Bad grades

Bad grades


I can recall a specific moment in my life...I was 17 years old.

It was Friday evening and like most nights, my mother and I had enjoyed eating our dinner together.My mother is a great cook.At 42 years of age, she maintains a very busy schedule.She works in the Emergency room as a nurse...for as long as I can remember, its always been her and I.Soon after I was born, my father had been killed in a vehicle accident.I have no memory of him.The only memory that is afforded to me, are the photos that my mother has of him; of us.It had always been my mother was a very attractive woman.She maintained her figure by working and swimming were her passion.

After I cleaned off the kitchen table, my mother told me that she would finish up with the cleaning.Why dont you go into the living room and relax.

I plopped myself in one of the overstuffed chairs.The television was in close proximity and the urge to turn it on was felt.But, I knew better.Instead, I began to read a book...and while I did, my heart was beating a mile a minute.I found myself, from time to time, looking at the clock...the time was going by at a snails pace.

Not long after I had entered the living mother sat down on the sofa.She had brought with her...a glass of wine.Instead of turning on the television, she sat in a comfortable position and began to thumb her way through a magazine.Out of the corner of my eye, I watched my mothers every move.When she had finished reading one magazine, she would reach for another.I was trying to focus my attention on my book...but, I wasnt having much success.The time continued to slip by at a very slow rate.

Its time for bed honey.My mother wasnt the type of woman who raised her voice.In a more profound manner of speaking; my mothers voice was soft and very soothing. I looked up from my book, I noticed the time and then our eyes locked onto each other.It was close to being 8:30 in the evening.My weekend curfew wasnt until midnight.

Though I didnt want to go to bed at that particular moment...I knew it wasnt wise to argue with my mother.Before I left the living room, she also said.Lets not forget...I promised you a spanking before your bedtime.Upon hearing her words, with my back to her; I stood very still.On my bed, youll find a pair of panties.I could hear my heart pounding in my chest.I want you to go to your bedroom, undress and put the panties on.When youve completed that, I want you to return to the living room with the paddle.The tone of her voice was soft...her message was very direct and precise.

In a low voice, I heard myself say, Yes Maam.I then left the living room and went upstairs.

A part of me had thought that my mother had fogotten the spanking that she had promised to give me.Still, in the back of my mind...I knew that my mother wasnt the type of person to simply...forget.

Earlier in the week, my high school had mailed home my progress report.Needless to say, my progress report wasnt perfect.In my mothers mind...there was cause for concern.I had received a D in Algebra.Though I tried to explain, to convince her that I was passing my my heart, I knew that I was going to be held accountable for that particular grade.When it came to my school work, my mother had high expectations of me.For as long as I could remember...if I brought home a grade lower than a C; I was punished.

Wednesday...that was the day when my progress report had arrived at the house.I didnt know it had arrived.When dinner had ended, when the kitchen was mother showed me the report.This is when I found out that I was going to be properly spanked and that for the entire weekend; I was grounded.From that moment stomach ached in anticipation of what was going to occur.

I walked into my mothers bedroom and saw the panties on her bed.They were baby blue in color...the material was very soft and very thin.The label indicated their name as being boyshorts.The name of course, was mis-leading.The material and the lacy trim around the waistband and leg openings...clearly spoke of femininity.I then walked to my mothers night stand...opening the top draw; I saw the paddle.I held the implement in my knees weakened....I was well aware of the pain it was able to bring.The paddle was a little larger than a ping-pong was made of half-inch hardwood.It wasnt overly heavy...but with my mothers strength and determination; it could deliver a sound walloping.

When I entered my bedroom, I removed my clothes.The underwear that I had been wearing, I placed them in my clothes hamper.My pants and shirt...I neatly folded them and placed them into my closet.I felt a tear on my leg and then my other, I pulled the panties up over my waistline.My cock stood tall against the thin material...there wasnt enough material to cover all of my pubic hair.

I stood before the full length always, a horrified sensation filtered throughout my body.My eyes began to water...more tears ran down my cheek.Standing with my back to the mirror, I looked over my shoulder...caressing my bottom with my hand, it was very smooth to the touch.The material felt nice against my skin...

