Basic function of the clean meat slicer.

Basic function of the clean meat slicer.

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Foods company facilities, manufacturing the kitchen, restaurants and hotels today all need to use multi-functionality business slicers that will reduce all types of meat. If any customer has a need for a meat slicer or is wondering which line to choose, contact Dai Nam. Absolutely clients is going to be happy with the very best and most ideal product or service.

Let's become a member of Dai Nam to discover two types of meat slicers today. Frozen meat slicers and fresh slicers.

Standard qualities of frozen meat slicer.

The two main simple varieties of frozen meat slicers: automatic or mechanised. However, both types have quite similar structure including the blade part and the camera body. You may reference the ES-250 and ES-300 semi-automated frozen meat slicers. For totally automated slicers you have the SL300E series.

The blade used for the freezing meat slicer is actually a turning dish created from strong steel forged below unique problems. That creates rotor blades with longer lasting hardness and sharpness.

Besides, the blade is additionally supported by a durable entire body manufactured from light weight aluminum alloy focused on the meals sector, very easy to high and clean gloss throughout use.

General characteristic from the fresh meat slicer.

There are numerous types of new meat slicers with many different capabilities to offer the requirements households or dining establishments, commercial kitchen areas ...

The typical composition of your refreshing slicer includes 3 parts: the frame, the blade component as well as the engine. The structural framework is made from heavy, strong steel, and withstands vibration and noise. Portable design, so it may be placed on a kitchen rack or work desk quite easily, convenient and easy in the course of use and move.

Each clean meat slicer was created with many rotor blades made from specialized metal to ensure that each lower creates thin and equal slices of meat.

The motor construction of the equipment is 100% new copper wire, strong and durable after a while. These devices may be run for several sequential several hours without the need of malfunction.

To learn more specifics about each and every product, make sure you e mail us instantly. Dai Nam Electric Devices focuses on delivering good quality, tough, high quality meat slicers with all the best prices available today.

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