Avoiding plagiarism in a capstone project

Avoiding plagiarism in a capstone project


Academic writing is supposed to teach the students the ethics of writing excellent work. It is supposed to instill a sense of independence when it comes to thinking and acknowledging other people’s work that you have used in your work. During their academic years, learners have to be taught on different formats of academic writing that are essential for different projects. They have to ensure these formats are followed to the letter especially when their papers are to be published postgraduate students are more serious in the projects that they handle and the have to ensure that they follow the instruction to the letter.

When handling a Capstone Project, the student is supposed to demonstrate a sound knowledge of the topic he is handling. One thing about these papers is that the student has full control of the topic because he is the originator. He as to choose a topic of his interest and try to find is relevance as he explores it further. Since this is a research paper, he has to ensure that he follows all the rules of citation and referencing accordingly. It helps him in demonstrating his academic writing skills as a learner and more importantly, as an upcoming scholar.

To Avoid Plagiarism is important and it helps a lot in making sure that all the information presented in a paper is credible. Plagiarism has many negative influences not on the work, but also on the person who has written the work. He can be termed and untrustworthy and is also depicted as someone who cannot think on his own. Students need to ensure that they have the right skills that will enable them to write these papers is the best way possible.

Any Research Paper that is riddled with plagiarized work can never make a student bright. It will never win him a good grade. It will depict him as a student who is not committed to the best academic practices and does not pay attention to the works of others. He is also seen, as a person w does not follow instructions. As such, his work has to be revoked.