I wiped my eyes...and then, I left my bedroom.A strange revelation seemed to sweep throughout my entire body...though spankings were intended to hurt, there was something very comforting about crying over my mothers knees.As I began to walk downstairs, I knew that I was going to submit to my mothers authority.

When I entered the living room, my mother was seated in the middle of the cream colored couch.She was still thumbing through a magazine.I knew what was expected of me and so...I walked and stood by her right side; my head was cast down. At her leisure, my mother continued to read her magazine...and while she did; my heart skipped many beats.My mother was wearing a white V neck sweater and of course, I couldnt help but notice her cleavage.She was also wearing a skirt...with my head cast downward, I was able to notice the beauty of her thighs.

Honey, I want you to pull down your panties.In hearing my mothers voice, she took the paddle from my hand.

Please mom, please...let me keep them on.I began to beg.The material is really thin and itll hurt just as much with them on.

You know better than that honey.Whenever youre naughty...your spankings are given on your bare bottom.No exceptions.Once again, our eyes locked onto each other.My eyes were in their pleading mothers eyes were very focused.Just this once honey, I will give you a choice.I felt as if I was going to be given a second chance to redeem myself.My mother continued to speak, If you want to keep your panties can take a paddling over your panties.Then, when your paddling is can pull your panties down for the spanking that Im going to give you.

My eyes began to blink at a very fast mind was trying to conceive, to understand my mothers train of thought.I heard myself say, No...please no.I dont want an extra paddling.

Still, using her soft and soothing voice, my mother said.Well young man, you better pull your panties down.

My hands were shaking...with my fingers in the waistband of the panties...I slid them down my thighs...leaving them dangling around my knees. I couldnt control my sprung free.It stood straight out.I closed my eyes out of embarrassement.For what seemed like an eternity...I continued to stand by my mothers side while she thumbed through her magazine.Every so often, she would glance in my a more precise manner of speaking; she looked at my cock.

When my mother placed her magazine on the coffee table...she offered me her hand.In a matter of a few seconds, she led me across her lap.I was able to feel, to appreciate the bare skin of her thighs...and without question, my cock felt the warmth of my mothers inner thighs.

In a very calm manner of speaking, my mother reminded me of the reasons why, I was going to be spanked.As she talked, she began to caress my bottom with the paddle...every so often, she provided my bottom with a sharp tap.My mothers caresses felt good...the slight taps were an uncomfortable reminder of what was soon to come.As my mother continued to scold me, I heard myself say the appropriate things...the appropriate repsonses...promising that I would be a a better student, that I would study harder.

Do you have anything to say to me before I spank you, my mother asked.I knew the talk the scolding had come to its conclusion.

My breathing had increased.The muscles in my body had tightened...and I heard myself say, Im sorry mom...I promise to do better in school.The spanking was going to mother was going to use her authority, her strength...though I knew this, I said in a soft voice, Please dont spank me to hard.

Honey, I expect you to get good grades. Mommy said.Your grade in Algebra is not acceptable.Im afraid that a hard spanking is exactly what is called for.

I sensed that my mother had shifted the paddle to her right hand...because, her left hand was around me.In a quick moment, my mother had brought the thin paddle down hard, across my bare bottom.The sting of the first stroke always surprised me...I supressed the urgency to scream out.I wanted to take my paddling proudly...but after the first ten strokes...the sting of each paddle smack seemed to build on the previous one.I was soon crying out as the paddle continued to crack across my exposed bottom.

After many more hard smacks, my mother stopped her onslaught.Tears were rolling down my eyes, my cheeks.My mothers soft voice was then heard.Im going to give you a minute or two to rest.I could feel my heart beating a mile a minute...I knew that the color of my bottom was changing; had changed.My mother was lightly caressing my ass cheeks with her hand.Again, she spoke in her normal soothing tone, Your bottom is blush pink...rather warm to my hand.A moment or two passed and then my mother said, Your bottom will be very red, by the time your spanking is over.

