Being Taken

Being Taken

I had never thought of myself as being gay but there I was driving to what was apparently my second date with a man. The first date had been a bit of a surprise. We met through friends at a party and went for drinks a few days later for what I thought was just two straight guys hanging out. At the end of the night he told me he had a great time and that he wanted to see me again, then he stepped in, grabbed my ass and kissed me. I was shocked and horrified and incredibly turned on all at once. I was in such shell shock I was unable to tell him I was straight.

How straight I was became increasingly unclear after that kiss. I couldn't get him out of my mind, every time I thought of the kiss I would become instantly hard. I had masturbated thinking of him, and even fingered my ass in the shower. Was I gay? I didn't know but I was more excited and nervous on the drive to the bar than I had ever been in my entire life.

I arrived at the bar and he was sitting in a dimly lit booth waiting. He stood and hugged me and we sat and ordered drinks. Slowly we inched closer together as we got more and more drinks until we were both tipsy and sitting so close we were touching.

"I'm going to go out on a limb and guess you've never been with a man before?" he calmly spoke as he looked deeply into my eyes. I gulped and nervously replied "Not yet." without breaking eye contact. He laughed and replied "Yet. Good, I'm glad we're on the same page".

He then took my hand and placed it on his crotch as he put his arm around me and pulled me in close. I don't know why but I instinctively started to rub his cock through his pants and a big smile came over his face.

He touched his lips to my ear and said "It's not too late to change your mind, but here's what you need to know. I'm a man, an alpha, and a dominant top. That means if we pursue anything you will be a bottom, and I will make you beg me to take you. You will beg me to suck my cock, you will beg me to fuck your virgin ass, and eventually you will beg to be my bitch. If you don't want that we can pay our bar tab and go. If you do want it then look me in the eyes and ask if you can stroke my cock." He was so masculine and dominant. The way he laid it out without even asking my opinion, and especially the way he used the word bitch had me harder than I'd ever been in my entire life.

"Please." I heard myself say without evening thinking, "Please can I stroke your cock!". And there it was. He smiled knowingly, he knew I had just surrendered and he would get anything and everything he wanted from me. Looking in his eyes I knew I wouldn't be able to say no.

He suddenly stood and beckoned me to follow as he handed the server a tremendous amount of money to cover the tip and tab. We walked outside into the dark parking lot where his car was parked all the way in the back. He pushed me up against his SUV and kissed me deeply as he squeezed my ass and pressed into me with his crotch.

Then he stopped and said "Well you asked me for it... go ahead." as he pushed his hips toward me.

I trembled as I opened his fly and reached in. My hand found a hard, warm cock that was monstrously bigger than mine. I pulled it out and looked down at nine inches of thick beautiful cock that literally made my mouth water.

We kissed as I slowly stroked his gorgeous cock. In that moment the feeling of surrendering to his kiss, and the way his cock felt in my hand was heaven. As my hand glided up and down his now pre-cum soaked member he moaned into my mouth. His moan was masculine, powerful, it was a growl and a warning that I had pushed an alpha to a point he would never be pulled away from, and I loved it. I loved that I was submitting to a real man. I moaned, but not like him, mine was feminine and submissive. My moan was girly, weak, and verbal consent for him to take what was his. With that suddenly he opened the door to the back seat and told me to get in. He didn't ask, he told me, and I complied.

The door shut and thanks to the tinted windows we were truly alone for the first time. He pulled me close to his side so I was almost sitting in his lap. He grabbed the back of my head roughly and took my mouth with his tongue. As me made out next to each other I continued to stroke his perfect cock. I was now moving my hand faster and more boldly. I began to explore his cock and massaged it from balls to tip.

He then yanked me with his hand still on the back of my head and broke our kiss. Slowly but with undeniable will he pushed my head toward his cock. I was terrified and excited. I looked down as his massive dick moved closer and closer to my face. We both knew what it was. He had decided to truly take my mouth and I had become to submissive to this man to even consider saying no. I wasn't sure if I wanted to suck his cock but I knew either way I wasn't going to say no. As his mighty cock filled my vision my mouth began to water and I felt genuine sexual excitement over the notion of making this man cum.

