Architectural engineering

Karno Energy company offers services of architectural modeling of buildings and constructions. Creating a high-quality 3D model of the future of the building allows you to visually get an idea of the appearance of the project. The presentation with the help of a three-dimensional model gives an opportunity to show investors and the developer the essence of the project, to evaluate the appearance and design.

The team of our experts in the shortest possible time can prepare a model on any scale convenient for the customer and from any corresponding materials. It is possible to create a layout using computer graphics, followed by printing on a 3D printer - this is the fastest, most convenient and modern way of layout.

We can make the following types of layouts:

  1. The engineering models , a separate building, with a high level of elaboration of internal architecture and communications.
  2. The urban models , a whole complex of objects, which includes all buildings, greenery, communications, features of the terrain.
  3. The interior of the room - the most detailed representation of the design of the room, down to the level of furniture and decoration.
  4. Architectural and landscape layout - significantly simplifies the work of landscape designers, visually allowing you to assess the exposure of trees, shrubs, fountains, bridges, benches and other elements of garden decor.

Consulting about permit documentations

Our company offers such a service as the issuance of permits for the construction of commercial real estate of any complexity. No construction site will be able to do without the preparation of a large package of documents of the original permit documentation (IRD). We are ready to take on all the work of preparing a complete package of documents. The specialists of our company, our  building services engineering consultants have extensive experience in obtaining and approving all the necessary permits, which will save you a lot of time and money in resolving this issue.