For quite a few moments, I enjoyed feeling my mothers hand on my bottom.She had covered every square inch of my bottom with the paddle...and now, she was caressing every square inch of my bottom with her hand.I could feel her finger tracing the length of my ass crack...and every so often, her finger would delve in between my ass cheeks.

Honey, I want you to know that I love you.When my mother spoke these few words, she began to lightly pat my bottom with the paddle.

In a soft whimpering voice, I said.I love you too, Mom.

Honey, Im afraid that the next twenty are going to have to be harder.

I cringed, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw that my mother had raised her arm.As promised, the next twenty or so strokes were much harder than the first...and each time the paddle connected with my bare bottom; I screamed out.I sensed that during this part of the feet had begun to kick.The panties I had worn...had slipped down to my ankles...and I felt my feet kicking them off...sending them flying in whatever direction.

Once again, my mother told me that I had a few minutes to rest.My bottom seemed to be on fire...and now, I could only guess as to how red it had become.Using her hand, my mother began to caress my entire bottom.In time, my whimpering had ended...and I felt my body squirm; I was responding to her touch.At one point, my mother grasped my ass cheeks and spread them apart...her sharp fingernail came into contact with my anus.There was a certain amount of wetness...and so, I knew she had applied her saliva to her finger.I held my a slow circular motion...a very sensitive part of my body was being examed.When my mother spoke, her voice seemed unsteady.Later...I think I should probably check your temperature.

Another moment went mother released my ass cheeks from her grasp.Her fingernail wasnt touching my anal opening...that wonderful sensation had elapsed.Before falling asleep...I knew that that sensation would return; my heart skipped a beat.My mother was going to take my temperature.My mothers breathing had been erractic...and now, I sensed that her breathing was back to being normal.

Honey, Im not going to count the strokes this time.Yes, her voice was back to being normal; soft spoken.Im going to paddle your bottom until your sobbing...crying, like you used to when you were a little boy getting a spanking

I strained to see my mother, out of the corner of my eye; I saw her arm being raised.The paddle continuously struck my ass cheeks.One ass cheek...then the other.My mother spanked me hard and fast...with determination, while using her strength.Though I squirmed and kicked my legs, my mother was able to hold me in place...and I cried out as the paddle punished my sore bottom.

I have no idea how long the paddling lasted...I have no idea how many times the paddle came crashing down upon my bare bottom...but at long last, my screams turned to tears; I was crying like a baby boy.When my mother stopped spanking me...I remained over her lap, limp...crying.

Honey, you can get up now.In a quick moment, I was up on my feet...both of my hands were actively trying to sooth my ass cheeks.I didnt care if my mother could see my cock and that precise moment; I was trying to put the fire out on my ass.

My mother stood up and said, Pull your panties back on.Having heard her voice, our eyes once again, locked onto each that very moment; I felt exposed.Still crying...wishing that I could continue to caress my bottom...I reached down and pulled my panties up.It was ackward at best...trying to push my cock into the tightness of the material.I felt ashamed...vulernable and excited, all at the same time.

My mothers instructions were very precise.I want you to go to your room and lay out strap for me.Take your panties off and lie in the middle of your bed.Ill be up in a little while.While youre waiting for me, I want you to think about why youre being punished.

Please Mom...not the strap.I learned my lesson...I promise; Ill do better in school.

My mother approached me and placed two of her fingers across my lips.Hush.

I never saw my mothers hand...but I felt her strength...her hand connected against my left ass cheek.I yelped and again, her instructions were very clear.When I enter your bedroom, I better see a naked boy over the end of his bed.

When I left the living room, I knew that the worst of my punishment was yet to come.Walking away from my mother, I was sobbing.My bottom still hurt...seemingly, it felt as if it was on fire.I managed to climb the stairs to the second floor...I walked into my mothers bedroom and opened her closet.Hanging on the right side inner wall...I took down the leather strap.

When I walked back into my bedroom, I placed the leather strap on the end of my bed...on the left side.I slipped off my panties and placed them on my night stand.I then I layed down in the middle of my bed.My bottom was exposed; I cried while I waited for my mother.