As my head reached his powerful cock my lips lightly touched the head. He then pulled back on my hair. "I told you I would make you beg me to suck my cock." he stated matter of factly, almost as though he was simply reminding me. But this was no simple thing. He was requiring me to submit so thoroughly to him that I beg to be allowed to have him fuck my mouth. To comply meant permanently becoming a bitch, a submissive, a sock sucker.

"Please, please let me suck your cock." I responded. He yanked my hair and re-established his dominance before declaring "I said you would beg to suck my cock, not ask.". I knew what he wanted, and I knew I wanted it too. I needed to submit to his masculine power, and I needed to be enthusiastic about my decent into bitchdom. "Please! Please let me suck your perfect cock! PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!" I shouted for the entire parking lot to hear. In that moment I wanted people to walk by. I wanted to give my mouth to this man and I was happy for the world to know it. With that he pressed my head back toward his cock. Slowly my lips parted and the thick head of his perfect cock penetrated me as I gave him what he wanted. Inch by inch he entered my mouth, inch by inch I accepted that this man was going to take what he wanted and I would willingly give it to him.

I delighted in the head of his beautiful cock. Licking and sucking his bulb was the most sexually exciting thing I had ever experienced. I swirled my tongue and popped him in and out of my warm mouth, feeling sluttier and more turned on by the second. Then he began to press my head down further on his cock. As his shaft disappeared inside my mouth and down my throat I chocked a few times but simply learned that there are some things I don't mind being choked over. As I inched my way down his masculine shaft he began to grope and massage my ass. As my chin finally pressed against his balls I realized I had just deep throated an entire cock. At that moment he moaned loudly as he slipped his hand inside my pants.

I began to move my head up and down on his shaft and started massaging his tight sexy balls. He moaned deeply and said "MMMMM there you go. Suck that cock like the little whore we both know you are!". The word whore sent shivers through my body. I loved having a cock in my mouth but being called a whore while sucking cock was the sexiest thing I had ever experienced.

His hand had been inside my pants squeezing my ass for several minutes when I felt him slide them down over my ass. There I was with my bare ass in the air and my face buried in a man's lap with a mouth full of cock. Face down ass up, like a cock sucking whore, a submissive faggot with willing holes. He then started to rub a finger on the outside of my hole. I knew what was coming. I knew sucking cock made me gay but getting penetrated would make me a gay bitch. He teased my virgin ass slowly as he massaged my cheeks and pressed just hard enough against my hole to not enter. Suddenly, without even thinking I heard myself moan and wag my ass with the movement of his finger. He was controlling my mouth with his massive cock and now my ass moved back and forth with the machinations of his finger as those he was a maestro directing a symphony. He briefly pulled me off his cock and stuck two fingers deep in my mouth. He had a devilish smile on his face when he stated "You know why you're sucking my fingers don't you bitch?". Bitch. I was half naked with a newly fucked mouth lubing up a mans fingers so he could enter my ass, I was a bitch, soon to be his bitch. I sucked hard on his fingers and looked him in the eyes while moaning "Uh huh." garbled against my full mouth. He laughed "You fucking faggot!" and pushed my mouth back down on his cock.

He began to lightly probe and rub my ass hole. Then it happened. He pushed a finger inside me. It was just the tip of his finger, but it symbolized everything. It was a strange sensation, but somehow I knew I wanted it. I wanted to be opened and taken, to surrender entirely to a man. I moaned and sucked sensually as he slowly pushed his middle finger deep into my ass. Each time he pushed his finger into me I moaned and moved my ass to match his motions. Soon he pushed a second finger into me, after a brief moment of pain I was in heaven.

He fingered me perfectly as though he knew everything he needed to about my ass. I was loving it. My cock was harder than it had ever been and it was the best sexual experience I had ever had. Every so often he would take his other hand from the back of my head and slap my ass. With each slap I would moan like a girl and he would call me names. SLAP! "Take it you little whore!" SLAP! "You like that don't you bitch!" SLAP! "Suck that cock slut!" SLAP!

