Balcony Sex with the Neighbor

Balcony Sex with the Neighbor

I had always been a shy person growing up.

When I attended college, I was always shy about the shape of my body and I wore long sleeved clothing constantly.

I never actually dated anyone and I was always fascinated by the blooming sex life that a lot of my peers were exploring. I was terrified of the idea of getting pregnant but I must admit that the idea of people knowing that I had my unprotected pussy fucked at some point turned me on. Though I never had sex, I was a furious masturbator. I broke my hymen with a small carrot the first time I really started exploring my body and ever since then it's been a regular habit of mine to have some kind of object snuggled as far as it can go in my vagina while rubbing my clit.

When I finally moved out to live in a cute apartment by myself, I finally had the freedom to walk around in the skimpiest outfit I could find without fear of a family member walking in unannounced. Every time I came home from work, I would almost immediately take off my skirt and blouse to reveal my tiny thong and a see-through bra that barely covered my nipples.

I had a nice under-curtain covering all of my windows that allowed a lot of light to enter my home without anyone being able to see me from the outside. It's only if I stood extremely close to the window that some lucky person would have a blurred view of my brown silhouette and my most private areas exposed.

I usually like to walk around in this state of dress and go through my routine of watching videos on YouTube while pumping a long, big carrot in and out of my wet pussy. I haven't gotten around to buying myself a dildo yet because I want my first experience with anything shaped like a dick to be the genuine thing itself. There's just something hot about the idea of a hot, hard dick stabbing my pussy open mercilessly and pouring out its cum into my womb.

Today is no different. I was sitting in front of my laptop in my bedroom, legs wide open over the arm rests on my chair, slowly pushing and pulling a fresh carrot in and out of my cunt. At the back of my mind I had the secret fantasy of someone watching me through my webcam without my knowledge.

My pussy became even more wet at this thought and my hand was coated in thick pussy juice, caused the carrot to move easier than before. I was planning on moving my session to the floor when I heard the sound of my neighhbour's balcony door opening.

A huge shiver went down my spine.

My neighbour and shared balconies as all of the units in our apartment complex were made up of side-to-side multistory units. There was only a thin glass screen that separated the balconies which was only allowed to open if both sides unlocked it.

The idea of the 40 year old man standing out in the balcony, just 4 feet away from my gushing pussy, was almost enough to make me cum. He wasn't exactly the most attractive man, with a large belly and hairy arms and legs from what I had seen during summer. I had heard rumours about him being into dating young girls and the sex noises that I could hear through the shared wall was an indication of his sex drive to me.

During my occasional evening masturbation, I hoped that he could hear my moaning on his side and he would wonder about what I was doing to myself to cause it. I imagined him coming through my sliding door suddenly and fucking me without my explicit consent. Then after he came in me, he'd call me a worthless whore and leave me lying there with cum seeping out of my pussy.

"Mmmm..." I moaned with a smile. I haven't heard his balcony door closing yet so I assume he's still standing outside. Quickly gathering my courage, I pull out the carrot and toss it on my desk. I want to save my orgasm for later so right now I need to put my plan in motion.

I go to put on the lightest dress that I can find, a short peach coloured dress that doesn't hug my body in any way. It was windy outside and I wanted it to blow up as soon as possible in front of Mr Baker. I wasn't wearing anything underneath the dress so hopefully he would still see my body even if it the dress stayed down.

Opening the balcony door and stepping outside, I made as if I was checking my plants along the railing. I looked over to him to give him a quick nod and I nodded back, taking a second to look at me from head to toe. I could tell that he was still looking at me when I turned away from him to bend down. I could feel my heartbeat slamming against me chest as I felt the wind blow between my legs and after a few seconds, my dress lifted up and was blown over my shoulders and head.

My entire asshole and pussy was exposed to him and my breasts hung down at the same height as my knees. I took a couple of breaths before snapping back up and tugging my dress down clumsily. Looking back to Mr Baker shyly, he was full on facing me and I knew that he had seen all my goodies. He locked eyes with me and gave me an appreciative smirk.

"Nice ass," he scoffed. "Why don't you come over here and show it to me some more?"

I walked over to the glass and his smirk widened. The screen was still locked and I wanted to tease him some more before deciding if I wanted to go further with him.

I turned around and pulled my dress up to expose my juicy ass. I wiggled it around a little to make it jiggle and I heard him chuckle.

"Bend over, bitch," he ordered. "Show me how you wanna fuck."

This made me so excited. I got on my knees and spread my legs apart for him to be able to see my pussy open slightly. Then I began twerking my ass quickly, causing my ass cheeks to make slapping noises with every bounce. I heard his belt unbuckling and his zipper being opened. Looking back, I saw him pull out a thick black cock that was already hardening in his fist. His own hand barely wrapped around the shaft and he had a delicious looking plum head that was starting to drip cum.

I chose to turn over and lie on my back, spreading my legs wide and lifting my dress up higher to show my boobs. I ran my middle finger over my clit, down to my pussy opening and back up again before plunging it into me and wiggling it around.

