational organized crime. Numerous press reports have named both Boko Haram and al Qaeda in the Maghreb as key players in the business of smuggling coke across the Mediterranean into Europe. Mass protests that paralyzed the country were made possible by a mix of underworld wealth and violence. The cocaleros brought down two democratically elected governments in October and June , and then won the subsequent election in December Morales denies that he runs a narco state. And since he banished the U. Drug Enforcement Agency from the country in , U. In , when Mr. By its estimate jumped to 35,—not surprising, as Mr. Morales legalized coca growing on grounds that it is central to Bolivian cultural heritage and used for chewing and tea. Yet the largest expansion of coca cultivation has been in the Chapare region, which produces a variety unsuitable for chewing. The total area planted with coca in Colombia is greater than in Bolivia. But the soil in the Chapare supports a coca variety with a larger leaf that is replenished faster and has a higher content of the active ingredient needed to produce cocaine than what is grown in Colombia. In his Veja article, Mr. Teixeira wrote that he had viewed documents, including a report by an intelligence unit of the Bolivian police, linking at least one cabinet member to the cartels. The Bolivian government has denied the allegation in Mr. Pinto told me by telephone last week that he brought the evidence to Mr. Morales—and that shortly thereafter the government opened investigations of the senator. He fled to the Brazilian Embassy, where he remained for two years until he managed to escape the country. Prior to Bolivian-flagged ships did not operate in conflict zones in the Mediterranean. In September Greece nabbed one that was loaded with , rounds of ammunition and 5, rifles and bound for a Libyan port. In January Turkey seized another off the coast of Libya carrying 13 tons of hashish. None of this is likely to matter to Mr. With the country seemingly awash in laundered drug money, the contest is his for the taking. Dow Jones, a News Corp company. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. Political Harassment Is for the Birds. Better Dead Than Read. Words to Probe Our Deepest Thoughts. Mounting evidence suggests otherwise. Thank you This article has been sent to.

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The Bolivia-Jihadist Axis of Cocaine

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The Bolivia-Jihadist Axis of Cocaine

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The Bolivia-Jihadist Axis of Cocaine

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The Bolivia-Jihadist Axis of Cocaine

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