I was now wildly pushing my ass back to meet his hand and my mouth forward to meet his cock. He was finger fucking me as hard as he could while thrusting up into my mouth with every inch of his cock. He was such a man he was able to spit roasting me all by himself and I was loving it.

Suddenly he picked up the pace even faster on both ends. I was no longer sucking his cock, he was fucking my mouth. He pounded his cock into my slutty mouth and fingered me so hard he was lifting me off the seat. I had no control, I was being taken on both ends and all I could do was submit and hold on for the ride, it was ecstasy. I felt an orgasm building when I heard him yell "I'm going to cum in your mouth bitch!". He pushed my head all the way down on his cock as he throated me and held me in place. I did my best not to gag as he roared "FUCK YESSS!!! TAKE MY CUM YOU FUCKING WHORE!!!". I felt shot after shot of his hot cum exploding inside me as he seeded my throat. At the same time he curved both of the fingers inside my ass and lifted me several inches off the seat by my now well fingered hole which caused me to whimper in pleasure on his cock. My whimper turned into a gag as he held my head down on his cock while simultaneously lifting my ass into the air. With cum exploding in my throat and a man roughly opening my ass for his future use I came. I came harder than I ever had before and I let out I high pitch girlish moan between gags which was muffled by is cock as we shared an orgasm.

As the moment subsided, he reduced the pressure on my head without allowing his cock to slip from my mouth. We sat there for a moment with his spent cock still in my mouth as I gently began to suck him again and he sensually continue training my ass. He slowly pulled his fingers from my ass and gave it a loud slap as he declared "You're going to be a great cock whore". He then pulled me off his cock and kissed me deeply while squeezing my still bare ass.

He stared into my eyes with animalistic power "I just made your ass cum. Only a bitch can get fingered by a man and cum. You're mine now bitch.". He spoke to me as though he owned me, and I knew he did. I stared back into his eyes and bit my lip "I know." I responded in a submissive feminine voice. He looked me dead in the eyes and grabbed my face "NO. Say it. You need to say it.". I knew what he wanted, and I knew he would get it. He was a man and he was taking his property. He needed to dominate me so thoroughly that I would abandon all claims to being anything more than his personal slut. I could hardly breath I was so turned on but I knew I had to give him what he wanted. The voice that left my mouth was no longer a mans, it was far too submissive and girly for that. I was surrendering to him with my words, my tone, and every fiber of my being. I let out a feminine, sexually charged whisper "I'm your bitch.". He smiled and said "Good Girl." before kissing me and sliding my pants back over my ass.

Good girl. I had just sucked a cock and cum from being fingered. I had just moaned like a whore and had an orgasm as a man came down my throat. I had delighted in being called bitch, whore, and slut as I was spanked. Good girl. I was his whore, his bitch, his girl and I would do anything he said. In less than an hour he had turned me from a straight man into a submissive bitch who now answered to "girl" and any other sexually degrading term he cared to use.

As we got out of his car and parted ways he grabbed my ass and kissed me again the way a man kisses a woman. "You've had enough for tonight. We'll get together later this week and I'll use you again." he did not ask me this, he told me. I smiled and responded in an animated high pitched feminine voice "That sounds great! I can't wait!". I must have seemed overly excited because he laughed and said "I bet you can't wait you hot little bitch!" and he kissed me once more. As he put me in my car and reached across to buckle my seat belt he stopped before closing my door and said "When you get home you're going to send me some nude selfies. You belong to me now and You're going to take naughty pics and send them to me because you know it makes me happy". I promised him I would and he kissed me one last time before shutting my door and walking away.

I was naked before my front door closed and I began to send him dozens of pics of myself. Bent over, arched back, ass in the air I was shooting soft core porn and I knew it was for the man who was going to pop my anal cherry. Finally he responded, See you in two days. I'll be fucking you by the weekend. I jerked off while reading that text over and over. I was his bitch, and soon I would have his bare cock inside me.'t+charge,+2+battery+replacements+and+no+service