I heard my mother enter my bedroom.Have you been thinking about why youre being punished, young man?My mother asked.

Yes, Maam

Good.Are you ready to take the rest of your punishment?

Yes Maam, I answered softly.

My mother stood to my side.I knew she had a few pillows in her hands. Raise your bottom for me. My mother said.I arched my bottom up...a moment later, my mother had stuffed the pillows under my stomach, causing my ass to be raised higher into the air.

My mother was standing to my left side.Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her take the leather belt.

I want you to look straight ahead, Mommy ordered. A moment later, I complied with her instruction.In my day, whenever my father had to use his was called a lickin.Your grade, as I said was less than acceptable.I feel that youve earned this lickin...and I want this moment to be a reminder that you will apply yourself to your studies.

I buried my face in my comforter.I believe that my mother used the full strength of her arm...the thick leather strap found its mark; the center of my bottom.The strap had a heavier impact than the paddle...the pain was more immediate.The pain quickly built, and as my mother continued to strap my bottom, tears streaked my face.Small welts had now appeared on my bottom...

Thats 20 strokes honey.With the weight of her body on my bed...sitting to my right side, as she caressed my ass cheeks; I sobbed.My mothers hand felt very cool against my heated bottom...and when she delved her hand in-between my thighs, my legs...while I cried; I opened my legs for her.I felt my mothers hand touching my balls...on the base of my cock.Youre taking your punishment like a good boy.

The rest period was mothers hand was no longer between my legs; she was no longer caressing my bottom.My mother walked over to the other side of my bed.A moment later, I began to scream into my comforter.My mother was strapping my bottom at a faster rate...and I began to squirm all across my bed.When the lickin came to its end...I was crying like a baby.My upper thighs and my entire bottom was on fire...

My mother sat on the side of my I continued to cry...once again, I felt the coolness of her hand.Along with the coolness of her touch...she applied a cream to my bottom and thighs.Very carefully, in a circular motion, her hand had covered my entire bottom.The lotion felt cool, very soothing...and in time, my crying turned into whimpering.This wonderful moment continued for quite awhile...and every so often, my mothers fingers delved into my ass crack.

Honey, do you want your punishment to continue?My mother had asked me.

My mother was looking into my eyes...she had a gleam of hope...surely, she knew what my answer was going to be.Looking up into her eyes, my head bobbed up and down.

A moment later, my mother helped me get to my knees...once again, I moved to the middle of my bed.In the position that I was placed into...I was able to reach out and place my hands against the headboard.Kneeling, I rested my head down upon my comforter; my ass was in the air.I knew what was expected of me...with delicate flair, I cupped my ass cheeks in each palm and opened myself up to my mother.

Though I was in an awkward positon, I strained to catch a glimpse of my mother, as she began to undress.She removed her sweater and skirt...her bra and panties were black.My cock reacted in its typical way; I was rock hard.She knew that I was looking at her.Our eyes met and she asked, Do you like seeing your mother naked?

In a quiet voice, I said.Yes...I think youre beautiful.

And at that moment, I watched my mother remove her bra; her breasts were free from their confinement.Not overly large, but still...I thought my mothers breasts were simply beautiful.Looking directly into my eyes, my mother then lowered her panties...a small patch of pubic hair was seen.

In a soft voice, my mother said.Ill be right back.

When my mother returned to my bedroom, she had in her hands, a large dildo...a dildo harness, a tube of lubrication and the thermometer.My eyes were fixed on my mothers movements...she placed the dildo in the harness and moments later, she had slipped the harness on...she adjuested the straps just below the cheeks of her bottom.The dildo stood out like an erect black silicon cock.

She sat on the side of my bed, then positioned herself right behind me.My mother then encouraged me to spread my legs, my knees wider apart.My mothers face was so close to my ass...I could feel her breath.She reached between my legs and began to massage my balls...she also took my cock in her hand.My head was pressed against my comforter...the spanking was long forgotten...all I wanted to do was reach my orgasm.

My mothers voice broke my moment of pleasure.Honey, if any cream comes out of your penis...Im going to paddle you again.Do you understand me?

