TYPE OF GAME: Speed Card Game


Blink is a matching game that requires 토토사이트 and concentration. Players work at the same time, attempting to match their cards before the other player has the chance to even blink!

Are you able to work quickly in stressful situations? Don’t blink, because you might miss the card you need to match yours!


Setup is simple and quick. Shuffle the deck and create two equal draw piles. Each player will choose one draw pile. The top card of each pile is placed facing down between both players. They need to be easily accessed by both players to make it competitive.

Both players then draw three cards from the top of their pile, creating their hand. They are able to look at the cards in their hand before the game begins. The game is ready to begin!


Players quickly turn over the cards that were placed in the middle of the table. At the same time, players will play cards from their hand onto the center piles. Cards must match one characteristic to be played, whether that be color, suit, or number.

While cards are being played, players may refresh their hand by taking cards from their own draw pile. The hand limit is three cards. When one player no longer has any cards in their hand or draw pile, the game is over!


The game ends when a player no longer has any cards in their hand. This player is the winner!