His eyes were glued to my movements and he started pumping his dick into his makeshift hand-pussy. With his other hand, he reached up to unlatch his lock for the glass door and tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge.

"Fuck! Open this door bitch!"

His tone was almost threatening and I actually had a slight fear that he would hurt me if I did what he wanted. I have always dreamt of being fucked by a man who wanted to own my body and here he was right in front of me. I could see from his expression that all he wanted to do was shove his dick in me for his own pleasure and this is what made me choose to move forward.

I reached up to unlatch my side and the second he heard the click, he pushed the door open and threw himself on top of me. His strong arms held mine down and he lodged himself between my legs. His pants slipped down below his ass and he still had his shirt on. The sight of this was especially erotic to me because it showed how carnal his desire was for my pussy, to the point of not needing to remove all of his clothing and instead having his dick sticking out lewdly in my direction.

He didn't bother preparing me before trying to slam his head into my entrance. Luckily I was already extremely wet but my inexperienced pussy wasn't capable of taking in his full size in one go. He kept grunting with each thrust to go deeper and my whole body was on fire.

"Uh..uh...ow...ohhh...uh...." I let out short gasps and moans in slight pain but mostly in excited pleasure. The feeling of this hot dick violating my vagina was exquisite. It was so thick and my insides were wrapping itself into every nook and cranny of it. I could feel his head forcing my hole to open wider for his dick to go deeper, like a thief breaking their way into your home.

There were squelching sounds from our juices mixing together. I wish that I could record them for later because I loved to listen to fucking sounds before going to bed at night and the idea that these were coming from my own pussy was a dream come true for me.

"Hhuuuhhh...fuck fuck fuck....such a tight cunt," he drooled above me. I actually felt a glob of spit fall onto the side of my nose and slide down my cheek.

My boobs were bouncing up and down and I loved the feeling of them swinging around like that. I hoped that he would grab them in his big hands but instead, he slapped me sharply across my face and pushed my legs open even further.

"Fucking whore...letting a stranger fuck you. Say you love it! Tell me how much you want me to fuck this cheap pussy!"

"Oohhh...uh...uh...I...uh...I love it!" I screamed without hesitating. "Please fuck my pussy! Please! Uh...OOHHH FFUUCCKKK! Fuck my pussy!"

I lifted my hips up off the ground and pumped them in time with his thrusts, making his dick tunnel its way deeper into my cunt until I could feel it bumping against my cervix wall. Now that my hands were free, I licked my fingers before rubbing my large, hard nipples. His balls were slapping against my ass and he used his right hand to slap each breast sharply. The sting sent a wonderful shiver through my body and I let out a squeal with each one.

"Fucking whore...huh...huhhh...arg...bitch...ass...whore. Ah fuck! I'm gonna cum in this pussy! Ohhh fuck!"

He lifted my hips up higher to the point where my shoulders and head were the only parts of my body still touching the ground and he pumped his dick faster into my pussy.

"No! Please no!" I fake pleaded. "Please don't come in me! I'm not on birth control!"

"Arrggg fuuuccckkkk!"

I felt his hot semen shoot at the entrance of my cervix as he continued to plunge in and out unevenly.

"OOoohhhhh!" This triggered my own orgasm and I felt my pulsating pussy trying to suck his dick deeper and keep him lodged inside me.

He continued to cum and I felt some of it slip out around his dick and run down my ass crack, then drip down to the floor.

"Ahh shit! Yeah...fuck!" He held his dick still in me to let out the last bits of cum spurts and my own pussy twitched in appreciation.

Taking a deep breath, he pulled his softening dick out of me and I felt a river of thick cum flow out almost immediately. My hips dropped back down to the floor and I kept my legs open. Mr Baker stood up straight and looked down at me.

"You scared you're gonna pregnant bitch? Huh?" He asked as he bent down next to me and started rubbing my pussy lips. He shoved some of his cum back into my cunt and rubbed my clit with his thumb.

"You better not. I'm not gonna have a shameless whore become the mother of my kids."

"Aaahhh..." I moaned as he began pumping his fingers faster into my soaked pussy. Looking towards him, I let my eyes roam down to his still exposed penis. It now hung limp yet it was still beautifully thick with veins wrapped around it.

I can't believe that was inside me just now.

Giving my pussy a final slap, he made me jump before standing up and pulling his pants back up. He didn't bother to buckle up his belt and he walked back to his side of the balcony. He shut the screen door behind him and I watched him disappear back into his own room, never once looking back at me.

Laying my head back down, I smiled up at the ceiling. Finally I had my first fuck! And it was exactly how I imagined it would be. The wind cooled down my coated vagina and I wanted to giggle in happiness. I've always wanted to be seen as a hot piece of meat and one day I would love to meet a man who shares my desire of being shared and fucked out of my mind.

Of course I don't want to have Mr Baker's baby though. I had the birth control implant once I turned 20 to give myself all the freedom to have cum poured into my pussy as much as I wanted.

And now I can finally become the whore I've always wanted to be...