My breathng was eratic, but I heard myself say, Yes.

When my mother released my cock..I wanted to cry.I somehow managed to stay in my ass cheeks were held open by my hands.I felt my mothers hands on my ass cheeks...seemingly, she was trying to spread them further apart.She lightly blew at my whole body shivered in pleasure.The next moment, the tip of her tongue came into contact with my anal opening.In such a loving way, she coated my darkened hole with her saliva.

My mother was pushing the tip of her tongue against and into my darkened hole.She was moaning and I was acutely aware of my own moans.Her tongue...her fingers, more saliva...eventually, I felt my mothers finger sliding deep within my bowels.She pushed herself against my body...I knew she was trying to find my prostrate.Removing her finger from my ass, my mother then covered my hole again with her mouth; her tongue was massaging my inner walls to my rectum.

Honey, I promise you that this wont hurt.

I knew what was coming next.My hole was lubricated enough with my mothers spit and saliva....the tip of the thermometer touched my anal opening, it easily slipped inside my ass.She left it there for a small amount of time...she removed my hands from my ass; she caressed me in such a loving way.When she removed the thermommeter from my ass, she said.Oh Honey...youre in fine health.

My mother wasnt wasting anytime...she was horny; she was hungry for my ass.She got into position on my bed, behind me...and in between my spread legs.I heard the squish of the lube as my mother put it on the dildo.I quickly reached behind and grasped my ass cheeks; I opened myself up to my mother.A moment later, I felt the lubed tip of the dildo against my anal opening.

Honey, I want you to relax...and take your punishment for me. As she spoke, my mother pushed the dildo against me.With such care, I pulled my ass cheeks wider apart, trying ever so hard to relax, as the dildo pressed inside my ass.My mother purposely used large dildos when she was punishing first it always felt begger than I could take...hurting slightly as it made its way into my anal opening.

My mother was gentle in her approach...and at long last, she was pressing against my sore bottom.Im sure she could feel the heat from my punished ass cheeks.I kept my head down...I moved my hands in front of me...bracing myself against my headboard.My mothers thrusts were shallow and slow...her breathing was heavy.In time, my mother slowly built up the force of her thrusts until she was pulling the dildo half way out...then thrusting it back into my asshole.My mothers intent was always the same; to fuck me hard and fast.Each time the dildo slipped in and out of my asshole...the base of the dildo pressed against her clit; she expected to reach her orgasm.On this particular mother did in fact, reach her orgasm.

When she removed the dildo from my ass, I heard the distinct plop.I heard my anus was trying to close the gap from having been opened up, by such a large object.My mother was off the bed...she removed the strap-on from around her waist.She placed it on my bed and said.Clean it up and then bring it to me in my bedroom.

I followed her instructions.When I walked into her bedroom, I was naked...I knew where she kept the dildo.I carefully placed it into the top drawer of her bureau.My mother was in bed...with outstretched arms, my mother beckoned me to her side.Taking me into her arms, I heard her say, Would you like to sleep with me tonight?

A moment later, she was holding me in her arms...she had brought my face down to her breast.Go on Honey...take my nipple into your mouth and suck it.

In a short amount of time, I felt my mothers nipple grow hard in my mouth.My cock was rock dire need of attention; my mother began to softly moan.Within a short amount of time, my mother found my cock...her hand felt so good.My mother stopped me from licking her nipples...looking directly into my eyes she said.Do you love your mommy?

Without having to think twice, I said.Yes, I love you mom.

She opened her legs...she encouraged me to position myself between them.I felt her guiding my cock to her pussy.My cock easily slid mother was so wet.I want you to cum inside me.

It didnt take hips began to buck, my cock was deep within my mothers pussy; I shot a huge load of sperm into her belly.I collapsed on top of her.I was aware of the time and said, Im sorry mom...I wanted to last longer.

My mother whispered in my ear, Dont worry Honey, tomorrow well have more time.And tomorrow, I want to taste your cock in my mouth.I want to feel your cock in my ass.We hugged each other...there was no point in questioning our relationship; we were in love with each other.