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BNBEnergy is a new the most sustainable high yield game on the Binance Smart Chain network.

Deposit BNB, get POWER and earn 3% daily. Choose your own strategy.

How to connect to

BNBEnergy supports multiple wallet connection options. You can use browser extensions or mobile applications:

  • MetaMask
  • Binance Smart Chain wallet
  • WalletConnect


1) Open website and click "connect wallet" button, then choose MetaMask

2) Click "next" button

3) click "connect" button

4) Sucessfully connected! The address of you wallet will be shown here

*The steps for connecting the binance smart chain wallet are the same as for metamask

WalletConnect desktop

1) Open website and click "connect wallet" button, then choose WalletConnect

2) Scan QR using any mobile wallet, which supports WalletConnect feature

3) Confirm connection

WalletConnect mobile

1) Open website and click "connect wallet" button

2) Then choose wallet connect

3) Choose any mobile wallet you want to connect

4) Confirm connection

How to participate in

1) Once you connected to website, go to "my factory" page

2) Specify the amount of BNB you want to invest, then click "buy POWER" button

The interface will tell you how much POWER you will receive after the investment. Remember, that BNB to POWER rate constantly changes and depends on players actions.

3) Confirm the transaction

4) Once transaction is completed, you`ll see your POWER amount, initial deposit and total deposit

5) To withdraw or compound your earnings, click "withdraw" or "compound" button

6) Confirm transaction

7) Well done!

Don`t forget about compound bonus. If you compound every day, your bonus raises up to +20%. Sounds great!

Need help?

You can write to Telegram support -

You can write to Twitter -